B2 North Awards

By Matty Bells

There are a whole lot of them to post and write up, but we know you guys are eager to get a look. So I’m going to post them all here, one by one. Keep checking back for additional awards as the day progresses.

Most Valuable Player: Dave Keeney – BeaconTown Beavers

– 23.1 pts, 11.6 rebs, 2.1 assists, 1.0 stl, 1.8 blks
– League leader in player rating, both offense (Well, tied with Jeff Mason), AND defense

That’s right, two seasons in a row, although, he had much more competition this time.
You could make a strong case for plenty of guys this season (Mason, Sacks, Fredrickson, Barrett) but in the end, Keeney simply means more to his team than any other player in the B2North.
Just another dominant season for one of the most-skilled big men that you’ll find at the CAC. Dave controls the game on both ends of the court every week; he would outrun slower big men, outmuscle smaller defenders and outshoot anyone that decided to sag off of him. He is a PROBLEM!!
He’s extraordinarily consistent as well, which is probably why I failed to realize just how great of a season he was having until the final weeks.
He’ll be back next season, has anyone ever won three straight MVPs?

Honorable Mention: Jeff Mason, Brian Fredrickson, Colin Mahoney

B2North AllStars

First Team:

Jeff Mason – Ravishing Rick Rude
Joe Sacks – Beacontown Beavers
Colin Mahoney – Industrial Economics
Dave Keeney – Beacontown Beavers

Second Team:

Brian Fredrickson – Ravishing Rick Rude
John Herter – Industrial Economics
Brian Barrett – Super JaMario
Chris Coffey – Biddeford Tigers

Honorable Mention:

Joe Picardi – Biddeford Tigers
Jason Baklavas – Abusement Park
Brian Gelow – Abusement Park
Bobby Haas – Game Changers

B2North All-Defense

John Herter – Averaged 3.0 stls per game
John Ruppert – RRR fields a underrated group of defenders (Hi, Adams!). Ruppert is a nightmare for any offensive player.
Brian Barrett – Hands down, the best post-defender in the league.
Dave Keeney – League Leader in Defensive Player Rating, 19.72

Guys we considered: Rob Greenfield, Jason Baklavas, Jon Adams, Mikael Gentile

B2North All-Chuckers
These guys don’t just “like” chucking three-pointers….They LOVE It! (Disclaimer: You don’t necessarily have to “hit” your attempts to make this list. This team is for “chuckers”, and chuckers only. Want me to use the word in an sentence?

Player A“Yo man, you’ve missed your last 14 attempts. Maybe you should take a few steps in.”
John Thomp….err, I mean, Player B“Nah man, its all good. I’m just gonna chuck.”

Jason Heald – 28% (11-39) Actually rolled with a posse who’s sole purpose was to encourage further “chucking.”
Jeff Mason – 39% (21-54) Part of what makes Mason so dangerous. I’m almost positive Mason believes he’s never missed a shot in his entire life.
Tomas Alivez – 19% (6-31) Not only is Tomas a “Chucker”, but he does it with flair! Who says you’ve got to be facing the basket when you shoot?
Rodney Clifford – 30% (11-37) Chuckers generally have personality-disorders. For instance, someone who believes they are a three-point shooter when, in all reality, should be on the block. SHOOTAAAAAH!!

Rookie of the Season: Jeff Mason – Ravishing Rick Rude

Finally, an easy award to give out.

Jeff took the league by storm, bombing away from beyond the arch (2.3 per-game, 39%) and flashing some serious speed in the open floor. He’s a perfect fit for the run-and-gun RRR squad, Mason isn’t just a “bomber”, the guy nearly took over the league assist title (FROM ME) by the end of the year and has shown the ability to come up with timely steals when the game mattered most. (See: http://cacbasketball.com/ww_new.php?lea … 102&week=5)

Fredrickson and Jeff share a pretty special chemistry on the court, meaning teams aren’t allowed to just focus on one. This is just the opening show for Mason (and for RRR), they boys seem to be loving their first CAC-session, I’d expect plenty more seasons to come.

All Rookie Team

First Team:

Jeff Mason – Ravishing Rick Rude
Joe Picardi – Biddeford Tigers
Rob Greenfield – Super JaMario
Colin Mahoney – Industrial Economics

Second Team:

Mike Gentile – Industrial Economics
Jason Heald – The StepDads
Jon Adams – Ravishing Rick Rude
John Ruppert – Ravishing Rick Rude

All-SuperSub Team:

It’s tough to determine who the “FifthMan” of this league is, no one really has a solid starting rotation. Listed below are four guys that “generally” come off the bench and provide a spark in various ways. 

Justin Drechsler – Beacontown Beavers (There isn’t another player in the B2 who pulls off the blind-side steal better than Dre.)
Jon Adams – Ravishing Rick Rude (Probably the B2North’s unofficial “FifthMan” of the season…but he starts. If that makes sense.)
Mike Vasser – Biddeford Tigers (Quietly goes about his business, but is good for 3-4 hustle-plays every game)
Jonathan Hall – Game Changers (Might average 12+ rebounds a game if he played 40 minutes)

General Manager of the Season: Brian Fredrickson – Ravishing Rick Rude

Hey look, I got his name right!

Brian hangs out with some serious ballers. But being a great general manager requires a lot more than just assembling talent, everyone has to have a role and fill it accordingly.

Brian blended two superstars (Brian and Jeff) with some superior role-players (Adams, Imbriglio, Ritchie) and one extremely solid (despite being a little undersized) big man in John Ruppert…two months later, they’re the favorites to put up a banner in the B2. However, Brian may be feeling a little weary now-a-days. Someone told me a story (so forgive me if my details are screwed up), Brian captained a successful B2 team last season. They ran through the competition and got all the way to their league finals. There was one issue, though. His team had played all its games at a different gym (Morse?), and had to now adjust to the new court at the CAC.
…It didn’t go well. They lost. Brian attributed the loss to the court (I may have just made that up).

Doesn’t this seem familiar? hmmmmm? Good luck, Monday night!

Offensive Player of the Season: Jeff Mason – Ravishing Rick Rude

Player Rating: 53.65 (1st overall)
PPG: 21.9 (2nd overall)
3pt: 2.40 per game, 39%
Assists: 3.90 (2nd overall…I wonder who finished first?)

Without a doubt, the toughest award to hand out. Sooooo many great candidates; Sacks, Fredrickson, Keeney, John Thompson… 8) ). But in the end, the award goes to Jeff.

An explosive shooter with a flair for the dramatic, Mason impressed the socks off of everyone all season. While its true Mason’s success can be partly attributed to the team that surrounds him, the dangers he poses when the ball is in his hands is undeniable.

Helluva first session turned in by #3.

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