B2 East Fall 2010 Awards!

Because Late is better than Never

I know you’ve ALL be eagerly anticipating the B2 East Fall 2010 Awards for sometime now. Hell you’ve already played round 1 of the playoffs! Wasn’t I the guy telling staff awards need to be post BEFORE the postseason starts? Probably.

Anyway, Tuesday nights were definitely the highlight of my week this season. Tons of great games and storylines every week, @Greenwood2325 and @McCoubrey87 talking trash on Twitter, the random, the hundreds of Matty Bells and KAP texts/gchats/emails and lots of new players getting involved on the boards. Overall, a hell of a success, and if you ask me, simply THE BEST league that CAC runs.

Enough blathering, onto the awards….

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NOW onto the Awards!

B2 East Fall 2010 Awards

GM – Mike Gentile, Team Wildcat – Gentile had a disasterous debut as a GM in the B2 East in the Spring but shook things up in the Fall 2010 season. Bringing back just himself and HGH, Gentile rounded out the squad with plenty of guys that could score, and others that did the little things to win games. Add it all up, and you’ve got a 5-4 season and a great chance to make some noise in the playoffs.
Runners Up: Matty Bells, Extreme Speed

5th Man – Dan Linehan, Team Strike Force – This was his to lose from the first game of the season as I saw him sit on the sidelines from the opening tip. One of the best three point shooters in the league, a relentless defender, and all around good guy. Linehan shouldn’t even be eligible for this award since, you know, he’d have STARTED for the other 11 teams in this league! GARB KAP!

5th Man TEAM – Because we had some many quality players in the league, I’ve decided to put together the inaugural 5th man TEAM. On other teams, these guys would/should have been starting, but played their role to perfection!
Linehan, Kris Fitzgerald, Matt Fuerch, Mike Monsegur

MiP – The Firm – Usually I give the “Most Improved” award to a player, but this season, from start to finish, the Firm made great strides and had to win this award as a team. From looking like they’d be blown out every week, to contending for a playoff spot in the final week of the season, I’m hoping the Firm makes a comeback next season and continues to make noise!

DPoY – David Frazier, Cleary Club – The Club was able to survive the season with extend absences from Watson becasue of their defense. Frazier and Fuerch, led the way once again, and I’m really sick of giving this award to these guys. Seriously, someone else step up! Defense isn’t all about the stats. It’s about heart, and desire, and wanting it. Wish It, Want It, Do It! If you will. All that crap. Frazier embodies it for every second he’s on the floor. Great season man!

All D Team – Good luck scoring on this roster!
Frazier, Greer, AP, Burke

OPoY – Tom Kahana, Smushing – Tommy, knowing how I roll, should be able to tell what this means and stop reading the awards now. RoY-VP was a menace in B2 East, as expected. He accounted for nearly 58% of his team’s entire offense, just by his little self! Oh and the diminutive shooting guard would be livid if I failed to mention the league’s # 2 player rater. In a league full of guards that can flat out score, Tommy may have been the best. At least, #2…

All Chuckers Team – instead of arbitrarily picking guys to be on this team (let’s face it, you’re all a bunch of chuckers) I’ve actually come up with a formula for putting guys on the team! It’s pretty easy to figure out. Have at it.
Extreme Speed, KAP, Dowd, RoboCop, Lawson

RoY – Mike Lush, One And Done – Now don’t come back!

All RoY Team – So many good newbies this season! I only picked on guys that hadn’t played in a CAC league prior to this season
Lush, Dowd, Nellie, Roach

All RoY to B2 East Team – Can these two teams play each other?
JMul, BArms, BBarrett, RoY (the player!)

Tibbs Award – so a few of my scribes have gotten into the habit of naming an award after themselves. They base it on how they play the game, and honestly, I kind of like it. So, if you’re a tall dude who should be in the post crashing the boards and finishing around the cup, but instead are drifting around, shooting 3s and not boxing out, you’ll be in contention for this award! The inaugural winner is:
Fred Bermont, Smushing – Oh Freddy, you doomed yourself the moment you made that bet with me. No way you could live up to expectations. Sure you ‘only’ average 3 attempts from downtown this season, but with the low rebounding numbers and overall heckingly done by your team towards you, there is no one else I’d rather have win this award.
Runner Up: Nellie

Where’s Waldo Award – This award is going to recognize the high profile game that seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. Do you know where he is?! This award’s first winner
Pat Spaeth, Average Joes – Sparkles seems lost without battery mate Bar Stool Acosta most of the season. I just wanted to reach out and give him a huge, the weeks he showed, anyway! Hi-OH! I hope Sparkles appreciates this award as much as I appreciate being able to give it to him.

1st Team

Kid Flash, RoY, Lush, Burke
2nd Team
Greer, BMul, Watson, JBarrett
3rd Team
Ethan, JMul, BArms, Dowd

MVP – Andrew Worden, Warrior Country – You all knew this was coming, right? In Kid Flash’s third CAC season, he continues to impress and is really hitting his stride. His numbers are up all across the board, as the Sports Guy would say, he ‘made the leap’ into superduperstardom in the Fall 2010 season, and the MVP award is recognition as such! I mean, seriously, look at the player profile: http://cacbasketball.com/player.php?pId=4197 35 ppg (essentially)! He’s even passing it a little bit! he’s got over 100 free throws and we’ve still got more playoff games to go! He’s going to make the All-Time stats with his next outing, and I’m excited to see where he lands. Whew that’s exhausting slobbing his knob so much. With Kid Flash at the helm. if Warrior Country fails to defend their B2 East crown, I’ll be shocked.

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