B1 West Awards

Justifications and more to come!!

MVP: Terry Henderson
27.6 ppg, 14.0 reb, 5.0 asts
Also considered: Pat McTomey, Tibbs

Offensive Player of Season: Pat McTomey
28.4 ppg, 2.57 3s per game, 3PT Shooting: 18-33 (55%)
Also Considered: Terry Henderson, Tibbs, Yavor Nechev, Jofre Cruz

Defensive Player of the Season: Tibbs
1.83 bpg (Leader)

ROY: Jofre Cruz
31.8 ppg, 10.6 reb, 6.9 ast, 2.6 stl

B1 West First Team:
Terry Henderson (Scott Pollard)
Tibbs (Gamble)
Pat McTomey (E-Town)
Chris Burke (Scott Pollard)

B1 West Second Team:
Ike Andesy (Fresh Meat)
Craig Henrickson (CACsketball City)
Andrew Cousins (Scott Pollard)
Yavor Nechev (Vajazzlers)

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