B2 5v5 East Preview

So, I’m not covering the East this season (I know you won’t miss me that much this season) but I thought I’d help Jon Evans out a bit by providing you with a mini-preview. Honestly my insight is nearly useless, since there are a number of new teams that I should know about, but don’t and am too lazy to do the research about. Let’s get on with it, shall we??

8 – 44 Minutes of Hell – THe offensive firepower necessary for competitive games in the East just doesn’t seem to be there, unless they’ve made some drastic roster upgrades from when they played in the West. I like switching things up and moving teams around, but maybe they’ll wish they stayed at the Kennedy after a week 1 match-up against Millenium.

7 – Double Dribble Dragons – moving up, from the Corp 5v5, they’ll find a bit more competition and size than they ran into last season, but I think they’ll adapt to the level of the league quickly. They’ll have to if they don’t want to be marked as an ‘auto-win’ on team’s schedules after week 1.

6 – Upstate Connection – again, attendance is the issue. It always has been with these guys, and I hope it won’t always be the case. Let’s see them get it together for a full season. Great group of guys, great talent across the board, they just need to put it all together.

5 – If You Touch Me, I’ll Soo – the former ‘Black Inside’ squad is going to make waves in this league. They’re coming over from the West and last season I could never decide if the WEst was just really competitive, or not nearly as good a league as the East. We’ll find out early, since they play Hurricane Ditka in week 1 (and again in week 8). It looks like they have plenty of offense to go around, but teams in the East play a LOT of defense and aren’t afraid to knock players down. Hell you’ve got 5 fouls, might as well right?

4 – Millenium – Man oh man is this team good. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them win the league outright. I’m not giving you any more info on these guys, just LOOK OUT man!

3 – Minus 1 Cuban – heartbreaking playoff loss aside, they had a very good second half of the season, rebounding from my ‘Curse of the #1 seed’. They had a target on their back early and often, but overcame it, eventually, and played well for long stretches of games. With a bit more chemistry and cohesion, I expect a better effort from week 1 on.

2 – Steamboats – They’re used to the leauge, the level of play and the intensity from week to week. I really, really like what Martin does with the ‘Boats roster, now if they could only find a way to shed Thuy and his untradeable contract this team would be unbeatable.

1 – Hurricane Ditka – the defending champs are back with the exact same squad and I think that’s a good thing. At times, I know DJ wanted more ball movement on offense, it wasn’t like he was shooting, but they found enough chemistry to win the East last season. It *should* have been the Unification Title, but they couldn’t get a time to play – get that settled ahead of time this season boys!!

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  • If anything, last night’s games confused me even more. This league is absurdly balanced, don’t let the double digit results fool you, it was most teams shaking off week 1 rust and getting acclimated. This league is just even across the board. No team will be able to rest on their laurels as they’ll be challenged to the limit each week. Well all teams except one maybe – read on to find out who I think the best in the league is!

    Oh, Stats are up and Write-ups are on the way!

    Week 1 Power Poll

    It looks like I’m going to have to do a Power Poll every single week in order to keep up with the ups and downs of this league. Each team showed flashes of promise and plenty of weaknesses. This season is going to be a war of attrition.

    8 – Hull City (Prv: 7) – Tough to put them at 8 since they looked good in the second half of their game and were clearly missing a couple players, but they’ll have a lot of work to do if they want to challenge for the title in this league

    7 OBC (Prv: 3A) – Live by the 3, die by the 3 – 9 for 31 in week one is a percentage that will need to be improved upon. Someone besides Tilton is gonig to need to be able to score more than 5 points to keep the Ds they face honest. And uh, guys, stop reaching!

    6 Above the Rim Jobs (Prv: 5) – Tough to move a team down after a win, especially when they beat the defending champs, but if they don’t dump the ball down low to Connell more often, they wont win too many more. Give it to the big fella, he’s a mismatch you’ve got to take advantage of!

    5 603 (Prv: 3B) – They were missing guys, right? Please tell me they were missing guys. Gorynski need a lot of shots to get to 13 points, while Chris was effecient on his way to 20. With better ball movement (only 4 assists) this team could be dangerous.

    4 – Press’d HAM (Prv: 6) – for 1 half, they looked like the best team in the league. For the second they looked like just another team in the B2 5v5 West this season. I know team Captain Justin Rollo isn’t happy with the squad’s performance, so I expect a lot of suicides, weaves and mikan drills to be happening over the weekend for this squad.

    3 – PrimioTickets.com (Prv: 1 – Valiant almost comeback (scored the most points of any team in one half last night, 34) but this is another team that lives and dies by the the 3. They scored just 3 field goals inside the arc last night, that’s not going to get it done this season. You’ve got to be able to at least get transition layups.

    2 -Tummy Sticks (Prv: 2) – they’re not going to get to the line 42 times every game, but if they ever do again, they better hit more than just 26 free throws (62%).

    1 – Just the Tip-Offs (Prv: – Not only were they the highest scoring team in the league in week 1 (15% more points than Tummy Sticks) but they made it look the easiest as well. This ain’t your older brother’s Tummy Sticks team, they look like the best squad in the league, nice recruiting job Goldhaber.

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