C League “Awards Show”

For those who didn’t catch it on the message boards…

Jillian was kind enough to break away from stalking former A League players over the age of 40 and grace us with some scintillating commentary. I pretty much drew up my version of the awards and then let Jillian pontificate, rant and rave, and decimate me all in a few short sentences. Jillian likes it short and sweet….just ask Cheney (see below):

I took some liberties with some commentary edit work and hopefully you all enjoy Awards Night JBerr and BFab style:

BFab: This seasonís awards show is a little tougher as I was unable to get to the Kennedy School to view Archemix or even my own team, Genzyme as the Gang Green features four or five rookies Iíve never seen play. With both of those teams under .500 ñ it is safe to say neither really has a top-notch MVP candidate at least.

JBerr – I can verify that in fact, the Kennedy School, despite its sultry and entertaining scorestress & the ever dynamic Wolvaref, did not breed a C league MVP. For once we are in accordÖstranger things have happenedÖ ie: Red Sox gameÖ.

Bfab – “Wolvaref? Is he aware of this cuddly nickname? Gross. And for those who are unaware – Jillian “sold her soul” once to me – so she’s not going to disagree on this MVP:

MVP ñ William ìThe Riverî Hudson, Thing Magic: Make no mistake about it ñ I am unimpressed with the antics in gameís the Thing Magic squad has locked up ñ like alley oops, or behind the back passes, attempted dunks ñ almost mocking other teams. I mean if you are able to cock the ball back and throw down ñ the C League ainít for you

JBerr – On the other hand I am ALL ABOUT these antics!! The C-league needs a show-boater, something to wake me up on the sidelines and/or prevent me from undressing Wolverine with my eyes & pay attention to the game. For this reason alone I think Will Hudson deserves this one hands down; and he should be proud of his dunking abilities and flaunt that ‘ish. Not to mention, Thing Magic couldnít have achieved what they did without himÖthey just might have a chance in the play-offs.

BFab – we agreed it was NOT a date and now an MVP is an MVP. Are we playing nice already? I guess if you look at it as ìfunî ñ the Magic squad sure knows how to do that. It all starts and finishes with Hudson. If Hudson was not a part of this team ñ the No. 4 seed would not be. The mark of an MVP is making his teammates better and turning it on when the game is close. Hudson is third in offensive player rater and No.1 top dawg on the defensive end. Hudson edged a few top candidates that are now eligible for Rookie of the Year as well as the veteran Broadway Joe. Joe and Hudson face off tonight and maybe Andrade has a few tricks left up his sleeve to prove me wrong.

Runners Up: John Carolan XJV, Joe Andrade ñ Bad Boys, Jesse LaFlamme ñ Sizzler.

Rookie of the Year ñ John ìChristmasî Carolan, XJV ñ We should just give this to the entire Sizzler squad as they dominated the regular season as a team (see below) ñ but thatís the key word ñ as a team. No one really stood out amongst the Sizzler except the growth of Uncle Jesse as the regular season progressed in the paint. Jesse was an after thought in the first few games of the season but once Sizzler was able to utilize the big manís defensive skills in the paint ñ it opened up the run-n-gun-n-fun for the Sizzler.

But Christmas Carolan narrowly edges LaFlamme as he seems to be the key cog for any long run for the XJV squad. I think Sizzler could compensate for the loss of Uncle Jesse a little more then XJV can fill the Christmas void. This was painstakingly obvious last week in Sizzlerís win over XJV as Carolan was absent. The absence may have cost him the MVP hardware as MVPs canít leave their team high and dry with the top seed on the line?? Or is that ok if you are going to a Red Sox game, Jillian?

Runners Up: Jesse LaFlamme, Sizzler; Hao Mei ñ Commitment; Mike Jones – Archemix

Defensive ìPlayerî of the Year – We Goiní To Sizzler ñ Ok ñ Iím cheating a little hereÖ.while this is supposed to be an individual award ñ what I saw last week put things over the top. Sweet Lou, Shapiro, and Uncle Jesse are all in the Top 15 for the Defensive Player Rater and instead of handing this award to Hudson ñ Iíll spread the wealth and then some. Hudson is by far the most complete player on the board ñ hence the MVP award and I bet The River is just fine with thatÖ

The Sizzler held a Carolan-less XJV squad to less then 40 points and other then Jerome Laymanís hot hand from beyond the arc ñ Iíd bet XJV shot less then 20% on the night. And itís not like XJV canít score ñ it was the stifling defense and the three different hockey lines that Sizzler can run out there anytime.

By default ñ since he is the tallest in the league ñ Iíll hand the award to Uncle Jesse personally and he can hold it up like a bag of cookies and let the rest of his squad try and jump and get a hand on it. LaFlamme is by far the best of the bunch with his shot blocking prowess.

The ultimate compliment to a team is to reward the entire team ñ I canít thing of a better way then naming the entire team as Defensive Award winners. ìDefense Wins Championshipsî is the overplayed clichÈ ñ but the Sizzler is proving the statementís worth on the court in quiet

JBerr – Uhhh Mikkeeee Jonessss Mike JooooonesÖIím lookin for a diiime thatís top-a tha liiiine. Sorry, once again I got a lil carried away, but how can you not recognize this manís defensive prowess. The dude swats more balls thenÖwell, for once Iím gonna leave that one alone. Letís just say heís the last line & foundation of the Archemix D. Not in his house!!! It helps too, that I see the Mix every week, lucky meeee Wink

BFab – I don’t like giving Tibbetts credit for anything but his “spreading the love” for the awards night makes sense. Jones gets PLENTY of love as a first team All-CAC-er…now, see – you made me blow an award before the end of the story…wait…I’m supposed to make you blow but my game passed me by…f that – I never had a game!

Runners Up: Mike Jones, Archemix; William Hudson, Steve DiSimone ñ Structure Tone; Tom Becker – XJV

Offensive POY – Broadway Joe Andrade ñ I should be handing Joe a lifetime achievement award or something cause this kat surely deserves a spot in the CAC Hall of Fame once Josh builds it with all the new space he has going on over there. Joe can fill it up with the best of them and while he has turned in some streaky performances this year ñ heís all about jacking the three-bee and when they are falling ñ the Bad Boys can hang with anyone. If heís off ñ he looks to Souza to fill the void but even Nicky would admit the straw that stirs the drink is JoeJoe Andrade.

**Shockingly, JBerr decided not to comment here as she is blushed with the thought of JoeJoe filling it up.

JBerr: I love BJ, I have nothing else to say on this matter.

Runners Up ñ Gary Fan ñ Commitment; William Hudson ñ Thing Magic; Mike Shapiro ñ Sizzler.

GM of the Year ñ Mike Shapiro, We Goin To Sizzler ñ Iíd like someone to argue this one. Other then a Week One loss to XJV as they were just getting their feet wet with the CAC style of ball ñ Sizzler has dominated the field the rest of the way as a rookie squad. They took a page from last yearís champs ñ the Canal Park Posse (formerly Monitor) and took the league by storm as rookies and never looked back.

It is tough enough to put together a team with veterans of the CAC ñ just ask Tibbs as he has failed to win other then once about 15 seasons ago and he supposedly knows everyone that walks through the hallowed halls of the CAC. While Iíve been known to take liberties in forming my squads from time to time ñ itís not easy to run through a division especially with 8-to-10 unknowns and make it work. Hats off to the Sizzler regardless of the playoff outcome. They deserve this award and took in runaway fashion.

XJV prevailed without Rob Taylor-Made and found a solid replacement in John Carolan and Genzymeís first dip into the five-on-five waters while losing the Rookie of the Year, Dave Bierut and C League MVP Nate Bachtell in consecutive seasons deserves a tip oí the cap as well but each respective GM is a distant second and third…

JBerr – In case JBerrís humble opinion counts, I would have tossed this one to XJV. Tibbs makes a ìclerical errorî putting Sizzler in this league to begin with and suddenly GET THESE GUYS AN AWARD?! WTF? Ha, no discredit to Sizzler’s abilities on the court of course, but talk about sandbaggersóof all people BFlab, I fig. youíd be the last to award the ìtalentî of playing against lower caliber opponents. Oh wait who am I kidding…that’s your M.O.!!!

On the other hand, look @ what XJV has done with itself, youíve got another Layman brother in tow, the RoY, and of course the ever-challenging ability to bring back the regular talents ie: Ottery, Bungee, Quail Man & JLay. Gimme a breakÖthese guys have totally evolved since I saw them 2-3 seasons ago and they deserve some goddammed recognition.

ìDistantî my hot ass.

BFab – see… I can be reasonable and XJV knows I’m pulling for them as they respresent the “old guard” if there is such a thing in the C League. Tibbs made a clerical error?? Now there is a headline. JBerr – are you telling me that Sizzler has joined the Pantheon of Sandbaggers by playing in the C League only due to Tibbetts lack of administration skills?? Well then – I’m never one to award Tibbetts with anything – so the GM of the Year is none other then Doug Bisson – XJV for finding Carolan to replace Taylor, convincing the older LayMan to come out of retirement, and getting his team the No. 2 seed behind a bunch of Tibbetts-created sandbaggers.

Distant Runners Up: Mike Shapiro ñ Sizzler; Pradeep Mammen – Genzyme

All-Defensive Team:

Hudson ñ Big props for The River as MVP and 1st team All-defensive
Jesse LaFlamme ñ big man really came into his own down the stretch. If similar numbers were put up all season ñ Uncle Jesse could be knocking on Hudsonís MVP or Carolanís ROY door.
Tom Becker ñ Slight blip on the screen in the battle of the big men with LaFlamme last week but I have a feeling Becker will get another shot at LaFlamme. The series is tied 1-1 ñ Beckerís hoping for a winner-take-all defensive lockdown.
Steve DiSimone – I gave a lot of love to the big guys this season and I just needed another reason to say Di-Si-MONEY!
Mike Shapiro ñ Gotta have two guys from the Defensive Team of the Year, right? Narrowly edges out Sweet Lew and Bugbee (I gotcha back Bugs) from XJV

JBerr – HelllloooooÖonce again, Mike Jones?!?!

Bfab – Seriously – should this Mike Jones guy get mentioned in every paragraph? is there something else here, Hot Ass? Jones played for a team that won two games. Maybe your best friend that “sold her soul” for a free cab ride and dinner would have helped his cause down the stretch…

Runners Up ñ John Paige ñ Thing Magic; Matt Lewandowski ñ Sizzler; Pat Bugbee ñ XJV; Mike Jones ñ Archemix.

Sixth Man Award: Jerome Layman – XJV: – Now this is a guy who can start for any other team in the league. He even defers to his older brother’s PT from time to time and is a selfless gunslinger like no other. When XJV needed a boost without Carolan last week – it was JLay with 4-of-5 from downtown.

I personally had the pleasure to play against him a few seasons back and JBerr must of had the pleasure to play with him so I doubt she will disagree with this fine selection. Like wine – JLay just gets better with age especially with allowing the entire roster to get valuable PT usually at his expense. It does not go unnoticed.

JBerr – I neither admit nor deny any accounts of fondling that have happened in the C-League. I get the job done and do my best to keep the masses pleased and salivating for more.

But of course, JLay knows how to lay the smack down. In fact I distinctly remember him splooging all over G’Zyme a few weeks ago. He’s the kinda guy that is consistant throughout the season and will give you a few out of this world performances just when needed…hmm sounds a bit like me, on the court of course. Off the court’s a whole nother story…

Bfab – I beg to differ with the off-the-court prowess…

Runners Up – James Marakian – eScription; Allen Chen – Commitment; Dave Cote – Sizzler

All-CAC 1st Team:

Hudson – Thing Magic – moving to B2 next year and he still may be in a league of his own
Carolan ñ XJV ñ Rookie of the Year ñ 1st Team All-CAC ñ next award? Championship title?
Jones ñ Archemix ñ Tough rookie season for Jones who could have used some help from a former C League MVP runner-up (Gripp). Not sure what happened there but Jones didnít let it bother his stat sheet or never let Jillian’s love “jones” affect him either.
LaFlamme ñ Sizzler ñ Yup. For a guy who looked like he couldnít get out of his own way in Game 1 ñ a HUGE turnaround for the big fella. Major cog to Sizzlerís surprise run to the top of the standings.
Broadway Joe Andrade – Bad Boys ñ Old hat for Broadway Joe as he loves to fill up the rim with the best of them. Joe and Hudson in the backcourt would be a C League nightmare for everyone.

All-CAC 2nd Team:

Matt Lewandowski ñ Sizzler ñ this time Leeewwwwwwww gets the nod over Shapiro as Lewís all-around game and unselfish play with the rock gets him a second team mention.
Marc Freebie Frail ñ eScription ñ one of the bright spots for eScription even though he canít hit a freebie if I paid him to. Just kiddingÖall in good fun.
Todd Richardson ñ Genzyme ñ another rook who found his way as the season progressed. Problem was finding TRich for more points with the ever-fluctuating roster for the former champs.
Tom Becker ñ XJV ñ easy big man selection in a slew of guards and chuckers.
Hao Mei ñ Commitment ñ slasher that benefits quite a bit from the unselfish play of Gary Fan and Allen Chen. With Chen and Fan dishing and hitting and yelling OUTLET all game long ñ Mei has made a name for himself quite quickly.

All-CAC 3rd team:

Mike Shapiro ñ Sizzler ñ Sweet Lew can claim victory on the All-CAC team ñ but Shapiro has one more award ñ All-Defensive. Let the squabbles begin ñ well, at least the rest of the C League is hoping for in-team dissension.
Steve DiSimone – Structure Tone ñ big man proved he can hit from beyond the arc as well and can be a major force next year with a another big man to battle the boards with.
Mfonso Esenyie ñ eScription ñ assist leader for some of the season and will need to find Frail and Marakian early and often to compete tonight. Defensive effort or lack thereof keeps him off second team mentions.
Gary Fan ñ Commitment ñ this might be perceived as a slight for the leader of the Commitment band but Fan has to agree ñ his offense was off this year and despite leading the league in assists for the second straight year ñ Commitment needs more out of the former 1st team All-CAC selection.
James Porter ñ Genzyme ñ Porter is by far a 1st team selection in any year ñ even in most leagues ñ but an injury sidelined him for the first four games and itís been a slow go for Porter and Genzyme in the 5-on-5 format. Look for more out of Porter next season.

JBerr – If I was given the opportunity to give out 1 award to a player that absolutely stole my heart all season with his tremendous ìunder the radarî play it would go to none other than #55 Chris Cheney of G-Unit. Pint-sized, but deadly, this kid plays waaaay out of his game grabbing rebounds over players a foot taller than him (first time shame on himÖ), diving after loose balls in the corner, creating seamless transition plays and just being one of those self-less, always hustling, give it your all players. Unlike every other man in my life, Cheney never letís me down.

Bfab – Does the Genzyme love connection continue? Any mention of an award for my fellow co-workers is always welcomed. Last year I had the All BFab Team. This year – we make it the JBerr “I Heart You” award and the first-ever winner is Chris Cheney – Genzyme

PS – You know you had a good time at the Sox game – dont deny it – those four f’n hot dogs told me you were fine…

JBerr -Like I said, stranger things have happened. I had a hot doggin’ good time @ the game, who knew the Sox combined all the beer & hot dogs I wanted would lead to me having a good time. Some say it’s not what you’re doing but who you’re with that really matters. I say…it’s not who you’re with, but how much you can get who your with to pay for that really matters Wink

Please pick up your complimentary dart-board emblazoned with a picture of Wolverine – a holiday party ëmust haveí – @ the CAC front desk at your convenience.