Charlestown 5v5 West Playoff Preview

Lighting the League on Fire

Every team gets a shot to take the Charlestown 5v5 Belt, and it all starts tonight with playoff action in the West Coast League.  Whichever team comes out of the West will get a Unification Match with the East to determine supremacy for the Fall í07 League.  Be on the lookout for the regular season awards to come on Thursday.


# 1 CTown Fire – The prohibitive favorites have rolled through every single team in the league when they’ve had at least five of their guys show up.  Really, this is their tournament to lose, and if they do, it will be a colossal upset.  Their biggest test will be when they take on their counterpart from the East, seeing as they haven’t seen any of those teams play and won’t quite know what to expect.  I fully anticipate that player/coach Tara Young will have them ready to go and not looking past any opponents from the West.


# 2 Clutch – These guys will definitely have something to say about who comes out of the West, having played CTown Fire tough.  They’re easily the most brash team in the league, full of bravado and just enough cockiness to pull off a major upset, should they get the chance.


# 3 Telemundo – Channel 27 will need a full roster to make a serious run at the Belt and will need a few breaks along the way.  First theyíll need a full compliment of guys to adjust to the Tuesday night games after the first round.  Special K will be out to prove that he was a worthy MVP candidate every time out and if their shooters step up and hit big shots, RoY could be looking at his first C.A.C. championship.


# 4 BFTFT – With a full roster, these guys have the fire power, inside presence and mental toughness to hang with anyone in this league, including their potential 2nd round date with CTown Fire.  Having a number of options in the post is going to get it done in the playoffs.  Teams are more physical, play slows down, and baskets are tougher to come by.  BFTFT is the perfect sleeper pick for these playoffs.


# 5 Corporation – First round fodder, or team with enough will power to see their way to the second round?  Everyone knows that 50 is the magic number when facing the Corporation because they have a tough time scoring in bunches.  But they play enough defense that theyíre competitive every time out.  They get one of the worst possible first round match-ups facing a BFTFT team that has manhandled them physically and mentally each time out.


# 6 Prime Time – They got the tiebreaker thanks to a thrilling victory over FTR and as a result face a Telemundo squad that they hung with early in the season.  The biggest variable with these guys is that you never know whoís going to show up.  Dart has the most flexible roster in the league, interchanging players on a weekly basis.  His element of surprise may be enough to let them hang around longer than expected.


# 7 FTR – It’s been tough going all season for FTR.  Theyíve been plagued by injuries, inconsistent attendance and a nasty habit of self-destructing at the worst possible moments.  Of course, the disappointment of the regular season can all be erased with a few upset wins come playoff time.


# 8 Reil Splitters – Chris Kerr’s much maligned club gets the seemingly impossible task of being the first team that tries to knock off CTown Fire.  As mentioned above, a win would be an epic upset and etch these guys into the C.A.C. history books.