Blast From the Past

and a lot of rambling

So I’m sitting by myself in my cube on Friday afternoon, itching to leave at 3 PM since Josh left 5 minutes earlier, when who should into my cube on Friday afternoon, but Joel Cuadrado. He a CACer from back in the day (guh, 2006 is officially ‘back in the day’ in terms of CAC basketball, 12-15 seasons ago) and hasn’t been seen around these parts since late 2007. He’s one of those guys who I figured not to see, like ever, again.

I hardly recognized him, it didn’t dawn on me until after he left my ‘office’ who he was.  My short-term memory absolutely blows.  He was around long enough ago to be one of the few guys (now) to have a picture in his player profile. To call him the AI of the B leagues might be an insult to his game.  Joel is 7th all time in B1 PR, 1st in ppg and averaged 43 points in his last season at CAC.

He was mostly looking for info on the expanded 5v5 leagues (hey, anyone need a guy?).  Back when he played, we had just 1 5v5 league, so it’s understandable that he’d want to try his hand on the real court now a days, with so many leagues to choose from. I tried to get him to jump on the co-ed Free agent team on Tuesday nights but he was having none of that.

Rumor has it he left us to play for the Puerto Rican Jr National team, again, none of this registered until after he left. This led me to think of an inspired blog entry post about people I haven’t seen in forever.  Instead I decided to just leave work nearly two hours early.  While I was leaving the gym I had a different idea, and this tends to happen with ideas of mine, they evolve way past whatever they started as and never become a completed thing.  Also, if I don’t type or write or record an idea as soon as it pops into my head, I’ll never remember it (again, damn short term memory).  This led me to type a brief blog entry up on my blackberry as I was walking to the T.  You can see how quickly I follow through with these things.

Anyway, I hate my blackberry, so of course, as I’m on my way to Mikes (yes I checked in and Serge was jealous), it froze.  Now if you’ve listened to anything I’ve had to say over the last 4 months, you’ll know how much I detest my latest technological texting device.

Aside: Let’s be real, it’s not a cell phone for me, I hate talking on the phone, you all know that. Just send me a text and I promise to get right back to you from now on, really, I will. Just don’t call and leave a message, you might as well send an email at that point.  Shoot me a text, keep it under 160 characters (telling me who you are) and I’ll get back to you. Scouts honor.

Back to hating blackberrys and how often they freeze, don’t charge or the scroll pad and cursor go heywire.  F them. I can’t wait for the iPhone 5 (note: I now know it’s only the ‘4S’) and I’m so excited to make Josh pay for it too.

It wasn’t really unexpected that it froze as I was typing this up. It wouldn’t power down or restart, so I did the only thing I’ve ever known how to do with electronics, I took out the battery and blew on the phone.  This stems, of course, from growing up playing Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Anytime a game didn’t work, you had to take out the cartridge and blow on it to ‘get the dust out’.  Come all, all you 80s babies know what I’m talking about!

I have been doing this, ineffectively, in perpetuity to every electronic device I’ve owned since 1993.  Hell, I upgraded to PlayStation in high school and would take the cd out of the bin and blow into the console in hopes that it would fix whatever problem it had reading the disc.

I was not, and am not, a particularly bright human being.

So of course that had no effect on my phone but did have an effect on my brain.  Flashbacks to navigating the Cavern of Earth in Final Fantasy, and strings of 20 + character saves for Faxanadu (yea, letters, numbers, and caps all came flooding back) while inhaling M&Ms by the bag full.  What, I was skinny, empty calories didn’t mean anything back then.  Anyway, the images were just overwheling. I had to stop my train of thought as the theme music for that fantastic game played in my head.  Good luck getting this out of your head the rest of the day

I clearly do not love the game as much as that guy.  I’m not even in the same league.  Anyway, I pushed all these thoughts away while I drank large draft beers and inhalded delicious, delicious slices of pepperoni and bacon pizza.

But on my way home, with my phone finally working I jotted down the notes I thought I remembered, big beers adle the memory too, and was overcome with a feeling that I didn’t expect. Maybe it’s because my 10 year high school reunion is coming up on October 15th (also the date of the Co-Ed 2v2 Tournament – CAC Plug!) or because I’m a sap, but that feeling, it was nostalgia! I wished for simpler times, riding my bike home from school (not getting sideswipped trying to cross 4 lanes of city traffic) and mostly for times when I could just come home and play video games all day.  Where did all that time go? Do I even really care that much?

All I know is that I cannot tell you how pumped I am for Skyrim on November 11th.  That should ebb the flow of these yearnings for the ‘good old days’. They’re gone, and I can only create new memories going forward.  Look out couch, we have a date on the 11th. I’m going be eating an entire bag of M&Ms too.