B2 East Power Poll Rd 2

Here we go Again

And we’re back once again with the latest installment of the B2 East Power Poll. With this, unlike the rankings, I can give you my take on who’s really the best team in the league. And as usual, you’re not going to like what I have to say, but deal with it, I’m the damn author and editor of this post! Don’t like where your team is ranked? Hit up the message boards and let me hear it!

1. (0) N.W.O. (3-1) – I know you all think Iím crazy, and that the Joes should have taken their rightful place ahead of N.W.O. but deal with it. I like the size, rebounding, outside shooting and free bar tabs that N.W.O. puts out there Every. Single. Week. You really canít beat it, and with Lu coming along and learning the ways of Wall Ball Arena, these guys are definitely by ìNear MidSeasonî favorite.

2. (+3) Average Joes (4-0) – I want to put the Joes first, I really, really do. And I probably should, because they were the team to knock off N.W.O. last week, but their inconsistent play is just too much for me to get past right now. Plus, I donít give as much credit to the ìwell you beat them, so you should be ranked higherî theory. With just one or two different calls, N.W.O. is undisputed in first place. With Spaeth signed for the season, they definitely have the chance to be #1 at some point, but not yet. And now, weíve got ourselves a little debate raging, donít we?

3. (-1) Genzyme (4-0) – Man, you go 2-0 on the week to stay in a tie for first place, and yet you fall in the Power Poll? How is this possible? Itís possible because I say it is, plus itís Genzyme, so no one really likes them anyway. It will just give them more ìCAC hates Usî ammo to spray around. But with the injury to Matty O, and no one being 100% certain on when heíll be back, Genzyme is very, very vulnerable, despite recalling Van Tran from the NBDL.

4. (0) Cha-Ching (2-1) – Even without their Weapon X in the line-up for the first 3 games, Cha-Ching has defended their homecourt well and gotten a couple of tough wins. I like how the roster is put together, but theyíre really going to need Greenberg and Baum to both show if they want to make a run at the Dish.

5. (-2) Serenity Now (2-1) – These guys, and the two in front of them, are essentially occupying the same space in my brain. All 3 have injuries to key players that could ruin their entire season. Serenity Nowís might be the biggest because Big Shot is really the only guy you want handling the ball on this squad. What you think they want to let Lighthouse run the point, or the Good King?? Yea, riiiiiight.

6. (0) Radio Flyers (2-2) – I feel like thereís a slight divide between the top 5 and the bottom 6. And by slight divide, I mean one the size of the Grand Canyon. They didnít exactly wipe the floor with OIYF, winning a 26-24 ëthrillerí in OT, but they did beat them, only to get lapped by N.W.O. this past week. However when the season started, I didnít think the Flyers would ever get this high, so they must be doing something right. Or my thoughts are doing something wrong (probable).

7. (+2) Mine Oranges (1-3) ñ The first win of the season was huge, but can they build off it? Maybe I do buy into the ëbeating a team means ranked higherí theory afterall, as I have them just a spot ahead of Menacing Gesture, who theyíve taken out. If Ben Torbert can find his touch every week instead of every other, Mine Oranges has a chance to climb higher.

8. (+2) Menacing Gesture (1-2) – The first win tastes sweet, but now theyíve got to build on it. With the Power of the Wang (aka Mighty Mouse, aka The Sleeve) and his shiny kicks, theyíre bound to get better the more they play together. Itís helpful that the defense is intense (ignoring the N.W.O. game) and that they all play hard at that end of the floor. It will keep them in games. Seriously though, just give the kid with the shiney shoes the ball and let him do his thing!

9. (-1) Wolverine’s World (0-2) – You know what they say about moral victories, right? Theyíre still losses in the standings. Thatís how Wolverineís World has to be feeling after they coulda, shoulda, knocked off Genzyme this week. They didnít, and now they have to move on to next weekís matchup with Homeland Security looking for their first win. Youíll never guess who Iím going to favor in that game, are you??

10. (+1) Homeland Security (0-3) – They move up more through default than anything, but after a couple of close games, Homeland Security is right on the cusp of getting that all important first win. Their best chance is definitely next week, make it happen!

11. (-4) Off in Your Face (0-4) – As much as I obviously hate to do it, OIYF is the biggest dropper this time around after dropping their last two. Dropping a game to their rivals and then one at Morse is tough to swallow. Facing off against N.W.O. this week is torture. Will Rugga rally the troops? Can they pull it together and make a late season run??