B Draft Spring 2011 Awards

By Matty Bells

First Team

G: Arren Perkins (Unum)

PR: 64.28 (2nd)

PPG: 29.3 (League Leader)
REB: 8.7
AST: 4.0 (6th)
STL: 3.7 (League Leader)
BLK: 1.2

G: Matt Kaplan (Rippers)

PR: 54.94 (5th)

PPG: 20.9
REB: 7.7
AST: 5.38 (League Leader)
STL: 2.88 (2nd)

F: Xavier “STAT” Holland (GoN)

PR: 66.44 (League Leader)

PPG: 27.4 (2nd)
REB: 15.11 (2nd)
STL: 1.6
BLKS: 2.8 (2nd)

F: Mike Strange (TFT!!)

PR: 62.33 (3rd)

PPG: 27.00 (4th)
REB: 12.00 (5th)
AST: 4.67 (4th)
STL: 1.3

Second Team

G: Mike McCauley (Earthquakes & Cubcakes)

PR: 51.3 (9th)

PPG: 21.8 (11th)
REB: 6.5
AST: 5.0 (2nd)
STL: 2.0 (6th)

G: Nate Mendes (Unum)

PR: 50.72 (10th)

PPG: 27.44 (2nd)
REB: 6.1
AST: 2.8
STL: 2.56 (3rd)
3PT: 4.56 per game (League Leader)

F: Bryan Gamroth (GeB)

PR: 52.31 (8th)

PPG: 23.9 (7th)
REB: 9.7 (12nd)
AST: 2.8
STL: 1.4
BLK: 1.5 (2nd)

F: Jason Burridge (Tibbs’d)

PR: 60.88 (4th)

PPG: 16.00 (17th)
REB: 19.00 (League Leader)
AST: 2.4
STL: 1.3
BLK: 3.38

Almost AllStars

Brandon Reaves (GoN)
Chris Hall (FOG)
John Thompson (E&C)
Eric (Nordy) Nordstrom (Tombstone)

I’ve designated Kaplan and Nate Mendes the captains for each squad. Nate gets first choice from the Almost allstars. Choose whenever! (Now!)



— Mike Strange (TFT!!)

Despite this being the most-talented BDraft season of alltime, this was the one season in which there was no doubt who’d win MVP.

Part of me feels guilty for drafting Strange, I was the only captain that had actually *seen* him play before. In my defense, I made sure to tell everyone that they’d be dumb to pass on him. But, lucky for me, Strange fell all the way to me with the fourth pick (or was it the third? I don’t remember.)

Anyway, Strange is one of the rare guys that can do it all; he’s handles the ball in the backcourt, creates his own shots as well as shots for others, controls the glass on both ends, deadly from behind the arch AND in the post. He’s fun to play with…maybe not against, but I’m enjoying myself thoroughly.

I should also point out that his stats are slightly screwy when you taken into consideration the five-minute game against Unum before he left with an eye-injury. But more than stats, this award is his because he’s the best player on the best team. Pretty simple…

Also considered: Arren Perkins, Bryan Gamroth, STAT



— Jason Burridge (Tibbs’d)

While he’s not 6’8″ as advertised in his PreDraft bio, he’s still pretty damn tall.

Jason made his presence FELT from day one, not only with his thunderous blocks (led the league with 3+ per game), but with his outgoing, friendly personality, too. He’s a cool dude, and probably going to get drafted high next season. Jesse Corwin’s been crushing on this dude for weeks now.

He’s got the tough task of guarding Strange in Round 1 of the playoffs, but actually did a great job on him in Week One.

Could have easily given this award to Perkins, but I just can’t stand to give Unum any kind of love. 8)

Also considered: STAT, Dodd Gray, Perkins


GM of the Season

— Jamil Ball(GeB)

Does this makeup for me snubbing him with my allstar selections? Probably not.

Anyway, Jamil wrapped this award up before the season ever started. In one move, Jamil won the draft and laid the groundwork to building the second-best team in the BDraft. I revisted the draft-day trade a few weeks ago:

3. Jamil trades the 17th (Faynzilberg) & 37 (Taja Jennings)
“You Got Tibbs’d” (Drafted by Tibbs) for the 25th (Tim Pruszyski) & 28th (Daryl Rinaldi).

Deal of the season, possibly the deal of the year.

Tim P. and Rinaldi are the two best players in this deal…and both went to Jamil.

Jamil didn’t need guards, he can handle the ball. So losing Jennings and Faynilberg didn’t hurt. Instead, Jamil surrounded himself with GIANTS: (Linton, Gamroth, Rinaldi, Tim P.) The deal really shaped that team into one of the better squads in the league…

Meanwhile, “You Got Tibbs’d”….well, got Tibbs’d.

Winner: Jamil

Yeah, Jamil wins.

Also considered: MattyBells, Noah, Not Tibbs.



Xavier Holland (GoN) (aka: STAT, aka: XMoney, aka: The Professorrr…well, not that one. I just like writing that down and hearing the And1 announcer say it in my head. DA PROFESSAAAAAA)

As a “true rookie” (literally his first season playing at the CAC), nobody made a bigger impact than STAT on and off the court.

Hell, I’d give the man this award for his work on the message boards alone. Dude brings the lols and power rankings? He’s like the Anti-Kap.

Do I have to list off his stats again? I think we’re all familiar with them by now. STAT averaged 43 rebounds a game, 23 of which came off his own misses. Impressive.

Also considered: Jason Burridge, Adam Weinstien, Kevin Bliss



— Narren Menderkins(Unum) (Nate Mendes & Arren Perkins)

Can we make this happen? STAT seems like the Mad Scientist-type, lets work some StemCell research into the CAC.

I wanna blend Nate’s shooting-stroke with Arren’s vertical-leap and ability to finish at the basket and quick hands. It’d be the greatest player in the history of history. Of course, as we’ve seen in bad movies, messing with science generally ends in disaster. Nareen Menderkins would probably go crazy after a few months, murdering any and every baller that stepped in his way. It’d be like that movie Splice…except, in some ways, scarier.

Anyway, Nate was incredibly efficient this season (aside from the final game of the season), you CAN’T leave him open. And Perkins was a monster from the start, he’s able to get from one end of the court to the other in 1.2 seconds. I know this, I counted.

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