B2 South Regular Season Awards and Playoff Lines

Dirty Dirty B2 South Regular Season Awards and Week 1 Playoff Lines (Fall – 2010)


The B2 South Regular season is all over, so it gives me great honors to dish out some hardware in recognition of your men’s (and I use the term very loosely) recreational basketball league glory.

MVP – Jeff Fredriksen (Killer Tofu)– Young Money don’t bust back because he shoots first.  It was a tough decision, but in the end, JFred was the Dirty’s most valuable player for his versatility, ability to score at will, and because he autographed the FREDS CD that I purchased in October when I saw him and his brothers performing “3’s a Party” at the Cambridge Side Galleria.

Offensive Player of the Year – Pedro Jimenez (I’m Nasty)

Vote for Pedro was a beast, averaging 24 points on a very well balanced team.  Sure he yells every time he goes to the rack whether he gets hit or not, but I don’t want to watch someone drop 24 quiet points, I want action dammit.  With JFred taking home the MVP, this was a No-Brainer even for a “scarecrow” like myself.

Defensive Player of the Year – Sam the Butcher (6th Sense)

There was no one on the defensive end that was as tough to play against than Sam.  Sam is old school.  You give him 5 fouls, he’s going to use them all (and tell you he didnt use them or that it “wasnt a foul”).  He had the most emphatic blocks, was all over the defensive glass, and with Goldberg only being at 5 games, Sam was the clear cut winner. 

Rookie of the Year – Paul Prater (Celtic Cross)

The Prater Hater was lethal behind the 3pt line and showed tremendous versatility all season.  He was a playmaker on both sides of the floor.  Despite his week 9 implosion, Prater always commanded the attention from the other side’s best defender and was the only player who drew a “Triangle and 1” defense.  Prater’s first season in the B2 South was truly impressive.

GM of the Year – Bobby V (I’m Nasty) Recruiting the offensive player of the year onto the B2 South’s longest tenure team was a phenomenal move on the part of Bobby.  The man may not be smart, but he is a people person and is at least smart enough to know whose coattails (Glenn/Elvis) to ride to a #1 seed.  Good Game manager and a cornerstone to the B2 South.

 All CAC Team

1st – Jfred, Pedro, Prater, Shea $, BFred

2nd  Geoff, Bobby V, Jamie Flynn, Trup, Hammer

3rd – Pete Tha Carter, Rob Eckstut, Raf Rod, Sam the Butcher, Haas Saas

 All Defensive Team:

Adelino Gomes, Show Me Glenn, Rugga, Sam the Butcher, and McManus

 All CAC Glue Guys (the guys who keep a team together and people who I would have on my team any day of the week)

Raf Rod, Chris P, Elvis, Mike Fields, Alex Santiago

 Cmmmmmon Mannnnn:

 Rugga – Telling Bob the Ref to “Pull his head out of his ass”…CMonnnn Mannnn!

Dee Primetime Kuhn – Missing a wide open lay up because he wanted to put his hand behind his head to show off…Cmonnnnn Mannn!

The Celtic Cross – Fighting amongst each other each other before the Playoffs…Cmonnn Mannnnnn!

Ross Goldberg – Going to China during the season…Cmonnnn Mannnn!

I’m Nasty – Not doing my interview…Cmonnnnnn Mannnnnn!

Me – Fcukin’ up the Possession Count…Comonnnn Mannnnn!

All of You for yelling at Bob The Ref at any time this season – Cmmmmmmon Mannnnn, he’s only one mannnnnnn!

First Round Playoff Lines:

Denzel Washington v. Killer Tofu (-14)

Denzel…I like all you guys, but see you next season (I Hope!)…MVP, MVP, MVP.

Celtic Cross v. I Hate My Life (-1) Game of the Night

This one has upset written all over it.  Last week, neither team looked ready for playoffs.  Both had terrible loss, but IHML’s terrible loss was due to an off night, not to chemistry.  Thus, I will take chemistry over talent.  Cross, prove me wrong, IHML, prove me right and don’t blame Bob for anything…MAN UP.

Bobbohead Ballers v. Im Nasty (-5)

Bobbohead are playing some good basketball of late and match up very well with Nasty.  If there is such a thing as a scary 1-8 team, this is it.  If Nasty comes to play, they have the ability to make this a blow out, but just like the Celtics, they love to hit the snooze.

C4NT v. 6th Sense (-1)

I have to give the Sense the slight nod in this one.  Although Shea is the best player on the floor, Ross hasn’t played in a year (it seems).  Plus, there’s no telling how big of a toll chasing all that underage tail in southeast asia will take on Goldberg.  They will need him to match the Sense’s size.