B2 East 5v5 Awards – Spring 2011

RIP HotBox

B2 East 5v5 was a ton of fun to cover this season. Sure it’s a pian in the @$$ for me to get to the Morse each week, but ti’s what I signed up for. I didn’t know what to expect coming in, I only venture outside of the hallowed CAC Walls for Co-Ed basketball, but I had heard rumors that the B2 5v5 leagues were growing in intensity in skill. Honestly, the basketball was a whole lot better than I expected it to be and KD, Bob and I truly enjoyed the season.

My favorite plotlines of the season involved
Heat @ Morse – Full Thermos(T) – Will Bisi Score all the Points for Ditka This Week? – Why Won’t BSulll Tweet while on the Bench? – Would the Cubans be the First team to be ranked #1 in the preseason to finish #8 – How many players can the Repo Men lose and still field a team – Please let me cover the spread against the Boats this week – GO LIL TIX!

Hopefully you’re all returning next season (seriously, let me know!) but if not, it was a pleasure sweating it out with you in the Hot Box.


MVP – Nick Wells, Team Basketbrawlers – It’s ok Nick, you can stop reading now. You won it, I know you wanted it, deep down in there somewhere. At the start of the season, I knew the Brawlers were better than their 2-3 record and made sure everyone knew it. Nick and Co. backed up my words (rarely happens) by ripping off 4 wins to end the season and enter the playoffs as the hottest team in the L. Largly in thanks to Nick, they have a chance to win the whole thing. Kid did it all this season, led the league in scoring, 3 pointers a game, player rater and complaints about Bob’s reffing. He’s so versatile! Brawlers should keep leaning on the MVP if they want to go far in the playoffs

RoY – Jared Iosua, Big State – Tough decision as there were a ton of guys that could have had this spot., but Jared took a team that some (cough*Greer*cough) thought weren’t going to do very well in this league and led them to an 8-1 record. It’s tough to score 20 points a game in a 5v5 league man, this isn’t 4v4 where everyone and their girlfriend can drop 20. Without his offense, Big State isn’t nearly as good as they are right now, the favorites heading into the post season. Sure he had a lot of help, but we know deep down that Jared needs this reinforcement, let’s give him his moment in the sun.

All RoY Team – Tons of great rookies joining the CAC ranks this season. Here’s the best of the best!
1st Team
Jared, James, Derek Hand, Nick Wells, Adam Baur

Honorable Mention
Carl Onubogo, Hessel, Gaskill, Joey, the Abares

Offensive PoY – Bisi, Hurricane Ditka – If you need a bucket, you give the ball to Bisi and get out of the way. Except for that one time he didn’t deliver, Ditka put their faith in the right guy to get the job done. Sure sometimes it causes guys to stand around and watch him, but that’s not Bisi’s fault! Cut and set picks people! Seriously though, dude can’t be stopped. Freight Train.

Defensive PoY – People play defense in this league?? I didn’t know that! I’m vetoing this award this season and instead just giving you my All Defensive Team
Pootie Tang, Dre Schneider, Javier, Boodry, Ray Elcewicz
I mean I guess you could pick one guy from that list, but really, no one separated themselves this season. And I put that on all of you.

GM of the Season – Martin Yuan, Steamboats – I have no idea how he keeps all those egos in check, especially Thuys! After dominating the C league in 2010, the Boats have moved up to B2 to mixed results, but a 4-5 record with a constantly fluctuating roster is nothing to sneeze at. If he could get his ‘stars’ to all show at once the record would be better. Don’t sleep on the Boats in the playoffs!

6th Man of the Season – Jared Sinnott, Little Tickets – From the opening tip of the game as he relentlessly cheered on the Tix, to the closing seconds, when he was usually tossing up no-look shots, Jared was all about playing hard and help the Tix out. Sure it didn’t result in any wins, but the Tix were the ultimate sportsmen, even shaking hands with the Table. Hell the man taught me a few things this season and he’s far and away the 6th man of the Season!

Most Improved – Dre Schneider, Upstate Connection – Most guys who make the jump from 4v4 to 5v5 take a hit in their stats. There are more players on the floor, the pace is definitely slower, and there isn’t that much more added time (44 vs 40 minutes) to acquire stats. Dre, however, was much more aggressive than I’ve ever seen him on the 4v4 court. Maybe it was the openness of play that really enhanced his ability to get to the hole, or maybe he just finished better this season than in the past. Whatever it was, Dre’s step up in play is one of the main reason’s I continue to pound home the point that Upstate is a dangerous playoff foe.
Runner Up: John Ruppert

Where’s Waldo Award – Reserved for the former CAC star that has seen seen his light extinguished, or at least, get turned down in intensity. One of my favorite to give out!
Thuy Nguyen, Steamboats – Maybe Thuy has been in decline for years, and that’s why the ‘Boats went to the C league in 2010, maybe I just haven’t seen it up close and personal. When the highlight of your season is winning 3 bets against me (for gatorade at Morse, so that’s a good thing) then you’ve fallen off a cliff. Thuy, maybe you should actually play in the game sometimes!

Tibbs Award – This is for the big guy that should be bumping uglies in the paint but instead just wants to bomb 3s. A man after my own heart, basically. There were a lot of contenders for this award but it all comes back to one guy
Chris MacKay, Steamboats – The ‘Boats only big guy was 5th in the league in 3 point attempts this season, that’s crazy! He nearly doubled his attempts from last season (in 2 fewer games no less) and it didn’t matter if he started ice cold or red hot, he was going to keep shooting. Catching fire in the playoffs could get the Boats a win!

All Attendance Team – Usually I have a ton of people to choose from for this award. The guys that usually go unnoticed (or at least, unwritten about) but show up week after week to play hard and help their team win. Only 6 guys qualified to even make the all-attendance team (9 game season – 9 games played) and I wrote about Jared Iosua way too much this season. That leaves…

BSull – Heart and soul of Big State!
JC – But he’s missing the playoff game?
Jon Adams – consistent producer for Repo Men through all the injuries
Martin Yaun – Someone had to show up for hte Boats
Chris MacKay – Oh right, he did too

All-Star Squads – Who knows, we might have an All-Star game against the West this season. I’ll see if I can make that happen. Good group of players in the B2 5v5 this season.

1st Team
Nick Wells, Bisi, Jared Iosua, MJD, James Iosua

2nd Team
Javier Flores, Bobby Haas, JC, Dre, Derek Hand

Honorable Mention
Ray Elcewicz, BFred, Leng Tang, Scott Green, Bobby Abare

Playoff Outlook
Time to get to it!

8 – Little Tickets
Strengths – Relentless optimism and encouragement from the bench
Weakness – Putting this orange sphere through a slightly big cylinder that is hanging 10 feet off the ground
Not for Nothing – this team leads the league in ‘guys that have gotten stuck in elevators’ this season
Playoff Outlook – They have the chance to pull off the biggest upset in playoff history. Um yea, +28.5
Next season – If they come back, make friends with some tall dudes

7 – Upstate Connection
Strengths – Talent. These guys can flat out ball, it’s all a matter of making it happen at the same time
Weaknesses – Attendance!
Not for Nothing – Anyone figure out Dre’s a lefty yet?
Playoff Outlook – If an upset is going to happen tonight, this is where it will be. Can’t put my money where my mouth is though.
Next Season – Request all 9 PM games so everyone is out of work and can play

6 – Steamboats
Strengths – Speed and more Speed. If any team was ever built to kick up the speed of a playoff game (goes the other way at CAC) it’s this one.
Weaknesses – Thuy. No really, he kills them. That and shoddy 3 point shooting for stretches
Not for Nothing – MJD can carry you for a game or two still
Playoff Outlook – No Idea who they’ll have tonight, so +9.5 and no Thuy, we will not be rolling this bet forward to next season
Next Season – Make more bets vs Tibbs. Free gatorade!

5 – Minus 1 Cubans 
Strengths – Comic relief, have you looked at those Mugs? They’re just hitting their stride, that has to help right?
Weaknesses – Ball Movement, free throw shooting
Not for Nothing – I feel like this team has been around forever now. The main guys have been around for 2 years now? Damn
Playoff Outlook – 5 over 4 isn’t an ‘upset’ so they’ll win but with the Repo Men decimated by injuries that’s not an accomplishment. Try not to be roadkill against Big State next week
Next Season – Don’t start ranked #1, tell Boris he only gets 4 fouls a game to try and reign him in

4 – Repo Men
Strengths – 3 point bombing, tattoos or facial hair (hi Bobby!)
Weaknesses – Size, Not for Nothing – Koz is reffing round 1 – Bobby Haas getting tossed again?
Playoff Outlook – If they don’t have Ruppert they’re going to lose to the Cubans inside presence. With him, they beat them again, probably by 2 again. Not getting by Big State though
Next Season – Get injured less, Have JFred more, focus on 4v4?

3 – Team BasketBrawlers 
Strengths – MVP! MVP!
Weaknesses – Nick Wells head might not fit through the Morse doors tonight
Not for Nothing – Rookie teams tend to struggle in the playoffs. They’re just a different beast here at CAC Basketball. Be prepared for even MORE intensity.
Playoff Outlook – Cruising through the first 2 rounds before upsetting Big STate in the finals (I said it!). I have no idea how they’ll fare in the Unification Game though.t
Next Season – Don’t start so slowly!

2 – Hurricane Ditka
Strengths – Ummm, Bisi. The ability to yack at the Refs (Hill, Javier)
Weaknesses – Stand And Watch offense, Jacob’s streaky 3 point shooting
Not for Nothing – Dennis Hill DOES qualify for the playoffs after he was in attendance (but not entered into the system) for the week 1 games.
Playoff Outlook – I wanted to call the Upstate Upset tonight but just can’t bring myself to do it. Ditka by 7. They’ll get blown out (!!) by the Brawlers next week though.
Next Season – Remember there are 9 games in a season, not just 5

1 – Big State
Strengths – Wonder Twin Powers Activate, lead the league in point differential (top scoring, nearly the stingiest D)
Weakness – Benching Sully for long stretches, umm….
Not for Nothing – There’s a “Curse of the #1 seed” at CAC. More often than not the #1 seed loses before even getting to the finals, it happens all the time. Be careful.
Playoff Outlook – Good. No really good. I kid, they’re losing in the Finals to the Brawlers!
Next Season – Don’t follow in their brethren from Wakefield’s footsteps and drop the perfect season, no one ever wants to lose