An ODe to One of The Good Ones

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Say what you will about the sentimental puff piece, but this is pretty close to that, I take it. I’ll keep this short, since my full-time job now kicks my ass and well, they don’t pay me for these blogs yet.
The Lex Luger of the Saugus Sachems has played his last game at the CAC. OD, aka Shane O’Donnell, who was 5th in PR in the A2 this season, earned career bests this season at the CAC as he averaged 16.1 PPG and a whopping 16.2 ppg along with 3.4 apg. If there wasn’t a guy called ‘Chise already on his team who deserves the moniker, OD should be called The Cornerstone as he essentially was the foundation of a veteran team that went to the finals in an impressive A2 before losing to the Evil Empire. Before then, who knows how good of a player he was, but I’ll bet the ethanol farm he was pretty good back in the Sizzlin’ 70s when disco was big.

Shane isn’t the guy that will tell you he’s a good player, he’s pretty modest (except when someone trashes the home turf of Saugus) where that damn Prince Pizza House could topple over at any minute now. Yet truth be told, Shane has showed over the years that he’s a really really good player. In fact, there only two men that sit atop the All-Time Stats categories for rebounds and assists in our best league, the prestigious A5v5. The first is Basil Wajd, which shouldn’t shock anyone because he is one of the best ever to play the league. And in a mild surprise (but if you pay attention, not really), OD is the second as he averaged 9.4 rebounds and 2.9 assists, not to mention 0.7 blocks in 70 A5v5 games. The above statistics show that OD is one of the most versatile players that’s ever graced the CAC in the last decade. But if you’ve seen him play, then you know that he’s a rebounding machine that can hit the open 3 and he always hits the open man. OD is a guy that makes your team better.

The game of basketball teaches us a few things. Sure, there are good guys and bad guys. Then, there are guys that make your team better and the ones that don’t make your team better. Shane is one of those good guys that makes your team better. Guys like that are out there, but they’re not everywhere. When it’s all said and done, not everyone can be Michael Jordan. But if you’ve made teams better, then you’ve done alright. OD has made quite a few teams better with his ability to do the dirty work and sharing the rock. A unique player in a good way, undoubtedly.

OD, you’ll be missed in Cambridge. Greater Lawrence area, watch out. You’ve just acquired a true baller. Hopefully, there are some young guns up there that will give OD some real competition.


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