B1 East Spring 2010 Awards!

The regular season in the B1 East is complete and it truly was a competitive and fun ride from start to finish. I want to first thank everyone in the B1 East for allowing me to serve as your league’s commissioner for the second straight season. I can honestly say we had yet another unbelievable season in one of CAC’s most reputable leagues and I am looking forward to the Rangas-Roc Boys title game.

We had a whole new cast of talent this season and I hope you all come back next season for another run. (it’s never too early to sign up!…just email Me or Tibbs). As for the awards, a lot of people were worthy for many different awards, but there are only so many to hand out. There will always be snubs, and difficult decisions to be made and I apologize if you feel left out. Please don’t hesitate to speak your mind though. Feel free to rip me for what I missed, or didn’t miss, or whatever, but at the end of the day I did my best to get it right and I think I did for the most part. So talk amongst yourselves, give me feedback on how I can do better, and enjoy! On that note I present to you the B1 East Spring 2010 Awards.

Note: Awards were chosen based on overall stats, team results/record, attendance and how much you sucked up to me. Kidding.

MVP: Chris “Majic” Maciejczak (3 Of Us)
Runners Up: Scott Mulholland (6 Foot 7 Rangas), Chris Hall (Heavy Hitters)
What can I say about Majic that hasn’t already been said? The guy is bonafide stud and was the best player all season for the best team in the league (I know, I know we lost in the first round but these awards are for the regular season!). Majic was ridiculous in his rookie season in the B1 East scoring 26 ppg (5th in the league), grabbing 12 rpg (9th in the league) while knocking down just over 5 triples per game at a 53% clip. Majic was the driving force behind 3 Of Us’ success this season coming up with clutch shot after clutch shot leading 3 Of Us to a solid 8-1 record. Call me biased if you want, but the fact of the matter is Majic was the clear-cut MVP of this league and I think few would argue. Great season Majic and I can speak for 3 Of Us when I say we hope to see you back next season to take care of unfinished business.

OPOY: Chris Hall (Heavy Hitters)
Runners Up: Alex Lanfear (Upstate Connection), Pat Lawson (Genzyme)
One of my favorite players in the league, Chris Hall aka “Hallsy” may be the best 3 point shooter I have ever seen at CAC. Hall was unreal this season from behind the arc leading the league with over 6 made 3s per game at a 51% clip while averaging 27 ppg and shooting 86% from the charity stripe (30/35). He wasn’t just a ridiculous shooter/scorer though. Most people don’t realize that this guy is a terrific passer as well as he averaged over 4 assists per game good for 3rd in the league. When I was thinking of this award Hallsy was instantly the first guy who came to mind as he is truly the definition of offense. I had a blast this season watching him drain impossible-looking 3s in people’s faces seemingly at ease. After a monsterous season on offense I thought it was only just to give Hallsy the Offensive Player of the Year Award and I hope to have the privilege of scoring his games again next season.

The “Scott Mulholland” Defensive Player of the Year Award: Brett Armstrong (3 Of Us)
So after winning the DPoY award in 8 of his last 10 seasons (across all of his leagues mind you) I decided to just name the damn award after SMul and give it to someone else. I mean honestly he isn’t even that good on D as he has never even covered me for a full game. Just kidding. But seriously, it is time to pass the torch and give it to someone who stood out on D not named Scott Mulholland. This season that guy was Brett Armstrong. Once again call me biased but I think I am being very objective here when I say BArms was the best on-ball defender this league has seen in a long time. BArms didn’t have the best defensive PR (PR is overrated!) or the best D stats but numbers do not always tell the story in terms of defense. Each game BArms covered the opposing team’s best player and did so very effectively. He was a pest and an animal who exhibited the utmost intensity on every defensive possession and that’s what it takes to win this award and win in general. This award is well deserved and I applaud BArms on his unbelievable defensive efforts which were essential to the success of 3 Of Us. Great season Brett, see you next season.

RoY: Alex Lanfear (Upstate Connection)
Runners Up: Mike Albert (Team Ramrod)
Ahhh Lanfear. If only you had shown up to more games you would have been eligible for all of the first 3 awards. Lanfear played 6 games this season but he was an absolute beast in every phase of the game. A true 1-man fast break, Lanfear joined the B1 East for the first time in his CAC career and made a lasting impression on the B1 community. Every time he showed up to a game his team was automatically in contention to win the game regardless of the opponent. I just love how this guy plays the game. He is a true basketball player who literally does it all and gives 100% on every possession: Lanfear averaged 30 ppg (1st in the league), 13 rpg (2nd in the league), over 3 assts pg (t-11th in the league) and over 3 stls pg (1st in the league). On top of that Lanfear averaged the most FTs made per game at a 79% clip. Wow. If CAC had a fantasy basketball league this guy would be my number 1 pick as he literally does it all. Lanfear’s great season on a middle of the pack team had to be rewarded, and the Rookie of the Year award seemed fit.

Most Improved Player: Kyle Silva (Roc Boys)
Runners Up: John Mulholland (6 Foot 7 Rangas), Tom Heffernan (3 Of Us)
I feel like this happened right before my eyes. Silva was always a good ball player but I feel like he missed that one piece to make him a REALLY good ball player. That piece was his outside shot. Silva’s improvement from the 3 point line cannot be overlooked as he clearly improved his stroke during the offseason. Whether or not he ACTUALLY worked on this unknown, but the difference between last season and this season was obvious to me as he hit 2 threes per game at 41% clip. This doesn’t seem great on paper but he had some monster games during Roach’s absence that kept Roc Boys relevant and he should be given a sh!t load of credit for being the offensive force during this Roach-less stretch. As a result, Silva should certainly be commended for complementing his “slice and dice” game with a lethal 3 point shot. Silva is easily a double threat guy now (driving to the rim and shooting the long ball) making him even more difficult to cover given his quickness, speed and athleticism. For these reason, Silva wins this season’s Most Improved Player.

The Kap Award: Mike Albert (Team Ramrod)
Runners Up: Mark DeFeo (Conor Larkins), Ethan Baron (Oh n Tin)
For those of you who are new to the league I created this award last year just because. The Kap award goes to a guy whose game I just love. He doesn’t get a lot of press, doesn’t drop a million points a game, but he plays hard and is very fundamentally sound. This season the second annual Kap award goes to Mike Albert of Ramrod. I have to say I love the way Albert plays the game. He is an undersized center who rebounds the ball with ferocity and intensity not just on defense but on the offensive end as well. Several times this season Albert had at least 5 offensive rebounds in the game and that is not easy to achieve by any means. Albert wasn’t just a rebounder though. He displayed a great basketball IQ that I grew to really appreciate. He rarely made a boneheaded play, made strong solid passes and did all the dirty work needed to win games. Every successful team need a guy like Albert and Ramrod was fortunate to have this guy on their side. I hope to see Albert and Ramrod back next season as they were a fun bunch to watch. Great season Mike and great work under the rim.

All Defensive Team:
Brett Armstrong (3 Of Us) – DPoY!
Scott Mulholland (6 Foot 7 Rangas) – had to put him there…sigh
Bryan Bingham (Sin City Shooters) – an underrated defender who led the league in blks pg and was 3rd in steals
Chris Snow (Fuego Fuego) – just an all around great defender under the rim; really knows how to use his size without committing fouls

All Offensive Team:
Chris Hall (Heavy Hitters) – OPoY! 3rd in the league in scoring; best 3 point shooter in the league this season
Alex Lanfear (Upstate Connection) – a true 1-man fast break and all around offensive stud; led league in scoring
Pat Lawson (Genzyme) – 2nd in the league in scoring; as true a scorer as you will ever find
Chris Maciejczak (3 Of Us) – MVP! 5th in scoring; deadly from deep and in the post

All “Chuckers” Team
Chris Hall (Heavy Hitters) – see above
Josh Bruno (The Firm) – not a great percentage this season but can really hit the long ball with the best of them
Tim O’Keefe (Genzyme) – a pure scorer with one of the best mid range jumpers I have EVER seen
Scott Ellinwood (Team Ramrod) – when he’s on…he’s on! streaky, but a great asset from deep

All Guard Team:
Brett Armstrong (3 Of Us) – 2nd in assts per game AND in case you haven’t heard DPoY!
Max Kinkade (Team Ramrod) – heart and soul of Ramrod; great mid range shot and high basketball IQ
Tim O’Keefe (Genzyme) – see above
Alex Lanfear (Upstate Connection) – oversized guard who has a nice feel for the game; see above

All Big Man Team:
Scott Mulholland (6 Foot 7 Rangas) – same sh!t different year; a true CAC legend (heard it here first!)
Mike Albert (Team Ramrod) – Kap award! awesome rebounder for his size
Eric Nordstrom (Heavy Hitters) – nice touch around the basket with an unguardable hook shot
Bryan Bingham (Sin City Shooters) – shot blocking animal and a great feel around the rim

First Team All Stars:
Chris Maciejczak (3 Of Us)
Scott Mulholland (6 Foot 7 Rangas)
Alex Lanfear (Upstate Connection)
Chris Hall (Heavy Hitters)

Second Team All Stars:
Mike Albert (Team Ramrod)
Pat Lawson (Genzyme)
Brett Armstrong (3 Of Us)
Bryan Bingham (Sin City Shooters)

Third Team All Stars:
Max Kinkade (Team Ramrod)
Tom Heffernan (3 Of Us)
Eric Nordstrom (Heavy Hitters)
Chris Snow (Fuego Fuego)

That’s it for the B1 East Spring 2010 Awards. I hope everyone enjoyed them and I put in lot of effort so don’t rip me too much. However, please express your opinions let me know what I missed or any feedback you may have. Remember though, I’m only human. As for you All-Stars, 1st and 2nd teamers will be part of the All-Star game, and if anyone from those teams can’t make it we will select fill-ins from the third team. Stay tuned for an email from your commish, Jason Tibbetts, and as always feel free to hit me up with any questions, concerns, suggestions or anything else you have on your mind.

Good luck to the Rangas and Roc Boys. Looking forward to tomorrow night!