C 5v5 Fall 2011 Final Awards/Playoff First Round Lines

By BRoach

Hi everyone,

I just want to first say how great of a season this was and I will miss doing stats for this league next session. It was a great pleasure.

Jeff Mason: Mason had the second best player rating, but his ability at the point guaard position helped his team win a lot of their games. He finished with 7.25 assists per game, which was almost four total assists above anyone else in the league. He also was fifth in the league with 15 points per game.

Offensive Player of the Year
John Tenney averaged 20.33 points per game and 14 rebounds per game this session and was just a beast on the offensive end.

Defensive Player of the Year
Stefan Cosmas averaged 1 steal, 1.4 blocks, and 12 defensive rebounds each game.

First Team
John Tenney-Prestige Worldwide
Jeff Mason-NUB
Stefan Cosmas- Beacontown Beavers
Leng Tang- Steamboats
Justin Kirkpatrick- The Little Tickets

Second Team
Kevin Spades- NUB
Jim Farrell- Prestige Worldwide
Jason Chan- The Little Tickets
Martin Yuan- Steamboats
Shobin Uralil- Bricklayers

Playoffs Lines
6:00 p.m.- Steamboats vs NUB (-4.5)
NUB and Steamboats faced off twice in the regular season and NUB won both contests. This will be a close game, but Jeff Mason will lead NUB to the Chamionship game.

7:00 p.m.- Prestige Worldwide vs QPR (+5.5)
Prestige Worldwide won by double digits in the only meeting between these teams. I expect a close game, but Prestige Worldwide should get into the final game of the season.

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