B2 East Fall’07 Awards

In what I would say is our most talented B2 East season to date, here are my awards for the season as voted upon by, well, me and me alone with no help from anyone, ever.  Therefore, please send all thank you cards and holiday gifts to me and me alone. And if you have a serious problem with any of these awards and feel really angry about it, well, Serge, Caitlyn and Jillian helped me pick them and were probably responsible for whatever you are angry about, so please see them the next time you are at CAC or the Morse. Happy Holidays.




East: J-Loh, Average Joeís. Itís not every season that the leagueís top rated player is the leagueís best all around player, but this season that is exactly what happened. And I realize that was a roundabout way to give a compliment, but I am much better at making fun of people than giving them praise (gee, maybe thatís why I am still single?). Anyway, J-Loh lead the Joeís to a perfect season as he used his basketball prowess not only to dominate games when he needed to, but to make his teammates better as well. And that is saying something given his teammates! Ha, just kidding. Congrats on this award and I expect this to be a major announcement at the next Liberty Mutual all company meeting complete with an M-V-P! all company chant.

Also receiving votes: Micah Sherman, More Cowbell and J-Red Gustafson, Big State




East: Mark Kuether, Big State. ìIf the student does not surpass the teacher, then the teacher has failed.î This is exactly what happened when the Good King introduced Kuether and his boys to the CAC experience. And as one of the best GMís in the biz, Kneeland passed on whatever he knew to Kuether, and now itís Kuether who has arguably done the better job in assembling a squad to win it all in the B2 East. J-Red and Thibeault were already in place, but adding the ìSiberian Bullî Chris Roy was an immense accomplishment, especially since he hid this guy from Kneeland in the summertime and waited to unveil him for the fall so Kneeland wouldnít steal him. To quote Denzel in Training day, ìThis sh*tís chess, it ainít checkers!î Well earned.

Also receiving votes: Kevin Westersvelt, Average Joeís




East: ìThe Siberian Bullî Chris Roy, Big State. It is sad how I still canít sleep over whether a better nickname for this guy is the Siberian Bull or the Siberian Express, but that is the impression this guy makes on the court. Heís big, agile, can run the floor, and does it all without uttering a single word yet all season. And I am not saying that he hasnít said anything to me, I mean to anyone! Who cares, his game speaks for itself. Just like Dragoís. Congrats. Lots of good rooks this year too and without him, I would have had a real tough time picking as evidenced by all the runners up below.

Also receiving votes: Chris Glasser, Ragin Rondoís, Matt Dillon, Cleary Club, Greg Noel, Cha-Ching, Pat Lawson, Genzyme




East: Micah ìGeneralî Sherman, More Cowbell. Micah is an enormous presence on and off the court that you just simply cannot ignore. Game after game teams have to adjust their game plan to try and figure out just how to get easy buckets. And if you miss a shot, donít think about getting an offensive board b/c Micah is there as well.

Also receiving votes: ìThe Icemanî Jean Cadet, Wolverineís World




East: Tom ìBigshotî Biggins, Serenity Now. Now, I may be taking a little liberty with the MIP tag here as typically this award goes to someone who was an average player to an above average player. But this year, the winner goes to a guy who was already pretty good, went down a few seasons ago with an ankle injury, dropped some serious weight in the process, and is now playing some of his best ball of his CAC career. Yep, you know it just as well as I do, that man is Bigshot Biggins. Youíve seen him driving by you, knifing his way to the hoop with his dipsy do layups that make me think of my very own moves when I was playing. Congrats to Bigshot on a great season.

Also receiving votes: Bryan Kessel Kopter, Average Joeís, ìJean Claudeî Van Tran, Genzyme




East:  The Entire Team TRO. A great spirited team that featured everything that CAC was all about ñ some good hoops, some fun with people you know, good spirited competition, and never yelling at the ref. Well, that last one certainly isnít adhered to by everyone, but hey definitely did. They even had players on their own team heckling them from above on one night. A great group of guys and gals that we were very happy to have in these leagues. Hope to see them next season and good luck in the C league playoffs. Happy and healthy holidays.

Also receiving votes: The Entire Team Spade





 ìEFPGî Matty Oí, Genzyme ñ still everybodyís favorite point guard!

Chris Glasser, Ragin Rondos ñ a very tough guard than can shoot the lights out

ìThe Siberian Bullî Chris Roy, Big State ñ Our very own ROY

J-Loh, Average Joeís ñ M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P!

Micah ìGeneralî Sherman, More Cowbell ñ Dominating in the middle as always.



Tom ìBigshotî Biggins, Serenity Now ñ MIP and well earned.

J-Red Gustafson, Big State ñ An early season MVP candidate, steady all season long.

ìWeapon Xî Brian Greenburg, Cha-Ching ñ former MVP, slight drop-off in stats, mainly due to Noelís acquisition

Patrick ìSparklesî Spaeth, Average Joeís ñ Probably still hates that we call him Sparkles.

ìThe Icemanî Jean Cadet, Wolverineís World ñ Another stat filled season despite playing on one knee.



Ethan ìUsokî Chang, Stellum ñ A stellar season after a sub-par previous season (I am sure he blames Z)

Nick Votaw, TRO ñ under the radar all season, but a talented player for sure.

Chris Davis, BYO Booyeah ñ big, strong and an intense competitor.

ìMr. Fantasy Statî Fred Bermont, Serenity Now ñ tough call between him and Kneeland, but he had the better stats despite missing a few games. If you want, just fight it out amongst yourselves and let me know.

Matt Dillon, Cleary Club ñ Doesnít get the ball in the post nearly enough.

**Pre-emptive strike: Kneeland, Evans and Noel are clearly snubs here, but with all the solid players and every team needing to be represented, tough to get everyone in.



 ìJean Claudeî Van Tran, Genzyme ñ pesky that frustrates the sh*t out of opposing players.

Mike Kuzdeva, Cha-Ching ñ our very own perennial all defense team member.

Micah ìGeneralî Sherman, More Cowbell ñ Huge presence in the middle that cannot be ignored.

ìThe Icemanî Jean Cadet, Wolverineís World ñ Does it on both ends of the floor.

Jon Evans, Ragin Rondos ñ Late season surge, probably an all-star snub too!