B2 West 5v5 Awards Show

By Harry

MVP: Matty Bursten – 603: 
I think I might catch some flack for this one as people will say that Rupe was the most overwhelming player in this league and at times, he was. But Big Matty B was just an unstoppable force in this league all year long. He is definitely the reason that 603 has advanced to the finals of the division and has a shot at unification. From the rebounds to the blocks to the interior passing….this guys IQ was just through the roof. Not afraid to kick the ball when the double comes but also knows when to take his shots.

Runners up: Rupe, Toukan, Lopes. 

OPY: Tim Ruppert – SoR:
Rupe was the offensive leader for the best team in this league. This guy and Toukan could just flat out score at will. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen someone average even close to 30 a game in B2 5v5. Easily could have gotten the nod for MVP but when you look at what Bursten brings to the table in defensive department, I had to give him the edge. Just a pleasure to watch this guy go to work on the offensive end though. Beautiful shot/release, excellent touch around the basket. Just a great player.

Runner up: Shapiro, Lopes, Jackson

DPY (The Scott Mulholland Award): I. Toukan – JTTO
The Beast of the West. Just like Rupe and Bursten, I could have easily given him the nod for MVP as well. If you built a 10 foot brick wall in front of the basket, I don’t think it would have stopped him. Although, his offensive game was tight as hell, it would never have overshadowed his defense. By far the most athletic dude in the league on the defensive end. 2nd in Blocks, 2nd in rebounds and that doesn’t even begin to tell the tale of his on the ball D. Another guy who was just a great pleasure to watch this year.

Runner up: Boris, Loring, Bursten

ROY: Evan Loring – Mookie Blaylocks and PACMAN – DoR
I really wanted to give this award to someone who hadn’t played at the CAC at all before. So for all intensive purposes it was between these two squads (Minus L Jax). I just absolutely loved both of these guys games all year. Two complete beasts on the glass; I believe both had 20+ rebounding performances and just all around competitors. You know when you look at someone and you see that competitive fire in their eyes and both of these guys had it in spades.

All Defensive Team
I. Toukan, Bursten, Evan Loring, Cuccio, Spence

Most Improved: Brian Duhamel – 603
No one, and I mean no one, deserved this award as much as Duhamel. His numbers were up in a season where everyone else’s went down or stayed the same due to a higher level of comp. Lets face it, 603 and M1C combined for a 16-2 record a year ago in the West and this year they both dropped to a combined 8-10. The thing with Duhamel that really doesn’t tell the story, and this is always what I say: Its not necessarily what he did as much as it was how and when he did it. He definitely won 603 2 games (one playoff – one reg season) on a last second shot. Just nerves of steel on this kid. Hats off bro…Trust me when I say, your play did not go unnoticed.

Runner up: Jack Sheehan

GM of the Year: Kariuki Thande – SoR
Big surprise here right. This guy just put together an extremely well rounded squad even though they lacked a bit of height. Outside of pure production, the dynamic and chemistry on this squad was second to none. You have your facilitators in Lopes in Kari, Shooters in Belden and Tarek, and your centerpiece in Rupe. Just all the elements of a championship squad. This team really let their play do the talking on the court and characterized the term “UMBUTU”. All for one, one for all.

Runner up: Reggie Champagne – DoR: 
I wanted to write a little bit about Reggie here because the way Rege dealt with his team this year was truly selfless and it was definitely reflected in their record. It was very easy to see that this guy always put team first and I think he should definitely be recognized for that. He was a huge reason why DoR did as well as they did and it has nothing to do with his play on the court, although that was solid as well.

Tommy Award: Scott Gagnon – Mookie Blaylocks
Got to give Gags the award here as he was the absolute motor of the MB’s this season. The dude plays exactly like he looks; A bad ass dude that doesn’t give a f*ck about anything but winning games. This guy was one of the all around best players in the league and truly has no weak spots in his arsenal whatsoever. He shoots, he passes, he handles the rock, and you bet you’re a$$ that he’s the first guy in the room diving on the floor for a ball.

Runner up: Boris 

The Harry Smith Dead Eye Shooter Award: Dave Shapiro – JTTO
This is an award I created last season because I love love LOOOVE chucking 3’s. Shapiro was a bit slow out of the gate this season but boy did he turn it on from about week 3 on. Highlighting the run (and sealing this award over Fin and Tarak) was his week 7 performance against 603. I felt like Gus f*cking Johnson at the scorers table screaming out “Shapiro, from the parking lot!! GOT EM!” Absolutely one of the best shooting performances I have seen at the CAC aside from every time Tommy Kahana plays.

Runners up: Brendan Finley, Tarek Shalzy, 
All Stars:

1st Team:
C- Matt Bursten
PF – I. Toukan
SF – Dennis Lopes
SG – Tim Ruppert
SG/PG – Dave Shapiro

2nd Team
PF – Thomas Neufield
SF – Evan Loring
SG – Lewis Jackson
PG – John Murray

Honorable Mention:
Boris Perslovsky
Tarek Shalzy
Brian Cuccio
Rich Keefe
Scott Gagnon
Jessie Belden

Sorry, If I dropped out of sight towards the end this season. Im actually gearing up for a big move to Florida in a few weeks. So, like Lebron, I will be taking my talents to south beach next season. Great year and a pleasure to score your games fellas – I couldnt be happier that this was the last CAC league i would take on.

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