CAC Couples 2v2 Quarterfinals!!

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It’s time for round two in the CAC Couples 2v2 Tournament and the stakes have already gone up.  Teams that make it to the McCall and Wright bracket finals…the final 4 If you will…receive a free copy of Sean O’Callahan’s 3 volume DVD set: Living and Loving:  O’Cal’s 10 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Happy And Healthy.  The set has a retail value of $59.99and four lucky couples are going to get it for free!!  I don’t want to give too much away, but among the valuable pointers in these educational videos are how to break the news to your partner if something starts to itch, and lies you can tell your mate to make them feel good about themselves!  Believe me, he’s heard them all.

In the Quincy McCall bracket, the four remaining teams are EJ & Harvey, all set to play The Boozers.  And the winner of that will meet the winner of Monroe and Laura vs Terry and LJ.  In the Monica Wright bracket, possibly the best game of the round will be Nate Dogg and Alleigh vs Team Hamstring, Celli & Sara.  The winner of that will face either Tibbs & Gripp or Sharkey and Mo.

Onto the action…

GAME ONE – EJ & Harvey vs the Boozers:  For the second game in a row, Harvey blew the rock, paper scissors game for ball, so Danielle and Boozer earned possession and took advantage.  As you can imagine, with EJ being a point guard and Danielle being a post player, there were some serious match up issues, and the Boozers were all over it.  Daniellequickly made the first three buckets of the game with some slick post moves.

If you learned anything from watching these four go head to head in co-ed last week, you would know that Boozer LOVES hitting 3s in Harvey’s grill!  Boozer hit one with Harvey’s hand right in face, and then stepped back and launched from 25 feet to make it 7-0!

Finally EJ & Harvey switched, and suddenly Boozer went cold.  No Harvey D = no buckets apparently.  Finally with possession, EJ slashed and dished…7-1.  Next possession she connected from downtown…7-3.

The comeback had been sparked, but Boozer worked his way into the post on EJ and kept him and Danielle in front 11-7before EJ and Harvey tried a 1-1 zone!!  Harvey went back to the bread and butter and hit a couple of turnarounds and EJhit a midrange to make it 11-10. 

The next play that happened, happens AT LEAST one time EVERY time the Weapons of Mass Seduction plays Above The Rim Jobs in the Co-ed East division.  EJ gets the ball from Harvey, drives the lane, splits the defense, jump stop, up fake, under, off the glass and in.  “TRAVEL!!!”  yells Danielle.  Frankly, at this point I don’t know if it’s a travel.  Danielle insists that it is everytime it happens, and EJ insists that it isn’t…all I know is that I have NEVER disagreed with Bob the Ref and in this hypothetical tournament, he didn’t call travel…tie game.

With the Boozers rattled, EJ hit a three, and Harvey caught a nice back door feed for a layup and a 14-11 lead.  Danielle in a last ditch effort hit a 17 footer, but Boozer’s game tying three clanged off the back rim.  Harvey grabbed the board, kicked to EJ for the clear, she gave it right back, and Harvey put it in for the 15-12 win!!


GAME TWO – Terry & LJ vs Laura & Boy Wonder:  There aren’t a lot of guys playing in the CAC, nevermind just this tournament, who can match up well with Terry in a 2v2…but he found his match in Matt Monroe.  Unfortunately for Laura, she got matched up against one of the best female players in the tournament in LJ,…so for once, the plan was to go AWAY from Terry.

Well, the plan was working…sort of like a football team that wants to run the ball and keep Tom Brady off the field, Terry and LJ did their best to keep Monroe out of the game.  Early on LJ hit a few baskets and forced Monroe to double in the post.  As you can imagine, this led to some easy basket for Terry.  Down 12-6, Monroe and Laura weren’t going to give up.

With BFab and JZuk wearing Boy Wonder T-shirts and chanting Monroe’e name for the sidelines, he willed his way to the bucket for back to back hoops, and when the double team came he kicked it out to Laura who hit a 2!  12-10 Terry and LJstill led, and that’s where the comeback effort came to a halt.  LJ scored the last three points, for the DVD set!  They would meet EJ & Harvey in the Quincy McCall bracket finals.

GAME THREE – Celli & Sara vs. Nate Dogg & Alleigh:  This would be an intriguing matchup…Nate Dogg & Alleigh had the height, but make no mistake, Celli and Sara are VERY comfortable on the block.  The one thing Celli had no defense for isNate’s fall-away.  If that was working, it would be a long day for Dave.  The teams traded buckets early onto a 5-5 score. Sara went to her up and under as she tried to push Alleigh around, and it got her a few points, but Nate quickly caught on to the trickery and swatted away one of Doherty’s shots with some help defense.  Alleigh chased down the rebound and made a 2 for the 7-5 lead.

The good news for Alleigh and Nate is that we’ve learned in the Co-ed West league that she makes all her buckets off of his passes, so with nobody else to pass to her, she should do well.  Nate checked the ball and dished as Alleigh knocked down another one.  A frustrated Celli went to the black wife beater, so you knew it was getting serious.  He stole an pass toNate in the post, cleared and made a flailing acrobatic layup.  On the next possession it was right back to Sara in the post, but with Nate bearing down, she kicked to Dave for another layup.

Celli & Sara eventually took a 10-9 lead, but Nate and Alleigh would fight back.  Alleigh stripped the ball from Sara and used a pick from Nate to knock down a game tying jumper, and that’s when Nate got the fade-away working.  Knocked one down from 12 feet…11-10…hit another from 16 feet…12-10.  From 18 feet?!…NO!  Short on the jumper, rebounded bySara.

In round one, it was a late 5 hour energy that fueled Dave and Sara to victory.  This time, it was their desire…their desire to win those DVDs!  Dave and Sara moved in together this month.  A truly big step for the couple, and disc two has an entire section on learning to tolerate one another once the excitement of moving in together vanishes and you realize that you can’t stand each other.

Sara tied the game with a two!  Celli hit her in the post as she backed down Alleigh.  Her shot attempt missed, but withNate going for the block, Celli swooped in with the follow and gave them a 13-12 lead.  Celli tried a give and go, but Sara’spass went through his fingers and out of bounds back to Nate and Alleigh.  Unphased by the pressure, Alleigh drilled another two!  Game point!  14-13!! 

Alleigh and Nate took the ball out for the win.  She tried the lob pass into the high post, but Celli got a piece of it.  The two swatted at the ball and knocked it out of bounds…Bob the Ref blew the whistle and ran to the sideline.  You could almost SEE the wheel turning in his head.

“Who’s ball is it??”  Shouted Celli.

To which Bob the Red responded, “I don’t know!!!”  Not like this ever ACTUALLY HAPPENED in a co-ed game before, right??

Jump ball!  Nate and Alleigh had it first, so Celli and Sara get the luck of the call!  Celli stepped up to hit a BIG three and give them the 15-14 lead, but they had to win by 2!  The teams traded a couple of misses before Sara had the ball with a chance for the win.  Dave set a screen and Nate and Alleigh switched.  With the size mismatch underneath, you would think she would have hit Celli in the post.  Nope…suddenly Sara pulled out some And1 mix tape moves I’ve never seen before out of her and this is what happened…

Sara takes it to the rack.  Her and Celli get the DVD’s and win it 16-14.

GAME FOUR – Tibbs & Gripp vs Mo & Sharkey:  I’ve only gotten to see Mo and Sharkey play a couple of times, and so far it has been impressive, but they went to head to head with Tibbs on Monday night (minus the wife).  It was a good battle, and I suppose you can attribute some of Tibbs success to foul trouble on Sharkey, but he did very well, working spin moves and fades.

All in all these two seem to match up well.  Early on though, Sharkey got it going from distance.  He hit a couple twos and hit Mo for a layup to build a 5-2 lead.  Tibbs went to the lefty power move and had a couple of kick outs to Caitlin for her patented one armed…I don’t even know what to call it.  It’s kinda like a jump hook…but she takes it from 18 feet away…and it always seems to go in!  She had the shot going, but Mo and Sharkey always had an answer.  They held onto a 9-6 lead, before Tibbs hit a two pointer to really get the rally going.

An 8-0 run would make it 14-9 as Tibbs and Caitlin had the ball looking for the win.  Tibbs was feeling it, so he called for the ball in the post.  He made two power dribbles, hard move left, upfake, put up a shot with a lot of contact and missed.

WHERES THE FOUL, BOB?!?!” shouted Tibbs.  It was déjà vu all over again.  Tibbs kicked the wall and may have busted a toe.  With the big guy hobbled, Sharkey and Mo fought back with four quick points to climb within one, but as usualCaitlin bailed out Tibbs, blocking Mo’s shot to tie, clearing it herself and draining one of those running one handed shots that always seems to find net.  Tibbs & Gripp pull away with the win.  The only casualties were Tibbs toe and his pride.

Onto the final four!!  Wait and see who goes to the championship next week…EJ vs LJ…WOMS vs Shirt Before The Shirt…the storylines are endless!!