B Draft Schedule

Thursday May 11th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMAgainst All Odds   82vs.Man Chest Hair United  90CAC
6:50 PMTempus fuck-it  57vs.Mt. CACMore  72CAC
7:40 PMLose like Hell for Markelle  71vs.Mccusker to the Bahamas  57CAC
8:30 PMSlow Jams  67vs.Clown Question Bro  73CAC
9:20 PMKaplanned Parenthood  53vs.The BIg Ern MCcrackin's  56CAC

Thursday May 18th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMLose like Hell for Markelle  65vs.Against All Odds   61CAC
6:50 PMSlow Jams  40vs.Mt. CACMore  58CAC
7:40 PMTempus fuck-it  62vs.Man Chest Hair United  83CAC
8:30 PMMccusker to the Bahamas  66vs.Kaplanned Parenthood  59CAC
9:20 PMThe BIg Ern MCcrackin's  53vs.Clown Question Bro  66CAC

Thursday May 25th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMClown Question Bro  72vs.Tempus fuck-it  56CAC
6:50 PMKaplanned Parenthood  76vs.Slow Jams  34CAC
7:40 PMLose like Hell for Markelle  56vs.The BIg Ern MCcrackin's  52CAC
8:30 PMMan Chest Hair United  85vs.Mccusker to the Bahamas  65CAC
9:20 PMMt. CACMore  56vs.Against All Odds   70CAC

Thursday June 1st
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMThe BIg Ern MCcrackin's  57vs.Slow Jams  78CAC
6:50 PMMan Chest Hair United  85vs.Clown Question Bro  83CAC
7:40 PMKaplanned Parenthood  72vs.Lose like Hell for Markelle  76CAC
8:30 PMMccusker to the Bahamas  61vs.Mt. CACMore  70CAC
9:20 PMAgainst All Odds   79vs.Tempus fuck-it  75CAC

Thursday June 8th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMKaplanned Parenthood  74vs.Man Chest Hair United  77CAC
6:50 PMMt. CACMore  55vs.Clown Question Bro  66CAC
7:40 PMSlow Jams  59vs.Lose like Hell for Markelle  55CAC
8:30 PMMccusker to the Bahamas  69vs.Against All Odds   70CAC
9:20 PMTempus fuck-it  61vs.The BIg Ern MCcrackin's  78CAC

Thursday June 15th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMKaplanned Parenthood  77vs.Tempus fuck-it  69CAC
6:50 PMThe BIg Ern MCcrackin's  78vs.Man Chest Hair United  82CAC
7:40 PMMt. CACMore  52vs.Lose like Hell for Markelle  58CAC
8:30 PMClown Question Bro  65vs.Against All Odds   56CAC
9:20 PMSlow Jams  52vs.Mccusker to the Bahamas  45CAC

Thursday June 22nd
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMThe BIg Ern MCcrackin's  78vs.Mccusker to the Bahamas  76CAC
6:50 PMMan Chest Hair United  66vs.Mt. CACMore  69CAC
7:40 PMSlow Jams  47vs.Against All Odds   49CAC
8:30 PMLose like Hell for Markelle  60vs.Tempus fuck-it  70CAC
9:20 PMClown Question Bro  61vs.Kaplanned Parenthood  58CAC

Thursday June 29th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMMccusker to the Bahamas  63vs.Clown Question Bro  71CAC
6:50 PMMan Chest Hair United  87vs.Lose like Hell for Markelle  54CAC
7:40 PMMt. CACMore  59vs.Kaplanned Parenthood  72CAC
8:30 PMAgainst All Odds   78vs.The BIg Ern MCcrackin's  63CAC
9:20 PMTempus fuck-it  66vs.Slow Jams  67CAC

Thursday July 6th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMThe BIg Ern MCcrackin's  58vs.Mt. CACMore  69CAC
6:50 PMMccusker to the Bahamas  48vs.Tempus fuck-it  70CAC
7:40 PMMan Chest Hair United  92vs.Slow Jams  80CAC
8:30 PMClown Question Bro  51vs.Lose like Hell for Markelle  69CAC
9:20 PMAgainst All Odds   84vs.Kaplanned Parenthood  87CAC


Thursday July 13th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:30 PMClown Question Bro  74vs.Slow Jams  64CAC
7:20 PMLose like Hell for Markelle  57vs.Kaplanned Parenthood  58CAC
8:10 PMMan Chest Hair United  78vs.The BIg Ern MCcrackin's  79CAC
9:00 PMAgainst All Odds   57vs.Mt. CACMore  74CAC

Thursday July 20th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:20 PMThe BIg Ern MCcrackin's  62vs.Mt. CACMore  70CAC
8:10 PMClown Question Bro  60vs.Kaplanned Parenthood  74CAC

Thursday July 27th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMMt. CACMore  53vs.Kaplanned Parenthood  68CAC