B1 West Winter ’10 Awards

Better Late than Never!

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? The West was top heavy this season, but there is still plenty of love to spread around the league! Great work this season guys, keep coming back in the Spring!

MVP – Marquis Victor, Basketballs Deep – Like there were any questions? The hottest commodity in Wall Ball Arena never failed to disappoint on Thursday night in the B1 West. Every time Marquis stepped onto the floor DeMeezey and I (oh he’s the ref) expected a show and never had to ask for a refund.  Whether he was toying with teams or going all out and actually breaking a sweat, there was always something new to be seen this season. Basketballs Deep rolled to the top overall seed and is the West’s best chance to knock off the East, heck, they might be favored! But crazy things happen in the playoffs, you’ve got to bring your A game. I don’t doubt that MVictor will.

RoY – Matt Johnson
, The Firm – Had I know the Firm was adding so much size to their squad I might have suggested they play A2.  But then, as usual, attendance was an issue this season.  When the Firm did get their full squad, the only team that could beat them was themselves.  Matt Johnson was a big reason they played so well for extended stretches.  Once the Firm realized, hey, let’s dump it down low and take fewer 3s, there wasn’t a D in the league that could slow them down.  I’m not going to lie, the vast array of rim rattling dunks helped his cause as well.  Show me more of that in the post season!

All RoY Team – Marquis Victor, Matt Johnson, Lewis Jackson, Kris Lake

Offensive PoY – Marquis Victor, Basketballs Deep – I hate to give one guy two major awards like this (and BDeep is cleaning up!) but when a guy leads the league in scoring, 3 pointers made, 3 % AND is second in assists, yea that’s the offensive player of the season right there.  Do I even need to say anything else? He went 4 for 4 from beyond half court this past season. Sometimes you just have to walk down the other end shaking your head. DMeezey and I did that a lot this season on Thursday nights.

Defensive PoY – Elijah Heckstall, Basketballs Deep – Sure he got jobbed on the all-rookie team, but this makes up for it, right?! I hope so, with so many offensive weapons on his squad, Elijah focused on the D and thrived.  He used his athleticism to not only get steals and blocks, but to beat his guy to spots on the floor and play great help D.  In a league that’s all about O, it was a nice change of pace to watch all season long.

All Defensive Team
 – Elijah (Hexx!), Sean Murray, Mike Haven, Andrew Ward

GM – Marc Frail
, Guards R Us – Who would have thought a collection of guards would have worked out so well.  Sure DBag and Evans don’t rebound like guards, but really they have no choice in this league filled with quality bigs.  The squad was more than good enough to stay in the top 4 all season long and has a great shot to make serious noise in the post season. Don’t it twisted, i hate giving credit where it’s due sometimes, but I’ve got to suck it up and do the right thing.

5th Man – Mike & Mike, The Made Men – Both Mikes stepped their games up in big ways this season to help the Made Men stay in the top 4 of the league.  And really, once you get into the playoffs, anything can happen, if one of these two step up their game another level, we’re talking upsets people!!

All Star Teams
All Star game vs the East is after the unification game on April 8th!! Top 8 guys are in, if anyone needs a replacement, we’ll pull from the honorable mention guys.

1st Team
Marquis Victor, Matt Johnson, James Evans, Sean Murray

2nd Team
Josh Bruno, Matt Rollinson, Pat Fidler, Elijah Heckstall

Honorable Mention
Watson, Kaplan, Lewis Jackson, Kris Lake