Co-Ed Mid-Season Review

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WOW – all 8 owed write-ups are up and running and now – it’s time for the weekly Vegas Lines. Add photos, hilarity, and just all around nonsense. Before the lines and the newly minted Power Poll – there is plenty of clean-up to take care of here.

Week 5: … 107&week=5
Week 4: … 107&week=4

Week 5 is in the books so we are more then halfway through the season and teams are either shaping up or shipping out for the playoffs. With 12 teams and only 8 spots – there isn’t room for everyone at the Co-Ed Playoff Party, so I’ve added a quick look at the Awards Races as well. This is just a quick snapshot and is changing by the hour as I toss things up against the wall like spaghetti. Also – I would love to get some chatter from Lindsay on the Awards as she takes control of the Kennedy and should have just as much input into whom brings home the hardware.

League Night Out – while not a complete smashing success – was definitely a real good time and thanks to Tommy Doyle’s and Garrett Tingle (Genzyme) for being the host. Also – a special shout out to FHF – Mike Gerrity for putting it all together. It’s not easy to get 8 different leagues with umpteen divisions to show up and mix and mingle for a night out. Gerrity pulled it off and so did the Co-Ed-ers.

Weapons, Jager, The Evil Empire, Game…Blouses were all represented. What I did notice was not a soul from the Llamas (all 80 of them), Wheels of Steel, Ballocrats, Babies, and a little surprising – the Rim Jobbers.

Let’s not even mention the team that thinks they should be first in the Power Poll. They put up a stinko last week against the Ballocrats and then supposedly refrain from coming out Wednesday night to “save up” for the big LNO the following Friday night. Well – I’d like to know what we were saving or waiting for because other then crickets – there was not a “shirt” to be found. I might have to come up with a “Team Formerly Named Shirt B4 The Shirt” moniker cause they don’t deserve a great Jersey Shore nickname like that with couples night taking over League Night Out. There – I said it.

Finally – for those who did not know or are not on Gmail or Facebook – I was recently promoted. No, no – no one wants the person formerly known as the Director of CAC’s job – I was given a shot at working for the World Wide Leader in Sports. I currently work for the Boston Herald as a freelancer and was given a shot at the “national” scene the same night as the League Night Out. Did that stop me from making an appearance? HELL NO! I promised Smokeshow and the Seductresses of the CAC an appearance and I made it at 10:48 following this: … marshfield

So even though ESPN called – I drove the 40 miles in the rain, picked up sideshow Billy Dubs, Davenport (A1 fame) and Spins and proceeded to watch Kaplan house like 18 cheeseburgers. Awesomeness. More good sightings? O’Cal, Macho at the door (as usual – but without the sparkles shirt), SaraD, the Mulhollands/Lawson/Van (the one’s who matter at Genzyme), Nate Dogg, Celli, and a special B2 East guest appearance from Worden and Greer (Warrior Country).

MVP of the night? Will Dilleso. Kid couldn’t be more down to earth and literally loves the CAC. Too bad he has yet to read any of my write-ups cause that tune may change.

No Kahana, no Sunday Night Nonsense – so it was a perfect evening with Kaplan taking the place of Jzuk as the Midget Bowling Contestant. .

NOW – on with the show…

Week 6 Vegas Lines:

Dizzy Llama Orange vs. Genzyme (-8.5) @ 6:00pm – King School:

Last week – Genzyme brought the A-Team and squeezed by Dizzy Black, so if the Orange is slightly better – wouldn’t you think they would be favored? Not so. Same line as last week for Genzyme as they should have rolled last week with everyone there.

The Orange seem to be going in reverse and need a big win or two to get back into the playoff discussion. Genzyme is running out of excuses and a few more sub-par performances could have them out of the playoffs. No one has a bigger target on them. Ok – maybe WOMS.

Both of these teams struggle with attendance but Genzyme seems to bring just enough.

Thank You Jagermeister vs. Ballocrats (-11.5) @ 6:05 – Kennedy School:

Hasson Chop is the difference here and prior to last week – I may have had this as a single-digit Vegas Line. But the Ballocrats have taken down Genzyme and The Team Formerly Known As. Losses?? Dizzy White, Wheels of Steel, and Above the Rim Jobbers. That is actually a formidable list. Maybe they play to their competition and that would give Jager a shot here.

But Poker Rob seems to be playing all the right cards to get his team in place for a playoff run in their rookie season at the Co-Ed Wednesday Party.

Weapons of Mass Seduction vs. Team Formerly Known As (+5.5) @ 7:00pm – King School:

Game of the Week

This was supposed to be the No.1 vs. No.2 undefeated blowout for bragging rights. BUT – Tibbs has a great game in Week 4 and then pulls out the towel in the Week 5 loss to the Ballocrats.

Either way – this is still No.1 vs. No.2 with Dizzy White looking on to slide right into the No.2 spot with another slip up but will Loren allow that?

Ahhh – maybe this is what the entire team skipped LNO for? Rest up for the big Co-Ed battle? Maybe this is the game they decided to look ahead to and take their first loss last week for? Maybe they just all are pulling our legs…

Marino is back this week and will give Gripp pickles and fits on the baseline, but it’s Rocco and Will The Thrill that will make the difference down the stretch as always. Hendu will do his best on defense but no one is there to stop The Rocc.

Above the Rim Jobs vs. Dizzy Llama Black (+9.5) @7:05pm – Kennedy School:

The Rim Jobbers are trying to prove me wrong but when I roll out the Power Poll – it’s more about the Playoff Picture as most rosters will be intact by then. With that said – they dominated Team Orange and nothing is stopping them from doing the same to Team Black.

Booz will let Jesus shoot because he aint chasing him out on the perimeter and this one may be over at the half with the Rim Jobbers settling in at their “home court” at the Kennedy. I guess the schedule makers are keeping Danielle out of my crosshairs. Or is it the other way around? ZEBRA PANTS!

Game…Blouses vs. Back Door Babies (+4.5) @8pm – King School:

Ahhh – Rory is back in the saddle with the 8pm game so plenty of time to get there, less time to complain, and plenty of time for some scotchy scotch.

But what he was not looking for was a close match-up and Game Blouses got one. The Babies are reeling after they lost their Top Five Power Poll standing and need to get back on track. Chewy needs to be here to make this a contest, so no Chewy – no win.

But Game…Blouses have too much for Public Enemy Waters and Chewy. Lack of outside shooting will doom the Babies down the stretch.

Dizzy Llama White vs. Wheels of Steel (pick ’em) :

Officially – I feel bad for Lindsay. She easily is stuck with the two games that should be blow outs while I have two top-notch Game of the Week possibilities and this is No. 2.

I’m not thrilled that this is the last one of the night but it will certainly be entertaining. Looks like Tristan is back with a vengeance and Monroe (smartly) is deferring to the chucker. Nibs is absolutely furious about missing last week’s barnburner against WOMS and he is taking it out in this one.

Pick em – and I’m going with…The Wheels in an upset cause there is no way Matty Roberts allows Pat Brown to do what he can do for 36 points last week. Roberts and Nicky Alt contain Brown and The Greek can bottle up Nick Bruce. Wheels are on a roll. Get it??

Record against the spread: (last week 3-3) Total: 12-12 overall.

2010 Week Six Power Poll:

1.Weapons of Mass Seduction (5-0) (-): As I said last time around – so I’ll say it again for Orange Slices – starting to separate themselves from the pack.
2.Shirt B4 The Shirt (4-1) (-): Barely holding on to the second slot here with a loss at the Kennedy last week. Scheduled drinking every week except last week. “Saving it up for LNO”. Both seem to be a big crock as we stand today.
3.Dizzy Llamas White (4-1) (+1): Even with the loss – made a very, very respectable run at No.1 without Nibs. We should be talking about a new No. 1 this week.
4.Genzyme (2-3) (-1): With the Dizzy White team playing NKOTB and hanging tough along with the Ballocrats massive upset of the No.2 seed – even though the defending champs snuck a win out this week – they fall a spot. Gwen Brown needs to get on track – and fast. The excuses are getting old.
5.Wheels of Steel (4-1) (+3) Somehow – I’m still not convinced. No Arndt but a three game winning streak? Two triple-doubles in separate games? I still think roster issues will catch up with these guys in the playoffs. But they are playoff material – and anything can happen. Seems the “Gerrity Block” has sparked the troops but the schedule makers have been kind so far.
6.Game…Blouses (3-2) (-1): Easy victory this week but the team dissension in the second half of this one was extremely noticeable. Reddick only at 80% and he stole three Tommy Points by no-showing LNO. Not getting enough out of the women or Bieber other then bad You Tube videos.
7.Ballocrats (2-3) (+2): Can’t ignore it. Defeated both SBTS and Genzyme, but three bad losses keep them from moving any higher. Ultimate Jeckyl and Hyde team. Loss to Above the Rim Jobs (31-30) sticks out quite a bit though.
8.Above The Rim Jobs (3-2) (-): No surprise here. They remain right where they were with the Wheels jumping them and the Babies moving down with a big win this week. Leader in the clubhouse for nicknames though with Boozer, Swedish Fish, and Zebra Pants. They are who we thought they were!!
9.Back Door Babies (2-3) (-2) Second power poll in a row with a two-spot drop. But it seems we are starting to figure out the playoff picture with the top eight teams. No Chewy this week surely didn’t help but a 37-point loss and giving up 77 points? No good.
10.Dizzy Llama Orange (1-4) (-): Real bad loss to the Dizzy White Hot squad and then followed it up with another stinker this week. Dizzy Black is nipping at their heels and no one wants to be the “worst” Llama team.
11.Dizzy Llama Black (0-5) (-): Jesus and Putis gave Genzyme a real scare and that was with all Genzyme had to offer. Could shake someone’s playoff aspirations by stringing a few wins together.
12.Thank You Jagermeister (0-5): Is the season over for Jager? Brutal start to the schedule with times (all 9pm games mostly) and teams. Easier road for the second half but team morale at an all-time low and are guaranteed a sub-.500 record.

First Half Awards:

MVP Race:
1.Mike Rocco
2.Pat Brown
3.Mike Hasson
4.Terry Henderson
5.Alan Waters

Rookie of the Year:
1.Will Dilleso

Offensive Player of the Year:
1.Tristan Mouligne
3.Terry Henderson
4.Pat Lawson
5.Alan Waters

Defensive Player of the Year:
1.Mike Rocco
2.Matt Roberts
3.Brian Gelow

All-Jackhole Team:

1.Alan Waters – SF
2.Lincoln Hawk – PF
3.FHF Gerrity – C
4.Rory Hart – SG
5.Justin “Iorio” Beiber – PG

All-Women’s First Team:
2.Sara Joe
4.Loren Turner
5.Erin Johnson

1.Sara Doherty
2.Eileen Devlin
3.Smokeshow Marino
4.Cynthia Llama Lopez
5.L$ Rapp

All-Hustle Unsung Hero Team:
1.Pat Millena
2.Nighthawk Joe McConkey
3.Paulie Mitrano
4.Evan The Boat Low
5.Matt Ryder

** Finally – there will be plenty more Awards once the season comes to a close, but these were the quick and dirty ones that stuck out to me. I wanted to get these up and running as I have an interview in Stamford, CT on Tuesday and won’t have much time this week.