B1 East Fall 2006 Preview

With the latest CRFC divisional realignment, the B1 East finds itself missing many of the upper echelon teams that have dominated the division for the last couple seasons.  Not to worry, there are plenty of returning teams, and a few new ones, that are looking to step up into the spotlight and take control.  This season is completely wide open and everyone has a shot to take home the Stick!

  1. Date Nuggets – Google and Co. are back in East and are heavy favorites to make sure the Stick stays on this side of the division.  Although theyíve lost a couple of starters from their last championship run, Paul Zesker is still there as one of the best #2 options in the league.  Itís the new guys that are going to make or break the season, as Google is going to have to learn to trust a new set of teammates, which will be especially important in crunch time situations, late in the season.
  1. TFT – TFT struggled last season without big man Ernesto Perez, but that isnít going to happen again.  With Perez back in the fold, Joel Coadrado is going to see a lot fewer double teams since Perez will command so much attention.  Add to that the returning hustle of Rafael Ortiz and Willie Gonzalez this is as solid a starting 4 as any in the league.  If Joel can continue to average nearly 30 per game, while getting the rest of his teammates involved, this team is going to be especially dangerous.
  1. Upstate – Tom Covert has put together a team made up of a bunch of guys from upstate New York, hence the name.  Prior to contrary belief, Jim Meldrim has not retired from CRFC, just taken a season to recoup in the B1 East.  Paired with his brother Joe, Brett Leary, and Lou Gebhard, this team will be solid at every postion.  Word on the street claims that Gebhard is a 6’5″ big guy with a great all around game.  Teams are going to have a tough time matching up with his size in the paint.  If Jim can stay healthy this season, Upstate will be a team in the running for the Stick.
  1. Old Dirty Bastards – After losing Jim Murray just 2 games into the season, ODB struggled and barely made it into the playoffs.  Now, with the exact same nucleus returning, plus the restored health of Murray, ODB will be looking to exact a bit of revenge on the East.  Everyone knows Dan Herman can score, but the surprise from last seasonís team was how well Brian Harms stepped up his game when his team needed it the most.  A solid front court of Kip West, Murray, Jon Lewis and Harms will give teams nightmares trying to figure out how to guard them.
  1. CTC – Ravaged by injuries last season, CTC limped home to a disappointing 2-9 finish and was as far out of the playoff race as the Sox currently are.  Pistol Pete Wilson, however, has sufficiently recovered from his injuries to return to the court.  CTC will get a huge lift, just from him being at the games.  Heís their emotional leader on both ends of the court, and as fine a player-maker as anyone in the league.  All-Star Mark Katz will be surrounded by a couple of new players, as Eric Williams and Danny Fahey are new to CRFC.  These guys are going to play a huge roll in determining whether or not CTC has a solid bounce back season.
  1. Tenacious D – Erik Brown has defected, and in his place stands B1 West All-Star Jon Kabrud, who averaged a tidy 17 points and 8 rebounds in his time there.  Will Tenacious D still live up to their name sake without Phi Slamma Jamma blocking 4 shots a game??  Kabrud steps into the starting lineup with returning All-Star Dave Delcourt, ìSpark Plugî Sam Stern, and Ben Brown.  Size will be an issue here, but Tenacious D has shocked the CRFC world before, donít be surprised if they do it again.
  1. Irate Ambassadors – Despite only winning 2 games last season, the Irate Ambassadors are back and as excited to play as ever.  No longer rookies, Irate will know what to expect from the opening tip, and have gone through the necessary growing pains.  The Mikes, Laptewicz, Sorrentino, and All-Star Sweeney, will need to improve the teamís overall scoring if they want to stay competitive this season.  To aid in that cause, they’ve brought in Brian Diruzza and are expecting big things this season.
  1. John’s Open Slot – Another QCQ defection, All-Star Chris Perrotti, leads a team of his boys into the B1 East looking to dominate.  Who knows how good they are, but if they can match Chris’ level of intensity and hustle, theyíll be a formidable opponent.
  1. The ‘A’ Team – Another new team (CRFC continues to draw them in, like crack heads to Miami) that will end up higher on this list come the end of the season.  Good luck guys and welcome to CRFC, youíre about to be hooked.