Co-Ed 5v5 East Preview – Winter 12

And Week 1 Lines!

Alright, no matter what I do, coverage is almost guaranteed to be better in the East this season than last, so of course I waited until 2 days before the season started to put out a preview / week 1 lines post. You’ll take it, and you’ll like it!

All games are once again at the King School (850 Cambridge St – Cambridge MA) and you know what that means, lots of guesstimated 3 pointers! I’m excited for the debates about those. Just know that my word is law and I’m not really listening to anything you have to say.

Everyone make sure that they show up on time! I run a really, really tight ship, and most of my 4 game shifts are over by 9:45 PM. We made it work in the B2 5v5 league last season at Kennedy and I’m sure as hell going to make it work in the Co-Ed league this season. When we have enough players to start the game, we’re starting it. None of this 6:20 PM tip-off crap, we tip-off at 6 PM, and if there are enough players in attendance for the next game, we give them a few minutes of warm-up time, and it’s on to the next one, even if it’s 6:51 PM!

Also, please make sure everyone has already signed a waiver or brings them to the first game. Everyone MUST wear a jersey, I’m handing out pre-game Ts to players that don’t starting in week 2. Pick one up @ CAC, if you need an extra, you can buy one for $20.

Lastly, I sort of kind of, know most of you and we’ll only grow closer by spending a lot of quality PT together this season. My write-ups/lines should get marginally better as we progress through the season, but mostly I’m going to be spending my time mocking Grubb, taunting Reddick and ignoring Austin. Those are the things I do best.

Let’s get on with this, shall we?

Winter 2012 Preview

8 – The Consultants – New teams always have a bit of a culture shock heading into the CAC Leagues, mostly because the level of play may be higher than expected, or people take their stats a lot more seriously than they should. In the Co-Ed Leagues, we’ve (sort of) mitigated the competition issue, and having 2 women on the floor at all times helps ease the transition into a Co-Ed League, but the East is the best Co-Ed league there is. Things are NOT going to be easy on the noobies this season.
Key to the Season – Scheduling. I was hoping this team would get a nice cushy schedule to ease into the league, but it isn’t meant to be. They have tough games against veteran teams in the league. I’m excited to see who they bring to play, and more importantly who they bring out the bar after the games!

7 – Sexy And I Know It – Another season, another team in the East takes the hook from an annoyingly catchy song that will make me sing it aloud every time I see them play. God I hate you guys so much sometimes. Amber Wantman is putting her first team in the Co-Ed Leagues. She knows the competition and the stakes, but I dont recognize anyone on the roster. Either she’s got a bunch of ringers or else they’re going to be shellacked each week. Of course, knowing Amber’s competitive fire, she wouldn’t allow herself to put in a team that’s not a contender. Too bad, you’re still ranked 7th by default.
Key to the Season – Acclimation. Don’t get down about being blown out this week by WoMS, it happens to all the noobs. Just come back ready to battle into week 2 and beyond!

6 – Pumped Up Kicks – PuK had a nice little run last season but offense was their downfall most of the way. If the game was in the 50s and close, you could bank on Xavier pulling it out for this team. However, since my theory STILL stands (teams need to average 60 ppg to win the Co-Ed league) Luana went out and made a key pick-up this offseason. Enter Gael Frounin (starting in week 3) and his 16 ppg from the South last season. He’s going to provide a huge boost for them at that end with his scoring AND passing skills. That’s right, Gael prefers to dish the rock, so unlike last season, if you’re a PuK player and you’re open, expect to see the ball! I’m looking at you Hayes.
Key to the Season – Expectations. Even without Gael the first 2 weeks, this team has a great chance to get off to a 2-0 start (and go 4-0 against the teams ranked below them). Of course, that will boost their profile heading into the teeth of their schedule, and I’m sure STAT will complain about how low we place them in the combined rankings. They’ll stay low until they find a way to beat the other 5 teams in this division.

5 – That’s What She Said – Just Look At It was fine last season, that was at least ‘current’, but really, you’re reaching all the way back for a dated reference that had an incredibly short shelf life to begin with? I expected bigger things out of Nibs (that’s what she said). They miss Stockton’s leadership already, she never would have let this happen.
I mean, sure this is basically the same team that won the title 2 seasons ago, but a rough 4-5 campaign last season brings about questions of their ability to compete in the rugged East division. I see another campaign in the middle of the pack
Key to the Season – Revenge. Like ABC’s ‘new hit drama’ this show might be full of holes, but it keeps you coming back for more just to find out how it’s all going to turn out. What is Nibs going to wear this week? Is this the week Nate breaks out of his supporting role and become a leading man? Can anyone else hold Forelizzi to 10 points like I DID THAT ONE TIME!?! Sorry, I got carried away, this team is being over looked and they’re not happy about it.

4 – Weapons of Mass Seduction – The demise of WoMS (no more Rocco and Rory) mean that the East’s status as the toughest division in Co-Ed is up for grabs. The West can boast a top 3 as tough as the next few teams AND that doesn’t even include BOOM who represented the West in last season’s championship game! The combined power rankings are going to be fun to hash out this season with Rory and BigRo. Anyway, I know that Harvey, the nicest guy in all of co-ed, will retool the roster, and they still have Erin, SaDoh, cHelli, and Pauly, but replacing their interior game won’t be easy. Besides, now that Harvey is going to become one half of the 4th CAC related marriage he might have other things on his mind. You know, like flowers, open bar, and whether or not his jersey is an appropriate shirt to wear under his tux…
Seriously, congrats guys!
Key to the Season – Ubuntu. As with the Celtics, once you break up that championship core, it gets tougher to climb the mountain. I know they’re going to add quality ballers to the roster to stay competitive, but without that togetherness of the championship team, it won’t be the same.

3 – Wheels of Steel – Look, we all know the core of this team is on point. Tristan, Nick, Loren – they’re going to give you more than you can handle for 44 minutes at a time. But the rest of the roster is full of questions marks. Did they finally add Jesse Cox full time? Is Justine or Linehan back? Will they ever get more than 6 players to one game? Despite all that, the core has the talent to be the #3 team in this Eastern division, and that’s saying something.
Key to the Season – Attendance. If they turn into the new Genzyme, I’m going to be pissed. At least they don’t have all the 6 PM games. Get your sh!t together guys!

2 – The Seawards – I’m calling the championship hangover right now. Don’t get me wrong, the team formerly known as Dizzy Llamas White is loaded and dangerous, but I don’t think they’re going to replicate their 12-1 run from last season. Of course, the only team that beat them lost their best player, so what do I know?
Key to the Season – Composure. This team is going to have a target on its back all season long, the Champs always do! Every team they play against is going to give them their best shot. Whether or not they can keep cool and weather the storms sent at them remains to be seen.

1 – Child, Please – Despite going just 6-3 in the regular season last time around, I have to think Child, Please is the odds on favorite to win the East this season. They’re hungry, they’re disappointed in how they finished last season and the roster is still the most dangerous in the league. I mean, Reddick and Moore will be impossible to guard and the have confidence for days. They haven’t earned the #1 spot, but I think they deserve it. Don’t like it? Well then go out and beat them!
Key to the Season – Focus. CP clamored all season long (and during the selection day) that they were the best team in the East and to be feared. At some point you have to get the results to back that up! Don’t just beat the teams you’re supposed to beat, beat everyone!

League Rivalries
 – With 6 returning teams to the East, there is a LOT to like about the games and rivalries on the schedule. Child Please and the Seawards face off twice as do Wheels and Nibs’ Ballers. These teams are getting used to seeing each other week in and week out. It will be all about who can adjust and do a few unexpected things to help them pull out wins

Weight of expectations – With Rory and I returning to Co-Ed coverage, it’s on the noobs to pick up the slack in the South and the North. DWilly is already off to a great start (North Preview) so once again, I’m shooting to be right in the middle of the pack in terms of coverage. Those guys are hilarious and we know Rory is consistent. I’ll have to continuously try to out do him with power polls and lines. I know I won’t.

The Return of KD – Last season KD took over the reffing assignment halfway through the season. Either you’re scared of his dreads or you actually liked him, as I heard nary a peep about his officiating. You get him again this season and I expect more good things!

MVP Favorites
Men: Reddick, Claffey, Gael, Tristan, Forlizzi – wide open race
Women: Wolffe and …. seriously, who else will step up and give her a run for her money?!

MVTT (Most Valuable Trash Talker)
@dgrubb3 – honestly, the only thing grubb should be recognized for is his trash talk. Little man has to get our attention somehow.
@OldTightCaboose – when he’s in it, he’s in it to win it
@MikeComtois – one of the few MVTT candidates that can actually back it up
@mattyballgame1 – will be lobbying for more ‘respect’ for CP even though I have them #1

Week 1 Lines
6:00 PM Sexy And I Know It vs.Weapons of Mass Seduction (-8.5)

No matter what happens week 1, just know that no team is ever as good (or as bad) as they appear after the results are in. Week 1 is a funny thing, new teammates getting used to playing with each other, new teams breaking into the league and the ref and I shaking off the rust. I’m excited to see the new payers Amber brought into the league and who is replacing Rocco and Rory in the WoMS lineup.

7:00 PM Pumped Up Kicks vs.The Consultants (+7.5)
I’m assuming this game will be close without Gael and PuK’s inability to crack the 60 point barrier. Doesn’t really matter who the consultants bring along (and really, I don’t know any of them) but it will be close. Over/Under on # of passes STAT rifles into a wall is currently set at 4.5

8:00 PM Thats What She Said vs.Wheels of Steel (-5.5)
Looks like a great line-up of games week one, the only way I could have scheduled this better was if NIBS was facing off against Grubb, who stole his arm sleeve for the season. Ah well we’ll have to settle down for this heavy weight battle of co-ed veterans. I like the Wheelies pulling out a close game.

9:00 PM Child, Please vs.The Seawards (+3.5)
Right off the bat we have a chance to see who the true #1 in the league is ! I’m not talking about the MVTT either, I’m talking about the #1 team! The key match-up here will be with the ladies, as Wolffe will look to improve upon her great rookie season. Who from CP can possibly stay with her? Ah well, I’m giving CP the nod specifically because I gave it to them in the preseason rankings and I don’t know any better yet. Sometimes attendance can be dicey in the first week of the season, so thankfully we will get the rematch of this game before the regular season is out.

Enough from me, I want to hear from you people!