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A Prelude to League Night Out

Originally Posted 2011-02-28 BFab’s Neely Fundraiser This is only my second blog, but I imagine this will be one of my toughest to write.  I say that for a couple of reasons.  BFab tasked me with recapping the events of the Cam Neely fundraiser/going away party Friday night at Tommy Doyles.  The reason it will […]

Luck of the Draw 2-v-2 Tournament at the CAC!

Originally Posted 2011-02-24 Ok people – this is the last straw… How about attending an event for what we were all brought here for in the first place? HOOPS! Introducing the First Annual (hopefully) Big & Small ~ Luck of the Draw Tournament to benefit the Cam Neely Foundation.  I want to drive people to the Message Boards (click that […]

Thanks to the CAC

This weekend, I popped my fundraising cherry and you CACers did not disappoint, except the B2 South, whose league I run and bend over backwards for.  One way street!!!  You guys didnt even fake it for me you self centered, pro-cancer dueshes!  Ok, that’s a tad harsh on my boys from the Dirty, Dirty, but in […]

Calling all CACers

I know most of you use the Corner solely to kill brain cells, but I need you to lend me your ear for a serious matter.  There is no punch line coming so I apologize in advance.  November 20, 2010, I am putting together a 3 v. 3 Basketball Tournament and after party for a […]