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B2 5v5 Combined Rankings – Week 3 Fall 13

All right people, week 3 is in the books across all leagues, so it’s time for an updated Combined Rankings of hte B2 5v5! To check out the original rankings, head here They were pretty bad, as I was uninformed about a number of new teams/players/rosters. As usual, if you’re gambling on my preseason prognostications […]

Co-ed 2v2 Tournament Results!

Originally Posted 2011-10-16 Becky & Reddick Steal The Show…But J-Stock & Me Weren’t Impres Three months after an enormously successful 2 on 2 co-ed tournament in the summer we decided to do it again this weekend and we got off to a rough start.  The original intent was to go double elimination with 16 teams, […]

Co-Ed Uni Wrap

You know why I’m going to start off with the obligatory, “I’m doing this in case PMills doesn’t give you a write-up” joke that has become so popular over the last couple weeks within the Co-Ed ranks.  But seriously, if PMills doesn’t give you a write-up, at least you have this. I was as disappointed […]

At Long Last: Hypothetical Co-ed Finals and REAL 2v2 Tourney Write Up!

Originally Posted 2011-07-22 With a little League Night Out mixed in I know, I’ve been a horrible slacker.  I got lazy on your guys.  I came up with a good idea of the hypothetical CAC couples tournament, gave you a taste and didn’t see it through.  Well I’m here to rectify that with the finals […]

Sitting Diary

Are you tired of reading meandering and mildly offensive write-ups? Do they always leave you wanting more from your CAC experience? Well how about a 4 hour sitting diary of Wednesday’s CAC Coed Naked 5 on 5 League from a CAC Hall of Famer? Plus,  I can guarantee it is written drug-free. Sure I may […]

More Hall of Fame Goodness

Because you can never have too man CAC-aholics By now you have probably started to take notice of the new front page.  Let’s hope you clicked on that before making your way over to my inconsequential blog.  Anyway, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is the Inaugural Class of the C.A.C. Hall of Fame.  The Class of 2010 […]

4v4 All Star Game Recaps

Because you all want to know your stats I was surprised and delighted at how well All-Star week turned out at C.A.C.  So I provided everyone with their stats and a blurb about the game.  Yea, that’s more write-ups, for me, but you all can’t get enough, so I better keep delivering.  I mentioned it […]