B1 Winter 2011 Awards!

Before we get to the good stuff I want to address a few housekeeping items first.

I want to thank everyone for making the B1 awesome this season. We combined the East and West this season and what we got was a solid 12-team league, which top to bottom featured a plethora of great guys. This league saw some dynamic personalities making the league that much for fun and I was honored to serve as your commish for another great season. I appreciate everyone in the league for making my job fun and I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Next season however, I will not be returning to B1 on Wednesdays. I have decided to take my talents to the Sunday Morning League. After 4 straight season of running the B1, it is time to take a break from the extra long Wednesdays.

Don’t forget: this Wednesday is the B1 Finals and All-Star game. See below for more information. So far we have the following confirmed for the All-Star game…

Finnegan, SMul, Press, Nordy, Woodworth, RoY, Kemple and Poling

Please let me know if you can make it or not if you are not on this list. Anyone on the 3 teams (1st, 2nd, Honorable Mention) is invited to come play in the game. BMul, you are not invited.

Now the moment you have all been waiting for…the B1 Winter Awards! These awards as always were extremely tough to decide. As always we had a lot of good players that could have won a lot of awards but I tried to spread it out as much as possible and give the awards to those who truly deserved them. With that said, let’s get on to it!

MVP: Adam Polansky (Momenta)
Runners Up: Lew Finnegan (Momenta), John Mazzone (Yacht Rock)

Polansky was awesome all season for Momenta and what stands out for me was the epic performance against Yacht Rock in week 2. With Finnegan out of action, Polansky poured in 38 points including 14/14 from the FT line. This was surely an MVP performance, coming against one of the league’s best teams, and from there Polansky’s MVP campaign only got stronger. He was a force in the paint for Momenta, the go to guy in the post and had a great season for B1’s top seed. This award is well deserved, as Polansky was the most consistent and valuable performer for Momenta all season.

Offensive Player of the Year: Lew Finnegan (Momenta)
Runners Up: John Mazzone (Yacht Rock), Justin Woodworth (The Four Locos)

Finnegan could have won the MVP award, but instead he gets this year’s OPoY award. Finnegan was a machine on offense, leading the league in scoring at 28 ppg, to go with 6 astpg and 14 rpg. Finnegan was a brutal matchup for opponents all season with his size, quickness and strength as he was the driving force on offense for Momenta.

The “Scott Mulholland” Defensive Player of the Year Award: Bobby Kemple (The Four Locos)
Runners Up: Ross Goldberg (NE Cryogenics Center), Jon Press (Yacht Rock)

This award is still named after the defensive legend Scott Mulholland as he easily has the all time record for most DPoY awards. This season I decided to go with a guard for this one and Bobby Kemple was a no brainer here. Kemple was ridiculous on defense all season long as he used his quickness and athleticism to make life for opposing guards a living hell. Kemple was arguably the best on ball defender in the league coming up with huge steals and key defensive plays for a great defensive Four Loco squad.

Rookie of the Year: Jacob Poling (Floor Essence)
Runners Up: Justin Woodworth (The Four Locos), Tristan Delaney (Drain Gang)

Poling ran away with his one, and was really an under the radar MVP candidate. Poling jumped on to the B1 scene in his rookie season in dramatic fashion as he averaged 22 ppg leading Floor Essence to a solid season. His tenacity on both ends of the floor really made him fun to watch though as Poling was scrappy on defense and fundamentally sound on offense. Poling is a mid range beast and showed off his stuff week in and week out.

5th Man of the Year: Brian “The Drummer Boy” Sundell (6 Foot 7 Rangas)
Runners Up: Brian Vozzella (Yacht Rock), Matt Cassell (The Four Locos)

With the addition of Tommy, Sundell went to the pine for The Rangas and really made his presence felt all season nonetheless. Often drawing the assignment of the opposing team’s best player, Sundell was awesome on defense off the bench and did a nice job running the point when Tommy was out of the game. I give Sundell credit for his selflessness and performing admirably off the bench for a solid Rangas team.

GM of the Year: Scott “The Fill-In Legend” Bailey (Momenta)
Runner Up: Jesse Corwin (Floor Essence)

This award was a tough one but I had trouble not giving it to the guy who assembled the league’s best team. Bailey put together one of the best big 3’s I have ever seen in the B1 in Lew, AP and Koz and it showed as his team finished the regular season with an 8-1 record. I give Bailey credit for not only figuring out the pieces and making them work but also for being a great “legend in the making.”

Most Improved Player: John Thompson (Fuego Fuego)
Runners Up: Dodd Gray (Drain Gang), Ed Finn (Yacht Rock)

JTho without a doubt earned this award. Not only did he improve from last season but also as the season went on and the eye test really gave it away. Several times late in games JTho made some key plays for Fuego when it looked like things were slipping. JTho really did a nice job using his size and strength more effectively this season and it was clear his post game had improved. I would like to see JTho avoid the 3 ball a little more, but hey if the stroke is working let it fly big fella!

The Kap Award: Dodd Gray (Drain Gang)
Runners Up: Chris Collier (The Four Locos), Jesse Corwin (Floor Essence)

Dodd Gray takes the B1’s most coveted award this season and I couldn’t be more pleased with my selection. Despite a tough season in terms of wins, Gray came to play week in and week out battling it out and both ends of the floor. He was a true hustle guy for Drain Gang and every team needs one of those. He did all of the little things and played solid defense all season long. I had fun watching him play and more importantly jawing with him after the game. I will continue to enjoy seeing this fun-loving guy around CAC and I hope to team up with him in the B draft next season.

All Defensive Team:
Kemple – DPoY!
Goldberg – an undersized big man who has a knack for blocking shots against some of the bigger bigs in the B1.
Press – his length and versatility made him very annoying to play against.
Sundell – solid perimeter defense and provided great energy on defense.

All Offensive Team:
Finnegan – OPoY!
Mazzone – deadly 3 point stroke combined with a formidable post game.
Woodworth – just ridiculous from deep (62%!)
Kahana – do I really have to say anything? An offensive machine (with no defense of course).

All “Chuckers” Team:
Hall – quickest release in the league, and can straight up drain!
Kahana – bombs away!
Mazzone – 3 point juggernaut.
Koziol – it’s all about quantity with this guy!

All Guard Team:
Kemple – DPoY!
Poling – RoY!
Finn – a great all around season for Finn for a great Yacht Rock squad.
Woodworth – 62%!!!

All Big Man Team:
Nordy – double double BEAST!
Polansky – MVP!
Snow – a staple on the all big man team.
Mazzone – legend.

B1 All-Stars: Wednesday, 4/20, 8:10 PM

It was brutal picking the all-stars this season as there were a stupid amount of candidates. As always, there will be snubs and I apologize but based on what I have seen these 12 players played at an all-star caliber level all season.

1st Team:
Polansky – monster season for AP who was Momenta’s horse all season.
Finnegan – just an all around awesome player who really played hard every single week.
Mazzone – among the league leaders in virtually every category.

2nd Team:
Press – maybe the most versatile player in the league.
Snow – another solid season for the big fella.
Nordy – continues to improve and averaged an ungodly 16 rpg.
Woodworth – best 3-point shooter in the league? Perhaps…

Honorable Mention:
RoY – I mean, it’s RoY!
Kemple – quickest guard in the league and one of the best on-ball defenders.
Poling – great all around player and a mid range beast.
Finn – a key cog in YR’s great season.

Biggest Snubs:
BMul – who? Exactly.
Hallsy – led the league in 3s…but an all-star? Certainly in my heart at least.
Collier – swan dive! Love this guy’s game but minutes played hurt his cause.
Turner – quietly had a nice season, but I would rather hate on Ty than love.
Marotta – only played 4 games, but still made his presence felt.
Bingham – team results hurt his cause but he still put up monster numbers.
Delaney – another victim of his team’s results but still played great ball this season.

Thanks for a great season guys! Good luck to Fuego and The Rangas Wednesday!