B 4v4 Draft Observations

Is this the League that Watson finally wins an MVP award?

You’d think, the way I’m pumping out blogs (2 in one week!) that I was the one getting paid per entry.  But no, that’s just everyone else. The Commish is happy to keep me on the Gatorade and Granola diet (that I have to pay for myself) and not give two figs otherwise.

You’ll notice that’s already TWO asides in the first paragraph.  Like Tiger Woods Ho’ing and Mike Phelps bong ripping, I’m on record pace, and I’m just getting started.

Let’s forget all that and focus on what is really important here.  Finally, after about 2 years of talking and scheming about it, the B leagues have finally gotten their own Draft League. Just like the big boys in A1.

Now most of you know that we tried to kick this off last season but it didn’t happen.  Thanks to the hard work of Matty Bells’ facebook page and my pushing every free agent to this league, we had so many guys ready to sign-up for this league; we were turning them away at the door.  That’s a good problem to have, despite what Cool Hand Luke might say.

Not sure why I brought up the Limp Wristed One. Probably because I saw him post on Serge’s facebook page earlier. I’m on there way too much.

Back to the B Draft League! As for any (A1) draft, I created a spreadsheet to give the captains as much information as possible.  All these guys ignored it, and one (I’m looking at you Bobby Haas!) dropped out entirely.  No big deal, the League Offices can handle the drafting (and team naming, hooray DTF in CAC!).

Tomas apparently came down from Nashua to do this thing.  You’d think with his love of Ipods/pads surpassed only by his love for the Lakers, he would have been tech savy enough to be texting his picks in from the road.  Nah, we had to wait around for nearly an hour with the draft paused in the third round!  Man we could have been in and out in 10 minutes.

The middle rounds (after the obvious Lew, Watson, Fraher, Corwin and Cabral first round) are complete toss-ups, and I kind of like that.  A number of dudes have played with CAC before but not been seen, so we only have their stats to go off of. The rest have filled out some sort of player description sheet.  Here are my top 5 favorite quotes, and yes, these are real!

Top 5 Quotes

5. I’m a point guard trapped in a power forwards body.

4. I’ll use my mixed bag of tricks

3. I was on the team with Serge and “the Microwave”

2. My Dad used to make me watch Kevin McHale so I could learn post moves, and those moves haven’t gone away in the 10 years it’s been since I played high school ball

1. I am a cerebral pass first point guard

Allow me to make some completely baseless observations about what went down during the draft

Steal of the Draft – JRandall – Dude’s got championship experience, great stats, and STILL lasted until the 6th round.  If he ever needed an excuse to play with a chip on his shoulder, there it is.

Reach of the Draft – Anyone JTho took – Earthquake was convinced the way to win this league was with the all rookie team.  I, and the other captains, am a tad dubious about his strategy. Mostly because he thinks he’s going to be a HUGE (pun intended) factor in the league. We’ll see.

Biggest Surprise – Stat-keeper Central – We’ve got a number (I’m not counting) of current or former stat-keepers in the league, led by Matty Bells, Tomas, Chancey, JRice and JTho is trying to break into it to get a free league or two as well.  Man those write-ups would be hilarious

Worst Team Name – Ballz Deep – What are you, 12 Tomas??

Lastly, we’ve got Tibbs’ Preseason Rankings (that don’t matter since MBells is running the league) with an insightful 4 words about each team!

#1 Hard Knocks (Does Black Mamba Pass?)

#2 Brick Squad (Who Are These Guys?)

#3 Get Your Krstic On (Lew And His Crew)

#4 Ballz Deep (The Ghost Reinvents Himself)

#5 DTF in CAC (Shafted Or Well Crafted?)

Good Luck to ALL the guys in this league, there’s no reason whatsoever that this thing doesn’t explode in popularity into the ’11 seasons and beyond, and you all get to say you were a part of the inaugural season!