Co-ed East Fall 2011 Awards (by the Minotaur)

The award wait is over, CAC co-ed east faithful. As a relative elder statesman for the east, and by the power vested in me by, errrrr, Grubb and Matty Austin, I will now do my best to dole out awards to the people who deserved them. I’m sure I missed someone, somewhere, so please bear with me.

M – MVP: Bryan Moore, CP
– This one was easy. Bryan was hands down the best player in the division, from pillar to post. Passes the eye test, and fills up the stat sheet across the board. Points and rebounds were both at the top of the league, and had some mind-boggling statistical games, all while leading one of the best coed teams in the CAC. Dropped 39 on us in his first game, but I swear I coulda held him to 35 if I hadn’t turned my ankle.
(runners up: Xavier, Mark Claffey, Nate Brigham)

F – MVP: Nicole Wolff, DLW
– Another easy choice. The division is LOADED with talented women, but no one even came close to Nicole for this award. Deadly accurate from 3, runs the fast break, whips laser precision one handed passes, and blocks Rev Rip twice in succession, on 3’s! Great closer as well, either from beyond the arc, or the stripe.
(runners up: EJ, Sara Doherty)

M – Rookie of the Year: Xavier Holland, PUK
– A force of nature on the court. Xavier is seemingly everywhere, and at all times. Like a basketball version of the Holy Spirit, if you will. Puts up huge stats, and gets after it defensively as well. The only player I’ve seen to be called for a goal-tend in coed, a testament to his hustle. Getting back on a fast break, he refused to give up on the play.

F – Rookie of the Year: Taryn O’Neill, DLO
– Taryn is a deadly mid range shooter. She always gets to the right spots on the court where she can spot up. Plays hard, and works for the team. Even after being nearly blinded by a flying water bottle (!), she did her thing on the court.

M – Offensive PoY: Tristan Mouligne, WoS
– I dont care that he only played 5 games. No one in the league is more of a threat when he has the ball in his hands. Top point scorer per game, and his hair is always perfect.
(runners up: Comtois, Forlizzi, Shaka Nimblett)

F – Offensive PoY: Lauren Kelly, DLP
– Reminds me of the scene in “the Princess Bride (I’m a huge geek, I know, I know)” where the two main characters each switch their sword hands halfway through a fight scene. Well, a hint for those of you that don’t know, Lauren isn’t left handed. She’s like the old Green Bay Packers power sweep: you know whats coming, you just can’t stop it.
(runners up: Nicole, Sara, EJ)

M – Defensive PoY: Nate Brigham, DLP
– 2nd in the league in stocks (steals + blocks). Consistently guarded the biggest and or best player the other team had to offer, on a team that was lacking for size. All this while playing the point guard position for his team. Also is a certified BEAST on the glass. Goddamn if he doesn’t have a smoky, thousand yard stare too.
(runners up: Rocco, Moore)

F – Defensive PoY: Luana Bothelo, PUK
– Sweet Lu is a serious threat under the rim defensively. She has no regard for human life (on the court only), and is regularly sending shots from both men an women back from whence they came.
(runner up: Marino)

M – Most Improved: The Claffeys, DLW
– How can I separate these two? Last session Mark and Mike were very high quality players, but this year they just exploded. Right from game 1, Mark announced his candidacy for league MVP, and was the best player on the best team in all of Co-ed. If I had still had my playoff MVP vote intact (TIBBS!), Mike would have been top dog, even if I may be biased. The kid ran the show like a BOSS, on both ends of the floor.

F – Most Improved: Jen Kuzmick, DLW
– Jen really played exceptionally well this season, even if her contributions don’t show up on the stat sheet (and yes, I’ll give DLW as many awards as I damn well please). She is a very underrated defender, and takes it it to the tin strong.

The Snubby McSnubberson “I coulda been a contender” Award: Mike Rocco, WoMS
– Mike would have been on the short list of MVP candidates, had he played in a few more games. He was easily the most fearsome physical presence in the league. The thing I like best about Rocco, is that everything he does is within the flow of the offense, and the team game. He could justifiably shoot every time down the court, and WoMS would win a lot of games. But he is a consummate team player, and I tip my cap.

The Clark Kellog “drive, draw, and drop a dime” Award: Erin Johnson, WoMS, Nate Brigham, DLP
– Can’t say enough about players who get their teammates easy baskets, and these two were the best at it. Led their respective genders in assists, and did it in style.

Most Intimidating: Carissa Everett, DLW
– Led the league in “fist fights picked with.”

The Roger Murtaugh / Danny Glover “I’m too old for this shit” Award: Chris Harvey, Matt Roberts
– Like two gladiators past their prime, these two war horses lumber up and down the court with the grace of a pack of wounded water buffalo.

The “looks like tarzan, plays like jane” Award: Nick Altschuller, WoS
– Also could have been called the “looks like tarzan, sweats like Kevin Garnett” Award.

All Co-ed East First Team:
– Nicole Wolff – Bryan Moore
– Erin Johnson – Xavier Holland
– Sara Doherty – Mark Claffey
– Steph Baran – Nate Brigham
– Lauren Kelly – Mike Comtois

All Co-ed East Second Team:
– Becky Pelletier – Tristan Mouligne
– Sweet Lu – Mike Rocco
– Heather Marino – Matt Forlizzi
– Katie Martore – Mike Claffey
– Loren Turner – Pat Lawson

Honorable Mentions: Nick Altschuller, Brian Enright, Brad Coffey, Dave Celli, Nibs

The All-Minotaur Team (chosen for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence):
– Carissa Everett – Marcelo Rivera
– Justine Hill – Rory Duyon
– Taryn O’Neill – Van Tran
– Alleigh Marre – Nick Hogan
– Caitlin Phillips – Nick Bruce

See you all soon!


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