C-Town 5 on 5 East Preview

Thatís right sports fans, its that time of the year where the best of CACís best leave the cozy  claustrophobic confines of the CAC cage and tear it up at the Boys & Girls Club AKA the major leagues.  It seems like every season the 5 on 5 gets better and better and this season is no different.  In all honestly I can conceivably see any one of these eight teams hoisting the belt at the end of the season, but more accurately we all know in every fight there has to be a favorite and an underdog so good luck to everyone.


1.  Eat it To Beat It ñ As Rick Flair always says, ìTo be the man, you got to beat the man.î  Right now, Eat It is the defending champ and has given me no reason at all not to think they can repeat.  They have a lethal one-two punch with the Nark and the Pistol, all their big men can play D and rebound, and the Samman could be the most under-rated point guard in the league.  The Eat It boys are going to have to deal with the Golden Belt sized bullzeye that is tramp-stamped on their lower backs and every team in the league will be eye F*Cking  their crown.  Beware of the tramp stamp boys because it attracts the worst type from every angle trying to get a piece of you and from a predatorís POV I know first hand.


2.  3E ñ The whole crew will be looking to avenge their disappointing playoff loss last season when they appeared to be the hands down favorite to run away with the belt.  This team is built like Tibbsí liver:  No matter what you throw at it, nothing seems to slow it down.  They play the game by making fewer mistakes than their opponents and can make adjustments like a Cannon sponsored Bellicheck team.


3.  Stackpole (but only on paper) ñ Will their stars shed the ball and chains?  Will everyone show up?  Can the MixTape be right about the Chiseís injury status (prob not but I needed something else to ask).  This team is flat out tough to beat.  I would compare them to Clubber Lang:  Great power and size (Reilly & Chise), great style and control (Skerry), but are their own worst enemy (Mike D and attendance).  However, if they get gold star attendance, this is a team that will be difficult to beat.


4.  Big CAC ñ The best team name belongs to those witty bastards from the CAC cage.  Where do I begin with these fellas?  First off, they acquired the Tom Coughlin of GMís, OD, who is a great pick up on any team because of his size, rebounding and D but how will this affect the teamís leadership?  Who will be calling the shots?  We all know OD likes to play Alpha Male, but what will his role be?  GPís wheels look pretty healthy after playing some pick up with him over the weekend, but it is a statistically proven fact, the first season you play after either marriage or having a kid, youíre player rater dips by 10 points.  I guess that is why they picked up Point Guard phenom Todd Billet who is my front runner for ROY.


5.  C-Town ñ   Nick Smith is back, which is good news for any team, but they lose Hugh Coleman, the catalyst of last years offense.  However, it might not even matter because all these guys shoot like they have been taking their vitamin HGH.  Their shooting will get some some Ws, but against the big teams that will be quick enough to stick them man to man, look for them to struggle.  The reigning MVP, Derek Gallagher, ICU and J-Gall will have to be consistent all year from the floor and The Reihl Deihl will have to step it up a notch if these boys want to represent their home turf.


6.  FDH ñ Greg Lacasse may very well be the best player in the league, but had some attendance problems last season.  Was it just a summer time fluke, just like the time I lost my V card?  (She was really drunk and thought I was Frankie Muniz)  Or will he be a scarce resource, just like my current status with the opposite sex?  (Sahara like famine)  They had a great supporting cast last season with Sugar Shayne, Bobby Kelly, Craig Griffin and Matty Schoenerís great shooting, but can they put it all together?


7.  The Big Nice ñ.The Ed Fizzle Brigadeís only off-season acquisition wasÖme?  Thatís right, if they didnít have enough guards under six feet tall now their quota should be full.  With the depth and size of the guards in this league, Weíre going to have to get a lot of rebounding and Mazz, CPW and Google can bang with the best of them.  D-Mac and Fizzle will have to be lights out, while Google will have to be their MVP and defend each opposing teamís big man.


8.  Oktoberfest ñ Having drank with Trevor and the MixTape, I would rank this team number 1 in BAC but number 8 in the CAC 5 on 5 East.  Turin has a better chance of becoming the Commish of the More Taste League than winning the belt.  There is a lot of talent on this squad donít get me wrong, but I donít see a point guard (maybe one of the guys I donít know, im sure the Mixtape will let us know on the boards after he sees where I put him), and Sean Walsh gets called for fouls every time he breaths so he wont be too much help on the bench.  However, I do see plenty of great shooters and Supe/Walsh will be tough on the inside, but their lack of depth could hurt them.  That being said, this team is far from a push over.  Look for them to finish with about 3-4 wins.