B Draft Schedule

Thursday January 23rd
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:50 PMThe Mugatu's   62vs.The Letalien Job  63King School
7:00 PMMacaroni and Threes  64vs.Say No to Snow  55MLK Jr
7:40 PMHunger For More   59vs.Kingfischer's  78King School
7:50 PMNo More White Women 2020  67vs.Flying Sparklemuffins  61MLK Jr
8:40 PMTurbo Team   51vs.Now Yous Can’t Leave   57MLK Jr

Thursday January 30th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:50 PMKingfischer's  61vs.No More White Women 2020  57King School
7:00 PMNow Yous Can’t Leave   73vs.Macaroni and Threes  75MLK Jr
7:40 PMThe Letalien Job  58vs.Turbo Team   57King School
7:50 PMHunger For More   40vs.The Mugatu's   64MLK Jr
8:40 PMSay No to Snow  70vs.Flying Sparklemuffins  60MLK Jr

Thursday February 6th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:50 PMTurbo Team   56vs.Say No to Snow  69King School
7:00 PMNo More White Women 2020  77vs.Now Yous Can’t Leave   64MLK Jr
7:40 PMFlying Sparklemuffins  77vs.Hunger For More   55King School
7:50 PMThe Mugatu's   60vs.Macaroni and Threes  68MLK Jr
8:40 PMKingfischer's  57vs.The Letalien Job  82MLK Jr

Thursday February 13th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:50 PMNo More White Women 2020  51vs.Turbo Team   42King School
7:00 PMMacaroni and Threes  58vs.Kingfischer's  47MLK Jr
7:40 PMThe Letalien Job  63vs.Flying Sparklemuffins  56King School
7:50 PMNow Yous Can’t Leave   78vs.Hunger For More   75MLK Jr
8:40 PMSay No to Snow  44vs.The Mugatu's   46MLK Jr

Thursday February 20th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:50 PMMacaroni and Threes  48vs.Flying Sparklemuffins  63King School
7:00 PMHunger For More   54vs.Say No to Snow  51MLK Jr
7:40 PMNo More White Women 2020  62vs.The Letalien Job  52King School
7:50 PMKingfischer's  71vs.Now Yous Can’t Leave   75MLK Jr
8:40 PMThe Mugatu's   64vs.Turbo Team   60MLK Jr

Thursday February 27th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:50 PMMacaroni and Threes  65vs.Hunger For More   77King School
7:00 PMFlying Sparklemuffins  56vs.Turbo Team   55MLK Jr
7:40 PMSay No to Snow  57vs.No More White Women 2020  46King School
7:50 PMKingfischer's  55vs.The Mugatu's   57MLK Jr
8:40 PMThe Letalien Job  70vs.Now Yous Can’t Leave   81MLK Jr

Thursday March 5th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMNow Yous Can’t Leave   73vs.Say No to Snow  74MLK Jr
7:50 PMThe Mugatu's   53vs.Flying Sparklemuffins  65MLK Jr
8:00 PMTurbo Team   43vs.Kingfischer's  62King School
8:40 PMNo More White Women 2020  63vs.Macaroni and Threes  58MLK Jr
8:50 PMHunger For More   64vs.The Letalien Job  50King School

Thursday March 12th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMNo More White Women 2020  vs.The Mugatu's   MLK Jr
7:50 PMFlying Sparklemuffins  vs.Now Yous Can’t Leave   MLK Jr
8:00 PMTurbo Team   vs.Hunger For More   King School
8:40 PMThe Letalien Job  vs.Macaroni and Threes  MLK Jr
8:50 PMKingfischer's  vs.Say No to Snow  King School

Thursday March 19th
TimeHome AwayLoc
7:00 PMMacaroni and Threes  vs.Turbo Team   MLK Jr
7:50 PMSay No to Snow  vs.The Letalien Job  MLK Jr
8:00 PMFlying Sparklemuffins  vs.Kingfischer's  King School
8:40 PMHunger For More   vs.No More White Women 2020  MLK Jr
8:50 PMThe Mugatu's   vs.Now Yous Can’t Leave   King School