CAC Basketball Hall of Fame – The 4th Class

As you’ve probably seen plastered on the CAC home page, going up on the message boards and on twitter/facebook, the 4th Class of the CAC Basketball Hall of Fame has FINALLY been announced. Two months after voting closed we’ve collected some stories, some pics and some stats of all the great players, staffers and captains that have been voted in by previous Hall of Fame entrants.

Voting for this round was preposterous. For the first time ever there wasn’t a unanimous selection and the Macho Man was the leading vote getter with just over 75% of HoFers voting for him. This was also the tightest vote ever with many notable CACers falling a single vote short of entry. That’d be Matt Kaplan, Shane O’Donnell, Callie Durbrow and Basil Wajd. They are the odds on favorites to be the leading vote getters for the 5th Class of the Hall announced in 2015!

But this is about those guys that got into the Hall in this round. We have some legit All-CAC caliber players in Al Smoth, TMac and Google. The B Leagues are repped well in this one as Bermont and the Jet round out the Kool Aid contingent that will one day place every single one of their players in the Hall.

The CAC Basketball staff is represented by two giants in the game. Brian Fabry and Matty Bells. Both guys go above and beyond in bringing you CAC coverage. Whether or not you were a fan of the Evil Empire, you couldn’t help but be amazed at home much time and effort BFab put into his league coverage. Mr Nice Guy, meanwhile, continues to pump the tires on all you has-beens, never-weres and cant-do-it-anymores with a passion for the game that’s simply contagious.

Go read all the rest of the bios, check out the stats, marvel at all the titles amassed in one place !

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