Co-Ed 5v5 East Awards – Winter 2011

By: Lindsay

Sorry these are a little late. I wanted to get them up Sunday but I needed a little longer to think and after a LONG weekend with baseball and softball on Friday and Saturday I needed a breathier.

First Team: 

1. Tom Kahana, Shirt Before The Shirt
2. Paul Nimblett, Dizzy Llamas White
3. Chris Boll, Above The Rim Jobs
4. Loren Turner, Shirt Before The Shirt
5. Meg Driscoll, Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife

Second Team:

1. Erin Johnson, Weapons of Mass Seduction
2. Rory Duyon, Weapons of Mass Seduction
3. Caitlyn Vestal-Tibbetts, Shirt Before The Shirt
4. Pat Brown, Dizzy Llamas White
5. Jason Tibbetts, Shirt Before The Shirt

Honorable Mention:

1. Steph Baran, Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife
2. Kaitlyn Hennigan, Boston Beer Company
3. Dave Grubb, Dizzy Llamas Blue
4. Nate Brigham, Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife
5. Matt Roberts, Dizzy Llamas White

MVP: Chris Boll
, Above The Rim Jobs
Sure you could make a valid argument for Tommy and Nibs but this is the Most VALUEABLE Player not Player of the Year. We have seen what the Above The Rim Jobs looked like without C.Boll, to put it bluntly their offense was anemic. When he came out of “retirement” the Above The Rim Jobs did not look so emaciated on offense.
Runners Up: Tom Kahana, Paul Nimblett

Male Offensive Player of the Year: Tom Kahana, 
Shirt Before The Shirt
This was a tough category to decided either Nibs or Tommy would be deserving of this prestigious award. The two of them were the primary shooters on their respective teams and once they got hot form beyond the arc they were dangerous. But Tommy got the nod averaging three treys a game and nearly eight assists per game to lead the league in both categories.
Runner-Up: Paul Nimblett

Female Offensive Player of the Year: Gwen Browne,
How could you not vote for Gwen? E.J. came on strong down the stretch and gave Gwen some competition while Loren always seemed to bring her A-game every week – even if she said she didn’t have it but it was tough to surpass the numbers Gwen put up. She killed opposing teams in traffic and on the fast-break as she averaged nearly 20 points per game (19.4 ppg to be exact) and shot 80% from the charity stripe.
Runners Up: Erin Johnson, Loren Turner

Male Rookie of the Year: Mariano Ocampo-Garcia,
 Dizzy Llamas Blue
For the first couple weeks of the season, Mariano carried the Blue Llamas. Earlier in the season I heard from an anonymous member of Shirt Before The Shirt when they played DLB “[Mariano] is killing us.]” And he continued to score almost at will against other teams. I’m not going to name any names on who this person was, you know who you are. He finished the season averaging 15 points per game and
Runner Up: Nick Hogan,

Female Rookie of the Year: Meg Driscoll,
 Hide Ya Kids Hide Ya Wife
Kaitlyn Hennigan was put up 20 points in the final game of the season against the Dizzy Llama White squad but one game does not make a season. Meg Driscoll was consistent all season for Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife.
Runner Up: Kaitlyn Hennigan

Male Defensive Player of the Year: Tibbs
, Shirt Before the Shirt
Another tough decision here. I do not really like to do “Co-s” ever and was not going to start here. After much thought and deliberation, I had to go with the stats as much as a it pains me to do so. Tibbs averaged 12 boards per game compared to DLW’s Pat Brown’s 10 rebounds per game. Brown is just as much of a candidate as Tibbs. He always seemed to make the big play on defense when the White squad needed it the most. But I had to go with the stats to break this one.
Runners Up: Pat Brown, Rory Duyon, Rob Vigneau

Female Defensive Player of the Year: Erin Johnson,
 Weapons of Mass Seduction
E.J. came on strong late and averaged nearly two steals a game. She is a two-way player and her solid defense really helped WOMS seal the two seed as we head into the playoffs this week.
Runner Up: Loren Turner

Tommy Award: Loren Turner,
 Shirt Before The Shirt
Loren kinda of got gypped in awards but no one can overstate her grit and determination that she brings every game. The game needs more “edgy” players like her who are not afraid to get in there with the big boys and toss them around rather than the other way around. Plus the girl can simply carry a team if you let her get comfortable from long distance.

Sixth Player: Ashley Wetherwell,
 Shirt Before The Shirt
Should we call her the “Silent Assassin?” If you do not keep your eye on her she can quickly add up the points – mostly from Loren, who always is sure to note her assists.
Runners Up: Jerry Antone

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