B2 East Awards/Lines – Spring 09

Another Great Season in the books

Hell of a season in the B2 East, as usual, and these awards, especially the all-star teams, were NOT easy to pick out

MVP – Matt Forelizzi. Kutol – Forelizzi was by far the single most important player to his team’s success this season.  That man averaged more than half the team’s points on a given night, and still lent a helping hand on 5 other baskets throughout the course of the night.  Did I mention he averaged shooting 6 for 12 from downtown every week too? Yikes, you’d think guys would get a hand up!! But it wouldn’t have mattered, Forelizzi has a bag of tricks so deep, I feel like he didn’t even use half of them this season.  An all around fantastic effort and his squad will be dangerous in the post season!

RoY – Scott Marino, N.W.O. – Easiest award to pick.  Marino revived N.W.O. this season, making them a player once again.  What’s that, they didn’t make the playoffs, that’s because when they didn’t have Scott, they really missed him.  He made the offense work, made it look easy and was both a scorer and distributor every single night.  If N.W.O. wants to continue to be a contender and get back on top, they better sign Scott to a lucrative contract extension!
Runner Up – Duece Steals, Zack Foley

GM – Noah Spaulding, Mikki Moorriors – Defying all expectations, the Moorriors finished the season above .500 and clinched a playoff spot in the process.  Noah had his hand in that, bringing guys from outside C.A.C. into Wall Ball Arena for the first time to round out a squad of CAC Veterans.  Sure I gave them no credit during the season (and won’t for the playoffs) but isn’t that what a critic’s for?!?
Runners Up – Karl Magloire

Defensive PoY – Matt Peredna, Genzyme – The little man is oft overlooked, especailly when I’m handing out awards, but this season Peredna really shined on the defensive end of the floor.  He was a lock down defender on the perimeter, averaging nearly 3 steals a game, and somehow, he got 5 blocks on the season, how was that possible?? His work on the boards is usually over looked too, little man gets up!! All in all, it’s been a solid 3 seasons for Peredna and it’s about time he got his due!
Runner Up – Jon Evans

Offensive PoY – Dan Watson, Cleary Club – No one meant more to his team’s success, on offense, as Watson did to Cleary Club this season.  In his first C.A.C. league, Dan did a bit of everything, firing away from three, taking it to the hoop and averaging nearly 10 free throw attempts per game.  Heady stuff indeed.
Runners Up – Tom Biggins, Pat Lawson, Jake Acosta

All Defensive Team
Peredna, Evans, Joff, Drama

All-Stars – The All Star game will be played on Monday August 24th at 7:00 PM at C.A.C.  If you’re on the list, you’ll be getting an email from me shortly.  And this was a rediculously tough list for me to put together this seaosn, so don’t worry, if you feel snubbed, you may still be called upon to be a replacement player in the game!

1st Team
Matt Forelizzi, Brad Mulholland, Dan Watson, Demetri Dardy

2nd Team
Drama, Vernon Garnett, Pat Lawson, Siaffa Golfie

Honorable Mention
Joff Spaulding, Tom Biggins, Scott Marino, Ben Gregory

B2 East Lines – Round 1 – All games at C.A.C. – all blowouts

5:30 PM Genzyme vs GSD Squad (+14.5)
All week, all I’ve heard from the Genzyme guys are “Is Chang playing?” “Is Chang allowed to play?!” and “You can’t possibly allow Chang to play, he only played one game!”  Talk about being scared sh!tless of a guy that absolutely killed them in the regular season. Man, you know what this would be like? If a guy, say he played DI, at oh, I don’t know, Rutgers for a couple years, played one regular season game with a team, then played the next two playoff games to help you win a B2 title.  It’d be like that, except Chang is NOT a DI player.  Someone’s scerred.
That said, No Chang, and GSD has no shot.

6:20 PM Kutol vs Mikki Moorriors (+17.5)
The newly minted MVP takes his squad up against the upset specialists this season.  That being said, they don’t stand a chance (as I usually think!).  They have no one to guard Forelizzi, and Captain Caveman, with Foster, can do a number to slow down the Spaulding Brothers.  Sure the Moorriors have pulled out plenty of tough games as huge underdogs (have they ever not covered the ridiculous spreads?!) but the luck runs out tonight, they’ll go to the well one too many times, etc etc etc.

7:10 PM Average Joes vs Dynasty Heat 2 (+12.5)
The Joes, back on track after losing 4 in a row, should, SHOULD get this win pretty easily.  Sure Dynasty Heat 2 is a really, really tall team, but the Joes have the athletes to counteract that.  Plus, who’s guarding Bar Stool Acosta?!? Hopefully there are no happy hour specials after work tonight.  Drama is about to be unleashed on the B2 East, he’s been saving himself for the playoffs all season, I know it!

8:00 PM Killa Beez vs Blackbeard’s Delight (+19.5)
Blackbeard’s Delight is only rolling with 4 tonight and that spells doom for trying to upset the Beez. They’re just too quick, big and athletic.  There will be no first round let down for them this season.  Hell, given their side of the bracket, I expect them to waltz into the Finals unscathed and be waiting for a rematch with Genzyme.  Ah, gotta love those 1 v 2 rematches.  Can any of the lower seeds stop that from happening?!?