At Long Last: Hypothetical Co-ed Finals and REAL 2v2 Tourney Write Up!

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With a little League Night Out mixed in

I know, I’ve been a horrible slacker.  I got lazy on your guys.  I came up with a good idea of the hypothetical CAC couples tournament, gave you a taste and didn’t see it through.  Well I’m here to rectify that with the finals of the Hypothetical CAC Couples Tournament.  However, the actual CAC co-ed two on two happened last weekend, so you get a double dose.  The hypothetical finals and the real thing.

Of course my hypothetical tournament was strictly for couples.  The real deal was any guy and any girl…besides, I wanted to play and my girlfriend is 5’2” 105 with a bad shoulder…that would not have worked out well.  If I’m running this thing, I’m going to give myself a shot…though one female baller would prove you don’t need to be 5’10” to dominate this kind of tournament…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

First the hypothetical finals…Terry and LJ vs Celli and Sara.

To get to this point, Terry and LJ smoked Hayley and Arndt 15-5, outlasted another member of the Wheels of Steel, Laura and Monroe 15-10, and they beat EJ and Harvey 15-11.  On the other side, Celli and Sara edged Brian and Ashley 15-10, eliminated Alleigh and Nate in a 16-14 classic, and slipped past Tibbs and Caitlin 17-15

Here we are in the finals.  Forgive me if this one isn’t as long and as detailed as my past write ups of these games that happened in my head.  Unfortunately I don’t know Terry and LJ quite well enough to have a lot of ammo to make fun of them with…only that like my roommate, Mike “Reddick”, Terry has similar wet dreams about Coach K and Steve Wojcie…Woja…hou…sky?  Whatever..Wojo.

However that does nothing for me when it comes to his game on the court.  ON the court, Terry is nasty, but Celli knows how lock down some of the tougher offensive players at the CAC.  Both he and Sara were giving up a little height, but they made up for it in physical play and meaty hamstrings…seriously, just ask them.

They got out to an early 7-2 lead, but Terry went into the post and started hitting some ridiculous shots as they worked their way back in it.  Sara is known for her post moves, and had them working as usual, but their seemed to be a lid on the basket and on the Bob The Ref’s whistle.  In a 2 on 2 championship, you gotta let the kids play!  LJ hit a 3 to get to within one point at 10-9.

Celli and Sara made a stop to get the back and bolstered their lead with a two by Celli 12-9.  LJ answered with another two of her own and Terry tied it up with a basket 12-12.

This is the part of the story where I remind/let some of you know for the first time, what happened the last time Celli and Terry met on the court in a championship


Sorry Dave

Once more, they went back to Terry in the post, but with a double team coming, Terry hit LJ going to the basket with an over the shoulder no look pass to make it 13-12.  Sara made a steal on the next possession, but Celli was swatted in the post by Terry.  He corralled the rebound and drilled a two for the win and the tournament championship!!

Unfortunately, the king and queen of the CAC co-ed ranks in my head didn’t play in the actual two on two tournament.  Hopefully they will be around next time, because this was a great success and we WILL do it again (the real one)

Right off the bat as to be expected, there were a couple of last minute scratches.  Tibbs and Gripp were unable to participate, John Smith’s teammate was suddenly MIA, and my roommate Mike Reddick decided to go to Connecticut or something that morning.  No worries buddy…not like I held a spot open for you and try to find you a partner for weeks!!

So three teams got byes…my team, Tommy and Loren and Nikki and Dorey.  Keep in mind, this tourney is double elimination…I could not watch every game as I was playing and there were always two games at once…

As the first round got underway we began with best friends going head to head…Nibs & Becky against Nate & Alleigh.  When I texted Nibs this first round matchup, I think the poor kid was about ready to cry.  Nate Dogg has OWNED Nibs in the past and The Baller was hoping for another first round draw.  Well, he couldn’t change the matchup, all he could do was make it rain threes.  Games were to 11 points with LOSERS taking out…this was not make it take it…which can be tough, because when you play against Nibs, you’re usually trading 1 point baskets for 2 point baskets.  Nate and Alleigh put up a fight, but Team Squeaky, Becky and Nibs, came away with a 13-11 win for the first upset of the tourney!

On the other half of the court, Brian and Ashley, one of the early favorites made reasonably quick work of Reggie and Lauren.  Another great rivalry game was next as Sara and Celli going to play the Boozers, with Sara’s sister Danielle.  These duos have gone head to head before in many CAC battles.  In this one, little sister had the upper hand as Celli and Sara got the W.

One of the best games of the entire tournament took place early on between Roberts and Carissa and Xavier and Lu.  The brute force of Roberts vs Xavier, who runs and jumps like a gazelle, and the feisty Carissa against the rough and tough Sweet Lu.  These teams battled well past 11 in a win by 2 scenario.  If neither team was able to win by two, the ceiling was 15 points straight up.  I’m convinced that if their was no ceiling, they might still be battling, but Xavier finished with a big bucket to knock Roberts and Carissa into the losers bracket.  Tough first round draw!

Harvey and Alyson won their first round matchup over Cynthia and Jerry who showed up at the last possible second with the kids and their toys to keep them busy.  God bless em for getting there!!

We started the first round of the losers bracket with Nate and Alleigh against Reggie and Lauren…for the second game in a row Nate and Alleigh were expected to get the job done and for the second game in a row, they were shocked!  Defending Lauren as I would find out personally in this tournament is like trying to hit Mariano Rivera.  You know what she’s going to do, but it doesn’t matter…she’s still putting that ball in the hoop

Sorry to Team Allosaurus…first team to exit 2 and done!  They’ll be back when we do this thing again.

With some forfeits we had to move back into the winners bracket where Nibs and Becky were underdogs yet again playing against Ashley and Brian…and again, Nibs and Becky moved on!  However this one happened at the expense of Ashley’s ankle.  The game was stopped very early on when she went down with an injury and could not go on.  Ashley has a slight fracture and is expected to be out six weeks.  Hang in there and get well soon, Ash!

Nibs and Becky were waiting for the winner of Celli and Sara vs Dorey and Nikki.  I didn’t really know what to expect from the second pair, but I learned quickly that they would be TOUGH.  Perhaps undersized, but they were relentless.  Nikki is probably about 5’5”, maybe shorter, but she knocks down every three, skies for every rebound and gets her hand on every lazy pass or crossover.  This girl is good.  I’m told Dorey is called the Raging Bull…I think that tells you all you need to know.  Celli and Sara gave them some fierce competition, but eventually went down, forcing extra baskets and losing 13-11.  Talking to Celli and Sara later, they gave me the best analysis I heard about Dorey and Nikki…I suppose if you don’t know Celli and Sara this does nothing for you, but its alarmingly accurate.  Celli said, “It was like playing Super Dave and Super Sara.  They played the same game as us but they were a little stronger and a little faster.  It was like I was playing me on steroids”  Dorey and Nikki later said, that Celli and Sara gave them their toughest game.

Well, it was finally time for me and my partner, Steph aka Jinx to play.  Jinx and me went to college together at Fairfield and she played on the team.  We’re both 6’2” and we both had to chase around quick sharp shooters, Tommy and Loren.  Right off the bat, they were bangin twos from nearly half court.  I blinked and it was 9-4, but Stags never die!  Jinx and me strung together some hoops and got as close as 10-9 before Tommy inserted the dagger.  Off to the losers bracket…dammit.

Lu and Xavier beat Harvey and Alyson in the final winners bracket game of the second round.  Back to the losers bracket where Carissa and Roberts ousted Cynthia and Jerry from the tournament.  Thanks for coming!

Poor Harvey and Alyson didn’t get a break.  They went right back to the floor to play Reggie and Lauren in an elimination game.  This was a really good game where Harvey and Alyson held a small elad for most of the game as the 15 minute maximum looked like it would come into play. With time winding down, trailing by two, Reggie drained a huge 2 and he and Lauren eventually won the game.

Jinx and me survived the next round with and 11-7 win, despite some crazy fadeaways by Boozer.  The kid was just feeling it, but we moved on, and in a game I’m sad I missed, because I was playing, Roberts and Carissa outlasted Celli and Sara to move on.  Jinx and me got right back on the court against Reggie and Lauren and I won’t lie, I felt pretty good as we grabbed an early lead, but they clawed their way back.  Lauren was doing work in the post on Jinx and me with that tough left, Reggie hit a couple of twos, and compounding the problem, I couldn’t hit a free throw, and Jinx took a shot that literally stayed on the back of the rim…sat there…jump ball…defense’s ball.  We bowed out 13-11

Back in the winners bracket, Dorey and Nikki smoked Team Squeak…Nibs and Becky 11-4, and Lu and Xavier knocked Tommy and Loren into the losers bracker.

So this is where we stand…two teams left in the winners bracker…Lu and Xavier vs Dorey and Nikki, and four teams in the losers bracket.  Two teams that went deeper than expected (shame on us for underrating them) went head to head as Reggie and Lauren’s luck finally ran out.  Nibs and Becky finished them 11-7 and Roberts and Carissa stopped Tommy and Loren’s run on a winning three by Carissa.  Four teams left in the tournament!

Dorey and Nikki knocked off Xavier and Lu, and Nibs shot his way past Roberts into the losers bracket finals against Xavier and Lu.  Finally Nibs and Becky’s time ran out.  They came into the tournament with a seemingly tough first round draw, and when the dust settled they were one win away from the money (did I mention a cash prize for both teams in the finals)

Xavier and Lu would need to beat Dorey and Nikki twice…a tall order…unfortunately a little too tall as “The Skyhawks” cruised to the first every CAC co-ed 2v2 championship.  A brief moment of comedy when the Skyhawks scored a hard earned basket for their 5th point and Lu looked around and almost hopefully said “is that it?”  Gotta credit Sweet Lu for making it so long in the tournament less than a week after returning to action from a knee injury.

The day was still young!  I’m proud to say that the majority of the tournament field made an appearance at Tommy Doyles in Kendall Square for League Night Out!  Some players from co-ed teams that DIDN’T play in the tourney made it out to the bar and all in all it was a great night.  A handful of us migrated to the TD’s in Harvard Sqaure later in the evening to hear DJ Special K spin some old school hip hop.  Apparently Becky and Alleigh felt “too young” to enjoy some of the songs we were jammin to the hardest…I’d tell you specifically which songs if I could, but please keep in mind that the drinking started in the middle of the afternoon


Tibbs did an awesome job helping me organize this as well as using some of the entry fees to have Tommy Doyles bring us some food.  Thanks a ton to Rilwan and Kervens, out refs,  They did a fantastic job, and did so for nothing as I understood it.  Pretty sure they were volunteering their time.  Lastly, thanks to P-Mills for stopping by on his own to hang out and he ended up keeping score and taking notes.  The Llama Basketball CEO has himself a busy Friday, so I couldn’t post his thoughts here, but he will be submitting a little write up of his own to me (hopefully…we all know how long his Wednesday write ups take) and I will post it in the blog (if I ever get it!)

Keep an eye on the message boards, because this tourney WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!!