B2 Wild West Awards Show

BFab and Tibbs Go At It! As Usual

Tibbs: So these awards have been on the message boards for a week or so, but I thought I should post them on the main page of the website for those of you that haven’t signed up for the message boards.  If you haven’t, do it!! There’s tons of great additional info, banter and smack talk laid out for your amusement, it’s a shame to miss it.  So here are the B2 West Awards, and please note, despite GREAT temptations to, I didn’t alter the original text of this at all.  Jesus thought he had it bad for 40 days in the desert?? That was nothing compared to this.  I’m in Red, BFlab in black…

BFab: Better late then never B2 West Awards Show! This yearís show is sponsored by Sam Adams Winter Ale and every Cambridge eatery that does NOT serve food past 10pm. Why you ask? Cause that combo ñ Winter Ales and no food ñ forced me to hit ëoffí instead of snooze on the alarm at 430 in the morning and yup, I missed my direct flight to San Francisco. Just great.

The good news is that I have even more time to dedicate to the awards show as my flight time doubled due to having to fly through our nationís capital to head West. Always find a silver lining, right? Yeah ñ Iíll let my boss know I missed the entire first day of meetings to hang out with you fools online. Bet that goes over well ñ um, flight attendant ñ do you serve Sam Adams Winter Ale??

Last season, Tibbs and I performed the first-ever live-blog-chat back and forth for the Awards which resulted in a 17-page manifesto and had us travelling all over the East Coast. Now – this is pretty much my solo mission – so we are going nationwide with the show!! Tibbs will have his chance to chime in after each award is handed out – and maybe, just maybe his opinion will sway me to think otherwise. We each have to keep each other in check…just like the 12-pack Christmas present I bought him yet it came with 8 full bottles and four empty bottles. If I have to share  – he has to share and since Preston and I ran such a tight ship at the Morse – Tibbs shared his gift with Preston as well – not that he knew.

I crafted most of this (i.e. – I did all the work as usual) and then Tibbs’ ree-CAC-ulous commentary will be in red font:

If this Tibbs-BFab-Preston trio is in full force next season – I think P.Ray should have a say in these matters as well…why should we have an objective ref, right?? ON WITH THE SHOW!

No, we’ll get on with the Show when I say so…

Ok, go!

MVP – John Jackie Big Country JK Kelley – CAC N Ballers:

The man with more nicknames then Shaq, Shaq-Fu, The Big Aristotle, the GoaT, you get my drift, can add a second MVP trophy to his mantle. The big man made mince meat of the B2 West all season long just as he did last season. The back-to-back MVP almost pulled off the equivalent to baseballís triple crown by leading the league in scoring, assists, and rebounds.

There seems to be a pretty empty spot on Kelleyís mantle though. His team was surprised by Jamil Ballís squad last season enroute to Ballís first ever B2 League championship but Kelley and Company did not fall into that trap this season and dispatched the Running Rebels in the semifinals of the B2 West. Big Country has his team poised for an undefeated season with two games left to play. Can JK pull off the rare feat of running the table in the B2 Division before his move to B1 next season? Stay tunedÖ.

One would think with the addition of Anthony Herbert that the elder-statesmen of the CNB would lose touches to the former U-Mass Lowell standout ñ but Kelley proved he can work in the paint against and with anyone. MVP in a landslide

No surprise that I agree with BFlab for this one. I swear, if he had put Carrot Hop in the tip of his MVP ballot I would have shredded up this entire thing and just posted my own (eventually). Thanks for not driving me crazy, this time..

The only teams to give CNB a run for their money in their impressive 11-game winning streak were Genzyme and The Tribe. So there is no mistake the runner-ups for the coveted award comes from these two teams.

Pat Lawson has been an A-level player since the day he stepped on the court. Well according to Mr. Know-It-All, Jason Tibbetts. Iíve had the pleasure (not a joke) of playing with Lawson (who is a joke!) and while NOW he has to be considered a B1-A2 type player ñ Iíve also watched him struggle in past seasoní at higher levels of play. I also like to downplay the talents of guys on my own team so ñ 1, I can still play with them in B2 competition and 2, I can maintain and sustain my No.1 Sandbagger title year-in-and-year-out Wink But this season ñ there is no hiding Carrot Hop as his game improved ten-fold and he gets big props for being the MVP of the 18-man roster I currently manage Wink

YES WE MCCANN is a distant third to be honest but has to get a mention as The Tribe were a totally different team without him. He made Broadway Joe better, he made Nicky Sooooozzzzzz-aaaaa a household name. No plainer proof can be set by looking at Souzaís stats this season in the two leagues he plays in. Somehow Souza plays better in B2 then he does in C League action. B2 has better competition, no? Itís cause the cast around him ñ i.e. McCann ñ makes him much better and thatís what an MVP (or runner up) does for a team.

BFab you like the smilies way too much. Youíre not flirting with 100 Proof Juice when you write these things, youíre pandering to the dozens of GUYS that play in our leagues. Man, I thought you wrote for the Globe? That looks way too blog-ish (did I just make up a word?) and unprofessional. For those interested, my Runner Up Ballot looks like this: Big Ant, Lawson, and Jamil.

Runners Up: Pat Lawson, Genzyme; Anthony Herbert, CNB; Mike McCann, Tribe.

Rookie of the Year ñ Anthony Herbert ñ CAC N Ballers:

Herbert was volatile, punchy, and downright nasty on the court. Thatís exactly what this team and this league needed. We have a lot of teams that are friendly on and off the court but every drama needs a villain, no? Herbert was a distant 2nd to Kelley on the player rater scale but just the tattoos and shiny bald head struck fear into his opponents and probably Tibbs as well as he seemed to do better stat wise with Sir Pasty entering the stats!

Hereís a hint BFab, he did better b/c Wall Ball is a smaller court, and he wasnít sucking wind after the first 5 minutes of the game. Well, yes he was, but he had a much shorter distance to travel before chucking a 3. My stats never lie, how dare you question my integrity (that can only be altered by beer)!

But then he showed up with a tan in the middle of the winter and the rough exterior was stripped down by one Dan Tyburski in one ìTale Of The Tapeî segment that everyone loved ñ including Herbert.

I was looking forward to one if I threw down against FHF tonight, but Alas, Genzyme couldnít handle their ish in A2Ö

Donít let the tough exterior fool you as Big Ant is as jovial as the rest of the league ñ off the court. He can take a joke better then most in the league without a doubt – but once he laces them up ñ watch out ñ heís out to get a title ñ and maybe a little blood along the way – for Big Countryís mantle.

We get it, heís a tough guy with a soft marshmallow interiorÖ

Did you just call Big Ant a marshmellow?? YIKES.

This was extremely tough as a butt load (thatís what she said?) of teams featured rookies this season and while one would assume an ex-D3 player (Herbert) would runaway with such a trophy in B2 West ñ we had some exciting players throughout the league this season as well.

McCann surely comes to mind and another Genzyme-ite would have won this award if not for the CAC N Ballers. Brad Mulholland ñ even with being called Mike Canova or whatever that crazy stat guy with the red hair comes up with ñ was a pleasant surprise in the sea of emails I get from hoopster-wannabes. Mulholland meshed right away and gave the Evil Empire some size along with some three-point shooting to go along with Nate Dogg and Lawsonís slashing attack. Mulholland was in the top five player raters for most of the season, so it should not be a surprise to see the 8-2 Genzyme squad get a mention again.

Usually I go with Tibbsí ìspread the loveî theory and if that was the case ñ the Philly Phanatic, Feliciano (no last name needed) would have to get the nod. ìSpread the Loveî is basically not allowing a team to monopolize the awards and if the voting is close ñ you should thank a team without an award yet ñ but when you go 9-0 on the season and then quickly 2-0 in the playoffs ñ itís tough not to monopolize since Herbert and Kelley have been doing it all season long. The nice part is Herbert is a ìtrueî rookie ñ much like the runner-ups as well ñ not some retread from the A2 league trying to fill his trophy caseÖyeah, you know who you areÖ

Sorry I stopped reading after you mentioned you were getting to the runner ups, but based on whatís below, we agree again!! (although Iíd switch the order of Feliciano and BMul, no need for Zyme to think theyíre all that!!)

Runners Up: Brad Mulholland ñ Genzyme; Feliciano – Running Rebels; Mike McCann ñ The Tribe.

Are we done yet? No? damnÖ.

Defensive ìPlayerî of the Year ñ John Exantus ñ The Outcome:

Even my man the X-Factor will agree ñ this is more of a team award as The Outcome outplays every team with heart and hustle every possession on the floor. ì40 minutes of hellî should be the name of this team as Gavin, Zack, and the fellas proved that great defense does overcome good offense (see Pat Pidgeons).

Listen, I love me some good defense as much as the next guy, and love me some X-Factor as well, but DPoY?? This is an award that would have fit Mulholland, or Zambardino, or Columbo a whole lot better! I think youíre letting the playoff games factor into your awards, but Iíll read on and see if itís justified!

But there is not a team in the league that plays defense better then The Outcome and with the X-Factor being the defacto captain in charge of this ship ñ he gets the hardware ñ cause it all starts with his leadership up top. This award had NOTHING to do with his generosity of moving the second round playoff game so I could get my team of ìex-NBA Hall-of-Famersî as Exantus so aptly put to the gym for the B2 semifinals. Absolutely nothing. Good luck on Wednesday fellas ñ hopefully the Sam Adams Winter Ales taste just as good in defeat Wink

This is the best you could come up with?? Really?? Thatís your defense. Youíre picking a ëteamí and then just going with itís captain!?!?! Thatís Teeeeerrrrrrrible!!! Who do you think you are?!@ You were doing so, so well!! Mulholland averages 1.7 steals and 1.3 blocks, guards players of every size and shape without complaining, and you completely stiff him?? Columbo comes flying out of nowhere every single play to make help side stops, take charges and pick more pockets than an 8 year old in the 1850s, and gets no love?? Damn man, you were doing so, so well, have I mentioned that??

This is Jamil Ballís trophy ever year it seems ñ but King Sandbagger seemed to fade a little this season. Too much offense when in the game and not enough PT to be merited ìa stopperî. This award should go past the stats cause Jamil sure can fill up my paper with stats ñ but no one wins with stats. Almost a sixth man this season. I expect more out of Jamil as it is no fun hating on a guy when he becomes more of a team player.

I think the CAC N Ballers are fine with the two top awards ñ but it canít go unmentioned that the team as a whole held other teams to under 60 a game while scoring 75. Not an easy feat in the run and gun world of the CAC. Hats off to JK and Jordan Knight as well.

Terrible, absolutely terrible. Iím furious and refuse to agree with anything you say for the rest of the awardsÖ

Runners Up: Tim Read Alynlium; Big Country ñ CAC N Ballers; Jamil Ball ñ Running Rebels; Joe Randall ñ CAC N Ballers.; Jess Colombo ñ Patís Pidgeons.

**UPDATE – Ok, OK – we get it Tibbets. Since I have the final say (haha – I’m the one posting this…Mulholland gets the Defensive Player of the Year while the Outcome gets Defensive Team of the Year. I can’t take gold away from my boys?! I just didn’t want to show bias. If Tibbs can actually see from so far away – and he is the one keeping score for all the Genzyme games – and he says Mulholland is the pick then “Darb” is the pick.

Offensive POY – Feliciano ñ Running Rebels ñ Iím not sure if I like this award as I stole it this season from another awards show. I did not hand it out last season ñ but I first thought ìthe more awards the betterî ñ but now I think this looks like either an MVP-Lite award or even worse ñ a ìIím real good on one end of the floorî award. Like this should be named the Terry Henderson Award or something.

Anyway ñ Jamilís lucky rookie find was outstanding when he was allowed to run the show. Filly could drop 30 on any team ñ including the CAC N Ballers ñ as there is not a guard in the gym that can hang with him. A few more picks and a few more passes his way may have helped the Rebels along the way as Filly showed in Round 1 of the playoffs against The Tribe.

Wrong again!! Youíve got the right team, but the wrong player!! Adam Woo from the Rebels SHOULD be the offensive player of the year. Especially because you donít have a ë5th maní award, this is Wooís. Jamil, for some explicable reason, brings Woo off the bench for the entire season, despite the fact that heís putting up 14 ppg in just 25 minutes of action. Feliciano is a man with some serious skillz, and gets his, no doubt, but my man Wooooooo, he does it all. Tossing in the 3 ball, some really, really shifty moves and finishes off the glass better than anyone in the entire league. You were so close BFab, you were even in the right yard, but the wrong dog house. My Runners Up: Feliciano, Big Ant, and Lawson.

Runners Up ñ Broadway Joe Andrade ñ The Tribe; Kip Cross ñ Drago; Pat Lawson ñ Genzyme.

**UPDATE – Sorry Sir Pasty – the decision is final on this one. Woo barely played except for the playoffs. Was in house for like six games and never started (hence the reason the Rebels GM – whomever that sandy is – does NOT get the GM Award as Woo should of been playing more. Guy is a stud. I did forget 5th man award – and I have NO PROB BOB handing it to Woo.

GM ñ CAC N Ballers (Ken Vandervoot) ñ While I would LOVE to insert a rotund round-mound-of-reboundís name here ñ I just canít do it cause Iíve yet to ever pull off the undefeated season ñ never mind the unbeaten regular season. The CNB still has a chance to put their stamp on being only one of a handful of teams to go the distance without a loss and that my friends, is the definition of running a successful team.

DAMN IT!! I said I DIDNíT want to agree with you anymore. No, you know what, I donít agree with you, Iím nominating the X-Factor for coming in cold turkey and putting together the Outcome and having them compete week in and week out with the best the West could throw at them. There, and obviously Chet (Ken) is my runner upÖ

The B2 West is no bunch of slouches either. The Tribe, Genzyme (B2 East), and Patís Pidgeons are all former champions in their own right ñ so to still have a shot at the crown AND go unbeaten doing itÖ.GM of the Year without a doubt.

Mentions for X-Factor as well as he moved from the B1 perch and put together an entire group of ìrookiesî ñ he works with all of em ñ and was able to lie in the weeds all season and then whack the Pidgeons straight outta the playoffs. **(I guess Tibbs forgot to read I give X-Factor the respect right here…this does not work unless you read everything…)

And man ñ he knows I hate to give him any credit ñ but if not for the unbeaten CNB squad ñ Jamil Ball would be holding the shiny sneaker this season. He took a team to the B Championship game ñ beating my own team out of the East to get the banner last season ñ and then went 4-0 to start this season. I had the engraved plaque all ready to go, but in fighting, a disdain for defense from most players, and a collapse at the end of the season other then a surprising win over the Tribe in the first round took Jamil out of the running. Tale of two seasons basically all in one set of 10 games.

If you ever watched wrestling in the late 80s and 90s ñ there was a fella that would bend his arm and slap his own back after a nice move or two. Picture me doing that right this very second on a plane full of curious onlookers.

You blabber on and on and on and yet you donít say a damn thing. You done yet?? We get it, you like Jamil, you are grooming him to be your sandbagging replacement. Really, you can drop it!

Runners Up: John Exantus ñ The Outcome; Jamil Ball ñ Running Rebels; ME ñ Genzyme.

Most Improved ñ Mike Gerrity – Genzyme:

I failed to name a most improved this season in the C League Awards and thatís my bad. JBerr should have picked it up but who knows what was in her hand at the time.

FINALLY ñ Genzyme gets to hold some post-season gold before the end of the Awards Show **(written prior to Mulholland’s new DPoY title belt).

Mike is the CACís very own ìFive Hard Foulsî or ìPurple Pretendoî on the message boards but there was no pretending for FHF this season. While this is a B2 Award and I might be slightly jaded as his teammate ñ FHF filled in nicely in A2 when my season was falling apart and settled into a nice starting role this season in B2 West.

Damn you again. Iíve got to agree with you here, I love the work that Gerrity has put it. Heís still doling out the hard fouls, but is starting to find his offensive game at Wall Ball, and if youíre driving to the lane against him, you better know what youíre doing, or else heís sending that weak ish all the way down to Morse. Yea thatís right, itís a far walk to go get that ball, so donít even think about it!

Mike played in B2 East last season so Iím not sure how the qualifications for ìrookieî stands or Mike would have gotten a mention in that category as well. Mike tries to hang with me with the pen in B1 Thursday nights ñ seriously even the vet Tibbetts is out manned with the pen and paper in this circle of jerks (um, really? I know you are all happy to be a part of the Genzyme crew, but even FHF for all his sick sense of humor, would think that this is going to far!!) – but he is surely starting to open some eyes on the court with his wingspan, hustle, ridiculous hairdo, and zest for everything CAC.

Coming up just short was Tim Walling for the Pidgeons as TW (need a nickname here fellas) was outstanding in spurts. Thatís what She Said!! Yes! Score! While the addition or re-addition of Kevin Cole and Jess Colombo was seen mostly as a positive ñ it actually limited Wallingís game to sixth-man role. So one night he would drop 20 on 4-of-6 shooting beyond the arc and the next night it would be five points and two assists. Too inconsistent. Last but not least ñ Gape Kaplan Porter gets a tip of the cap for running Team Plyometrics. Porter can nail the open jumper and fine Alosco, McNabb, and Cross in a sea of big B2 West bodies but the inconsistency of the teamís roster hurt his candidacy. Team Pilates never knew what 4-or-5 guys were showing up to play. So the chemistry was lost in the shuffle. I know Drago is already re-tooling and hereís to Porter grabbing some gold next season.

Runners Up: Tim Walling ñ Patís Pidgeons; Gabe Porter ñ Drago.

**Tibbs had nothing to say here so I guess we’re ok here too? You agree too much to make this any fun.

Unlike other scribes ñ I treat the All-CAC teams with the same respect any team does in filling out a roster. Just cause the big men dominated this season does not mean the 1st team All-CAC should be four players over the size of 6í5íí. You need playmakers, you need defense, you need the total package to show up on these lists. The individual hardware is for just that ñ the individual. The ìteamsî are those who fit under that moniker ìteamî. Let the debate begin about if the 1st team All-CAC could beat the 2nd team ñ and vice versa.

SO – keeping score at home:

MVP – Kelley
ROY – Herbert
Defensive Player of the Year – Mulholland
Defensive Team of Year – The Outcome
Offensive Player of the Year – Feliciano
5th Man Award – Adam Woo
Most Improved – Mike Gerrity
GM of the Year – Ken Vandevoort

All-Defensive Team :

Johnny Kelley ñ Big Country keeps raking in the praise and the awards. Good luck in B1 ñ B2 hates you.

Tim Read, Alynlium ñ Tibbsí binky gets his due. Guys get off of Tibbs bandwagon ASAP. Itís hurting you and you donít even know it.

John Exantus ñ Leader of the Defensive Team of the Year can be added to his ever-growing list of nicknames. Save me one of those Winter Ales…actually ñ Iím swearing them off ñ they got me travelling 11 hours in the air. Busch Bar bottles will never taste so good again.

Jamil Ball ñ Any season heís in B2 ñ heíll show up here. Might have the career steals belt as well as 12 consecutive seasons as the steal leader. Hide your lunch around JB.

Runners Up ñ Joe Randall ñ CAC N Ballers; Jess Colombo – Pidgoens; Chris Von Seggren ñ Patís Pidgeons; Dave ìRainbow Warriorî Scott ñ Washington Generals; Zack ñ big man from Outcome.

Seriously dude, how do you have ëRunners Upí to the all defensive team, either they made it or they didnít! You donít have runners up for these. Man who taught you how to hand out awards? Certainly not I! By the way, your picks are just terrrrrrrible. Iíll give you Kelley and Jamil, but as discussed in the DPoY discussion, Iím vetoing Exantus. Mulholland, the TRUE defensive player of the Year, and Columbo round out my squad. Howís that for bailing on Alnylium?? You like that donít you. I was first off that sinking ship. But anyway, yea, Darb(whatever numbers he uses on the boards) is the DPoY, and on this team. Your picks have just been terrible. You are way, way off your game.

** – You said it Tibbetts – I like it alot. I like that Alynlium will final live up to their potential since you’ve release the vice grip of all of your unawesomeness and it allows them to play without your voodoo tricks.

So final All-Defensive Team:

Exantus (loses defensive PoY but not his spot here..)

All-CAC 1st Team:

Johnny Kelley – CNB ñ every team starts with Big Country. Period. Think he canít hold his own in B1? Think again.

No one has EVER said he wonít be just fine in the B1 EastÖ.especially me

Anthony Herbert ñ CNB ñ not too difficult a selection when the guy wins rookie of the year and plays on an undefeated squad, no?

Pat Lawson ñ Genzyme ñ runner up to the MVP this season ñ next season? I predict that Tibbs will ban him playing in every league other then A2 even though Genzyme currently does not have an A2 team.

Mike McCann ñ The Tribe ñ I know first hand that the Tribe will be back and hopefully Joe can convince this standout rookie to join the fun for a second season.

Meeeh, your other 3 were OK, Iíll let this pick slide, although Killer Ken should be given this spot permanently as a ëlifetime achievementí award until he slips, which he hasnít, he just let the rest of his guys get more involved this season.

**Unsure of your non-man love for McCann. When the guy was there – the Tribe could play with anyone – just ask H&K Gun Show.

All-CAC 2nd Team:

Ken Abrahamsen ñ Pidgeons ñ Only guy to give Big Country a run for his money in the paint. Must be the Larry Bird shorts. *(see Tibbs – I did not forget Killer Ken – but already had two bigs on 1st team).

Iíd switch McCann and Ken, but I already made that argument.

Brad Mullholland ñ Genzyme ñ how bout the defense on Big Ant in the last game of the regular season? Mulholland did a fine job against the Rookie of the Year until some foul trouble down the stretch.

Jesus man! You just made half of Bradís case for DPoY right here!! ARG you frustrate the ish out of me!!! (This is wear he belongs)- ** We agree?

Tim Read ñ Alynlium ñ Other then Tibbs ruining their season with bandwagon jumping and predictions ñ Read manned the middle as good as anyone in the league. Get this guy some help! Just not from the balcony.

I donít think that Baby Face would argue that Chris Dubois from Alnylium actually had a better season than him and deserves this spot. It was the rare offseason for Read, heíll be back with a VENGENCE in the Winter. Theyíll be holding down the 5:30 Genzyme spot now that youíre vacating to the East.

**Fair enough – you know these guys best – so Read OUT – Dubois IN.

Jamil Ball ñ Running Rebels – true point guard, true sandbagger, true steals king. Nothing would make him happier then another run at the C League.

All-CAC 3rd team:

Zack Kenton ñ The Outcome ñ see? I stick to my word and while I handed X-Factor the defensive award for his team ñ I shockingly kept him away from the All-CAC Teams! His running mate fits the bill as the big man so Zack gets the nod over Exantus for Team 3.

You are so irratic I canít stand it any more, Iím just going to agree with the rest of your picks so we can get this thing posted (about time you recognized Colombo!!)

Jess Colombo ñ Pidgeons ñ no truer sense of his worth was when he missed the first round loss to The Outcome. Colombo would have shut down Extanus offensively and his team suffered without ìOld Manî Colombo. Only guy I saw all season that bottled up Jamil Ball – tough as nails.

Feliciano – Running Rebels ñ not a complete player yet ñ allows himself to get lost when his playmakers turn selfish. Demand the rock Filly!

Kip Cross ñ Drago ñ In post season discussions ñ the rumor mill has Cross hanging them up for a final time. The league would miss Kip Criss Cross but Drago will miss his 20 points a game much more.