C League Final Observations

Cuz it’s about time I showed some love to the 5v5

Exclusively holding down the 4v4 at C.A.C. this season didn’t allow me to catch any of the 5v5 action for any of our leagues, so I’m making it a point to get to as many of the 5v5 Finals as I can this season.  I’ll only miss one (the B 5v5 Finals that pits ODB against the Corp for the second straight season, since, you know, I have my own Final to lose.  I don’t remember the last time I was able to sit back and take in some action without sitting behind the scoreboard/clock, so at least I can be productive while doing this, right?  Hell I don’t have to do a write-up so at least I can provide my thoughts, I  want to give all our leagues a whole lot of love, and based on the past couple seasons, 5v5 is the place to be!


As such, I’ll be taking notes throughout the Finals and humorlessly posting them for all to see.  I couldn’t let Jberr have the last say about the C season can I?


First shock of the night, seeing so many guys on the floor and thinking, damn that’s not a lot of playing time for anyone. Then being reminded that it’s 5v5.  I’m an idiot, and fully accept/realize this.  Now if everyone else just wouldn’t expect so much of me, we’d all be on the same page.


I love the pre-game huddle and chants: ìSizzler!î and ìHustle!î Have really gotten my blood pumping for this one.  All indications point to a hell of an amusing pre-game montage for both squads in the Finals Video.  As usual, huge shout out to the Hitman for recording these, then editing them down so that they’re watchable.  I love the highlight reels, but they need more blocks!! Take it from a guy who can’t score in the playoffs and only contributions comes from the defensive end, where there are monster blocks, we want to see it in the video!


Both teams have brought a number of fans, so the atmosphere should be electric.  And the official crowd of 17 is announced but of course the game was reported as Sold-Out.  CAC will do anything to make sure a game’s not blacked out in the local market.  See what we do for all you guys?


Please explain to me how Bfab can have a half an hour between the end of his game and the start of this one and still be 15 minutes late.  Has this been going on all season? Why hasn’t anyone told me!  I hate being out of the loop, and apparently my sources have all dried up.  And how does an elementary school not have wireless internet access?  No looking up random facts and google images during this one, your loss.


I ended up having to score the first five minutes of the game.  Can a guy catch a break?  Man, that dude on Sizzler is HUGE.  Who let this team in the league?  They’re going to put up a fight in the B 5v5 next season and surprise a few teams mark it down now B Fab.  LeFlamme just wrecklessly tossed aside an XJVer who tried to drive on him.  That better make the highlight reel!!


The signs of life from XJV are promising.  This is a team with a whole lot of playoff and championship experience.  This is there fourth finals appearance in five seasons (one win so far), they’re not going to go down without a fight.


21-9 at the half?  Come on now boys, you’ve got more than that to give!  I want highlights and entertainment, ohs and ahs from the crowd, step it up over the last 20!


Another monster block, that’s three, three blocks I expect to see in the video ah-ah-ah!! For those that don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Seasame Street and counting numbers.  That must be why I take stats, why didn’t my high school guidance counselor point that out to me? Would have saved a fortune on school loans.


Last season, when I still covered the C league, it was the upstart new guys from Monitor (Canal Park Posse) that took the title and it looks like the new kids on the block are going to take it away from XJV this season as well.


Another benefit of doing this? I get to look over Bfab’s shoulder, I love intimidating my scorekeepers with my presence, throwing them off balance and adding a little pressure to their reDONKulously easy jobs.  It’s good to get to put some faces to the new guy’s names that I’ve read about all season long.  And yes, despite being out of the loop I’ve been keeping up to date on all that goes on within C.A.C.’s leagues.  I read all about you and keep up on the boards, I wouldn’t be able to pull off my best David Stern impression otherwise.


Time for me to hand out some championship shirts, shake a few hands, kiss a few babies and have Bfab take the MVP pic and put a close on the Fall 08 C 5v5 Season.  Great work by everybody, including all those that I didn’t get to see, and we can’t wait to have you all back in the Winter 09 season!