B1 East Regular Season Awards

Fall 2006

Although not as anticipated as the A1 Awards, at least, from the chatter that takes place on the boards, the still much anticipated B1 East Awards are now available for your viewing pleasure.  This season, I decided to take away the captain’s right to vote, and you know what, I hated making most of these very tough decisions.  So next season, the GMs should expect to be getting a ballot in their email and will be forced to make the decisions.  Honestly, I can hardly decided which beer I want to drink when O’Cal is buying, and that isn’t nearly as life altering or as important as these awards.  For those interested, I will be available all throughout the playoffs to sign your framed copy before it gets hung on the wall, for no extra charge!  Don’t miss out on that!  Here they are, the B1 East Regular Season Awards!


MVP – Sam “Spidey” Hubley – From the fourth week of the season on, when he practically hauled his team to victory by himself, there was never any doubt that Sam would be the frontrunner for MVP.  The vote was unanimous this season and Sam earned it by ending the season in the top two in every statistical category.  Check it out, itís absurd.  His constant hustle and sheer determination, along with some sick athleticism, are what made Sam stand out above the crowd.  Great rookie season Sam, and we hope to see you on the floor in January. Runners Up – Mark Katz, TJ Mahoney, Joel Cuadrado,

Rookie of the Year – Kevin Chinn – The bright spot in John’s Open Slots season was the outstanding play of Kevin Chinn.  The man can score at will from any point on the floor.  Unfortunately, his team had attendance problems, but a great rookie season was still put in by Kevin, in a season full of great rookies.  Runners Up – Danny Fahey, Scott Reis, Mike O’Connor

Unsung Player of the Year – Pete Wilson – Pistol Pete came back from a devastating injury that cut his last season short, and it looked like he hadn’t missed a beat.  Picking up right where he left off, Pete was the motivational leader for CTC this season.  Despite not always getting the love from the press, Pete was able to score, rebound, hustle,  and do whatever was necessary for a team that will be a force in the playoffs.  Runners Up – Sam Stern, Mike Sweeney

Most Improved Player of the Year – Elliot Freeman – The stats don’t show a huge bump for Elliot this season, but if youíve seen any of CTC’s games, you’d see how much most aggressive heís gotten since CTC struggled last season. Plus, he knows where I work, and threatened to come find me if I didn’t give him some of the write-up love he knows he deserved.  Keep working on the jumper Elliot, and won’t no one be able to stop you.  Runner Up Mike Laptewicz,

Defensive Player of the Year – Orin Gutleror – The A Team wasnít able to go undefeated just relying on their high powered offense.   Ok, so that was most of the reason, but the defense showed up on numerous occasions as well.  The Big O was the man that guarded the opposition’s best player, and if you take a look at the stats, did a standout job each week.  Theyíre going to need more of that defense if they plan on staying undefeated to grab the Stick in the next few weeks.  Runners Up – Sam Hubley, Ben Brown, Danny Fahey

Andy Danielson Sportsmanship Award ñ Tom Covert – Still a fairly new award to the B1, the Andy Danielson Sportsmanship Award is a great way to point out the guys who always put the team before themselves, and do so in the best way possible, without complaint.  Tom not only put together a great Upstate team this season, but he also continues to hustle and leave it all out on the floor.  On top of that, I havenít heard one ref say that Tom has ever complained to them about a call, which, given the attitude towards refs in this gym, is quite an accomplishment.

GM of the Year – Mark Melnik – Sure it’s a cop out, going to the best team in the league for the GM, but Melnik put together a heck of a squad.  Not knowing where they’d fit in, the B1 seemed like a logical choice.  But forget about this season, itís looking ahead to the Winter League that will give Mark his toughest challenge yet.   If they can keep the whole squad together, a step up to the A2 is the next logical move.  Can Mark keep his guys focused in a bigger, more physical league? Will the seven man rotation continue to work, or will guys start griping about touches and minutes??  Great work this season Mark, but the toughest road lies ahead.  Runner Up Tom Covert

All CRFC 1st Team – These guys were the best players in the gym this season.

Sam Hubley, Joel Cuadrado, Dave Delcourt, TJ Mahoney, Danny Fahey

All CRFC 2nd Team – Some might call this a step down, but I think this season the 2nd team is just as talented and dedicated as the first.

Mark Katz, Kevin Chinn, Ben Brown, Scott Reis, Orin Gutleror

Honorable Mention – We can only fit so many guys on the first 2 teams, here are the guys that will also be playing in the All-Star game (see below)

Paul Zesker, Michael Sweeney, Jim Meldrim, Michael Vitulano

All Defensive Team

Sam Hubley – For the obviously reasons; 3.5 steals, 1.5 blocks, plus he was always around the ball, playing help defense and getting a ton of boards.

Ben Brown – The departure of Erik left a gapping hole in the middle of the defense, but Ben stepped in and filled it nicely. He always drew the biggest guy on the floor and did an excellent job containing him while still patrolling the middle of the paint

Mark Katz – Another excellent season on both ends of the floor would have put Katz in the MVP race during any other season, but instead heíll have to settle for an appearance on the All-Star and Defensive team.  In leading CTC in their bounce-back season, Katz always drew the other teamís best scorer, and had to hold him in check to give his team a chance to win, which they often did.

Paul Zesker –  Although the Nuggets struggled when they couldnít get their key guys to a game, when they won, it was usually because Zesker locked down the other teamís best scorer.  With his long arms and great quickness, Zesker was never beaten to the hoop.

Orin Gutleror – Another guy that always drew the other teamís best player, the Big O locked ’em down for the A Team all season long.  Usually he was drawn out to the perimeter, so the rebounding stats werenít as good as they could have been, but not every contribution to a team shows up in the box score.  A great debut season by the A Team was made possible by the tenacity of O’s defense.

All Star Team – The Game will be played Wednesday January 10th, Time TBA.  If anyone can’t make it, please let me know, we have a list of alternates that will be more than willing to make the jump to the game.

West (Blue)  -Starters – Sam Hubley, Dave Delcourt, Danny Fahey, Mark Katz

Bench – Paul Zesker, Scott Reis, Michael Sweeney

East (White) – Starters – Google, Joel Cuadrado, Ben Brown, Orin Gutleror

Bench – Kevin Chinn, Mike Vitulano Jim Meldrim