B2 5v5 Mid Schedule

Wednesday January 22nd
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMLlamas  81vs.Team GMB  87Healey School
7:00 PMRusty Nails  66vs.Silicon Valley Ballers  68Healey School
8:00 PMThe Slom Donkers  38vs.Colonials  86Healey School
8:05 PMLove Handles  46vs.OBA All-Stars  59Kennedy GSchool
9:00 PMDirty Jim & the Boys  69vs.Killer Three's  56Healey School
9:05 PMMicrosoft  35vs.Jared and the Hartbreakers  63Kennedy GSchool

Wednesday January 29th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMThe Slom Donkers  62vs.Microsoft  41Healey School
7:00 PMDirty Jim & the Boys  47vs.Colonials  51Healey School
8:00 PMTeam GMB  49vs.Silicon Valley Ballers  68Healey School
8:05 PMLlamas  77vs.Killer Three's  68Kennedy GSchool
9:00 PMLove Handles  51vs.Jared and the Hartbreakers  59Healey School
9:05 PMRusty Nails  74vs.OBA All-Stars  83Kennedy GSchool

Wednesday February 5th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMOBA All-Stars  56vs.Colonials  67Healey School
7:00 PMRusty Nails  54vs.Team GMB  44Healey School
8:00 PMDirty Jim & the Boys  73vs.Microsoft  34Healey School
8:05 PMKiller Three's  88vs.Love Handles  67Kennedy GSchool
9:00 PMSilicon Valley Ballers  92vs.Llamas  70Healey School
9:05 PMJared and the Hartbreakers  56vs.The Slom Donkers  27Kennedy GSchool

Wednesday February 12th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMSilicon Valley Ballers  56vs.Dirty Jim & the Boys  49Healey School
7:00 PMRusty Nails  77vs.Llamas  83Healey School
8:00 PMKiller Three's  77vs.Microsoft  41Healey School
8:05 PMOBA All-Stars  99vs.Team GMB  51Kennedy GSchool
9:00 PMLove Handles  62vs.The Slom Donkers  56Healey School
9:05 PMJared and the Hartbreakers  72vs.Colonials  80Kennedy GSchool

Wednesday February 19th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMLove Handles  49vs.Colonials  60Healey School
7:00 PMJared and the Hartbreakers  68vs.Llamas  76Healey School
8:00 PMDirty Jim & the Boys  54vs.Team GMB  40Healey School
8:05 PMRusty Nails  79vs.Microsoft  29Kennedy GSchool
9:00 PMOBA All-Stars  84vs.Killer Three's  73Healey School
9:05 PMThe Slom Donkers  73vs.Silicon Valley Ballers  74Kennedy GSchool

Wednesday February 26th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMRusty Nails  101vs.Love Handles  59Healey School
7:00 PMJared and the Hartbreakers  74vs.OBA All-Stars  52Healey School
8:00 PMSilicon Valley Ballers  69vs.Killer Three's  74Healey School
8:05 PMMicrosoft  2vs.Colonials  5Kennedy GSchool
9:00 PMThe Slom Donkers  47vs.Team GMB  62Healey School
9:05 PMLlamas  61vs.Dirty Jim & the Boys  96Kennedy GSchool

Wednesday March 4th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMJared and the Hartbreakers  vs.Dirty Jim & the Boys  Healey School
7:00 PMMicrosoft  vs.Llamas  Healey School
8:00 PMKiller Three's  vs.Rusty Nails  Healey School
8:05 PMOBA All-Stars  81vs.The Slom Donkers  43Kennedy GSchool
9:00 PMColonials  vs.Silicon Valley Ballers  Healey School
9:05 PMLove Handles  44vs.Team GMB  56Kennedy GSchool

Wednesday March 11th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMTeam GMB  vs.Microsoft  Healey School
7:00 PM Llamas  vs.Love Handles  Healey School
8:00 PMSilicon Valley Ballers  vs.Jared and the Hartbreakers  Healey School
8:05 PMThe Slom Donkers  vs.Rusty Nails  Kennedy GSchool
9:00 PMDirty Jim & the Boys  vs.OBA All-Stars  Healey School
9:05 PMColonials  vs.Killer Three's  Kennedy GSchool

Wednesday March 18th
TimeHome AwayLoc
6:00 PMJared and the Hartbreakers  vs.Killer Three's  Healey School
7:00 PMRusty Nails  vs.Dirty Jim & the Boys  Healey School
8:00 PMLlamas  vs.The Slom Donkers  Healey School
8:05 PMLove Handles  vs.Silicon Valley Ballers  Kennedy GSchool
9:00 PMTeam GMB  vs.Colonials  Healey School
9:05 PMMicrosoft  vs.OBA All-Stars  Kennedy GSchool