Another Quick Rant

Because it seems to be what I do best lately

Listen I’ve got NFL on the brain.  I’ve got a couple fantasy drafts coming up (ok both are over a month away, but it’s been a long arduous off-season for a Pats fan that was walking up the ramp as Ray Rice broke off an 80 jaunt to the endzone and sitting down as the game was becoming 14-0.) and where was I? That was a long aside, even for me. Completely lost my train of thought.

Damn short term memory problems.

Anyway, I’ve been soaking up all the NFL info that’s out there and it’s getting to that point where it’s a lot.  Those that know me, or are friendly with me (just on facebook, I don’t actually like any of you people) know how much I can’t stand a particular windbag that used to be on Around the Horn and now types for AOL Fanhouse.  I only read this particular blowhard when I’m already in a fiesty mood and feel like sighing in exaspiration at every other contradictory sentence. Basically anytime I’m bored at CAC.  One quote, in his latest article, particularly riled me up regarding TO signing with the Bengals this week.

“It’s a risky step for a franchise that needed years to live down a rap-sheet identity.”

I’m not sure if he is aware of this, but TO and Ochocinco don’t have a rap sheet.  Signing an alltime great wide receiver (look at his stats people, it’s all about the stats in my mind) even on the downside of his career to a low risk, high reward contract is hardly in the same ball park as employing someone like, say, Matt Jones (whoops) I mean, Rae Carruth.

Sure they cause drama on the field and rack their brains for endzone celebrations that will ruffle the feathers of the NFL pencil pushers and stuffy sports writers, but really, aren’t sports supposed to be entertainment??  With the number of times that TO actually got into the endzone last season (yes I know, 3 crappy Bills QBs were throwing to him), we shouldn’t have to worry about too many outrageous stunts anyway.  I like the endzone celebrations anyway.  A scoring play happens not often enough for most football fans (especially those that play fantasy football) so its just a bonus for (most) fans when they have something planned up their sleeve.

So let those guys compete for ball from Palmer, Touchdowns, Twitter Followers and higher ratings on VH1, but just remember, they’re paid to perform and entertain for the masses, and even if the Bengals defense is in the bottom third of the league again this season, at least fans will be tuning in to watch their offense.