Coed Madness – Final Four Game Lines

Final Four Game Lines

6 PM #1 Thunder Buddies vs. #8 WOMS(-4.5) – Upset Special

I know what everyone is thinking “you went and ranked Thunder Buddies #1 and now you’re picking them to be upset in the Elite 8”.  Well, yeah that’s exactly what I’m doing.  Thunder Buddies is without Bouvier, something about he has some sort of braces type thing on his teeth and he would like to keep his teeth.  I mean, I don’t see what the big deal is, drinking your meals through a straw can’t be that bad.  Alright, in all seriousness the loss of Bouvier puts a lot of pressure on Terry to dominate the paint and going against Gore that is no easy task.  Gore is averaging a 20/10 and has a lot of pieces around him to help.  Not saying that TB isn’t a deep squad as well but they will be without Harvey(he’s playing for WOMS).  Chris is going to need to step up for TB if they’re going to make up for missing Bouvier against a balanced and deep WOMS squad.

– Terry yells at himself and the ref at least 5 times in this game combined.
– Sara will have 5 assists, none to Dave because he will blow at least 2.
– Amy will hit at least 3 triples.

7 PM #2 Shots(-6.5) vs. #6 Western U.

Shots has passed the test that everyone doubted they would, everyone said they played in a “weaker division” so their point differential and record was inflated.  Well they’ve come in and blown out two very good teams in Team Fun and Sun Dance.  Tonight will be their toughest test yet, facing a very good Western U team that has been hot.  The biggest question mark is whether or not Corbett will be able to play tonight.  He landed very hard on his wrist last night and wasn’t able to finish the game, will he be able to play tonight and if so how will that affect his shooting.  Without him it’s going to be tough to match up against Shots’ size and athleticism.  John and Kevin are monsters around the rim and run the floor incredibly well and Maurice knows how to find them.  Even with Corbett there and the rest of Western U playing well I think Shots is just a bit too much, all 3 guys are MVP level players and their two ladies are tough match-ups as well.

– Western U. takes at least 20 triples, same type of prediction as last night but they love the 3 ball.
– Kevin and John will both finish dunks tonight after being unable to last night.
– I’m going to do my best to keep transition points tonight, Shots will double Western U’s total.

Now since I love all of you so much, well most of you, except for TJ(I know you’re reading this even though your season is over), I’m going to give you the game lines for both possible 8 PM games since it depends on who wins the 6 PM match-up.  Good news is either way I get to watch Harvey play twice in one night, win win for me.

8 PM – #4 Sexy(-3.5) vs. #1 Thunder Buddies

I’ve got Sexy as the favorite in this one, mostly for the key reason I listed above.  Without Bouvier a lot of the load falls on Terry and Sexy has a good matchup for him in Keith.  On top of that I think TB will have a hard time staying in front of Pamela and Terrel as they both got to the rim at will last night.  EJ should be able to slow down Pamela a decent amount, but she is so good at hitting tough shots it’s not an easy task.  I think TB keeps them close, relying on getting Terry going in the post and then getting open looks for their shooters who can get hot.  TB is going to need Chris to facilitate and hit his open deep balls when Sexy collapses on Terry, if Chris is moving the ball well and getting the offense clicking they could pull this one out.

– Terry and Keith leave multiple bruises on each other, I’m excited for this battle.
– Terrel tries yet another alley-oop dunk, this time throwing it off the back of the rim and sending the ball into the rafters.

8 PM – #4 Sexy(-2.5) vs. #8 WOMS

I’ve still got Sexy as a favorite, they are the returning champs and are playing well so it’s hard to pick against them.  I know they’ve got a slightly different look but they still have one of the most dynamic male/female guard duos in Terrel/Pamela as well as a legit big man in Keith who can defend the post and finish around the rim.  They will match up well against WOMS.  The only mismatch I see is if Sexy is in man Heather will have a height advantage over the ladies of Sexy, potentially leading to a big game on the offensive end for her.  This one should be back and forth, close the whole way.  But look for Sexy to attack the basket late and finish this one off at the foul line.

– 20/15 for Keith matched by Gore cancelling each other out.
– Pamela will break someone’s ankles with a crossover, literally.
– Keith will come over to me before the game and shake his head in disappointment about my game lines.

Good luck tonight folks, see you at the Cambridge Y.