B Draft Awards x2

Matty and Tibbs don’t Collabo

I’m posting these here because some of you haven’t signed up for the message boards!! Matty tried to put together an Awards blog, but he clearly didn’t consult me, so I put one of my own together.  Check out both of ours below and let us know which you like better (Tibbs’ clearly).


MVP: Joe Zelinskas (Brick Squad)
Also considered: Pete Song, Lew Jackson

Yeah, have you seen this guy’s stats? Not only is he MVP, but he’s also the Offensive Player of the Season, as well.
Dude led the league in points (28.8, rebounds (15.4, including a insane 33-rebound performance against my team), Three-pointers made (3.57, 37%)…hell, he even finished fifth in assists (4.29).
Its amazing what a guy can do when he’s given some shots, makes you wonder how they ever lost last season…

DPOY: Lew Jackson (Blast in a Cup)
I REALLY wanted to give Lew the MVP, but I’m sure he’ll be pleased with the DPOY award.
Lew led the league in blocks (2.7 per game), I’m fairly certain half of those came directly from me.

All Stars

First Team:
G: Pete Song
G: Joe Zelinskas
F: Lew Jackson
F: Robert Haas

Second Team:
G: Ken Cleary
G: Rolando Vega
F: John Thompson
F: Greg Barr
Honorable Mention: Jesse Corwin, Brandon Reaves, Dodd Gray

ROY: Pete Song (Snatchin Your People Up)
Easy choice here, had Snatchin not missed the playoffs and lost their last two games, you probably could’ve made the case that he was the league’s MVP.

All-Rookie Team
G: Pete Song
G: Brandon Reaves
F: Jay Tufte
F: Greg Barr

GM of the Season: Jesse Corwin (Jesse and the Rippers)
Corwin took some grief for drafting unknowns like Williams, Tufte and Podymaitis on our preseason draft…but by the end of the season, the joke was on us. Putting the bigs (Williams/Tufte) alongside Fraher worked beautifully…and Paul provided them with a serious scoring threat every week. Of course, more importantly, Paul brought the posse, giving The Rippers a home-court advantage throughout the season.


if anyone cares about my ballot (clearly Matty didn’t)

MVP – Cleary – yes again
RoY – Greg Barr – without him Snatchin has no playoff shot
Roy Team – Barr, Song, Reaves, Paul P
OPoY – Joe Z – easily
Chuckers Team – Joe Z, Paul P, Lew, Andres
DPoY – Lew – we agree!
D Team – Lew, Song, Tufte, Dodd
 – Jesse Corwin – did he know he drafted an entire fan base?
Anit-GM – Matty Bells – First to worst!

1st – Cleary, Lew, Joe Z, Barr
2nd – Song, Haas, Tufte, Drew D
3rd – Paul P, Reaves, Heald, Matty Bells (!)

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