B2 North 4v4 Winter 11 Awards

By: JTho

OK guys the season is over and I would like to tell you that its been fun and I hope I see all of you next season. Here are the Awards, I hope you all enjoy. I am sure no one will agree so have fun.

B2 North Awards

MVP: Jeff Mason, NUB- The MVP is the Most Valuable Player to his team, and that was Mason. I was trying to figure out how I could not give this award to Jeff. There is no way possible. He is almost averaging a triple double with 19.6 points, 9.8 rebounds, and 12.2 assists. He does everything for his team, the kid even plays defense averaging 3.3 steals a game. He is having a great season and deserves it. Good luck in the playoffs.
Runner-ups: Strange and Slack

RoY: Greg Cabral, Jack Em’- Yeah you guys can talk all the trash you want. Even if Greg was not on my team he would still be the RoY. Greg is averaging 18 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 7.7 assists. Greg has the ability to score on anyone at will. To me in my eyes no one had a better first season in the B2north then Greg this season.
Runner-ups: Jeff Hall and Jason Leonard

All Rookie team- This is for the first years who put together a solid season.
Greg Cabral, Jack Em’- RoY
Kyle Ginley, PYP- He can kill you with the 3 ball or going to the basket.
Jeff Hall, Off Jr.- He was an absolute beast all season. The record killed him.
Jason Leonard, Oxford- Probably one of the toughest match-ups.

OPoY: Nigel Slack, PYP- This was one of the toughest awards to give out with trying not to give more then one award to a player or give to many to one team. I think Nigel earned this award. Slack can just flat out score, Doesn’t pay to much attention to defense except for blocks. He is leading the league in scoring with 25.3 points per game and has couple 40 point games under his belt.
Runner-ups: Jeff Hall and Josh Barrett

All Chucker Team- This is probably my favorite Award. This is for the people that like to shoot, doesn’t necessarily mean it has to go in you get credit for just throwing them up.
Ryan Shea, PYP
Chris Iacoviello, Kitten Mittens
Joe Albert, Denzel Washington
John Thompson, Jack Em’

DPoY: Chris Cunningham, Off Jr.- The only people that will understand me giving this award to Cunny is if you are a semi-big man trying to score on him. He is a strong physical defender who doesn’t like being scored on. He is tough to post up and quick so hard to beat off the dribble. So with that being said he earned this award.
Runner-up: Josh Barrett

All Defensive Team:
Saul Jacobowitz, Alley-Whoops
Josh Barrett, Jack Em’
Geoff Ashton, NUB
Chris Cunningham, Off Jr.

GM of the Year: Brian Barrett, Jack Em’- Writing about my team/players so much is starting to annoy me, but how can you deny him this award. His team hold and 8-1 record winning by about 19 ppg. Brian set out on a mission to win the B2 this season and looks like he is on a good start.

Most Improved PoY: Matt Brierley, NUB- This was the easiest award to give. Matt went from 5 points 5 rebound to averaging 12 points and 8 rebounds. Nobody has had a bigger turnaround then Matt this season. I don’t know if it was from getting more minutes or if he went to a basketball camp over the break what ever it is keep it up.

5th Man of the Year: Brian Barrett, Jack Em’- Only 2 people really qualified for this award and it went down with who had the better numbers and a bigger impact on the game. In under 25 min a game Brian averaged about 12 points and 11 rebounds.

All-stars of the B2North

1st Team
Jeff Mason, NUB
Josh Barrett, Jack Em’
Geoff Ashton, Nub
Nigel Slack, PYP

[b]2nd Team
Greg Cabral, Jack Em’
Kyle Ginley, PYP
Mike Strange, Jack Em’
Jeff Hall, Off Jr.[/b]

Honorable Mention:
Ryan Shea, John Thompson, Chris Cunningham, and Keith Crean

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