Coed Spring 12 Combined Power Rankings: Part Deux

Spring 12 Combined Coed Power Rankings:  Part Deux

1. Shots

Grubb:  Well, well, well.  After getting blasted for having this crew ranked #3 in the first Power Rankings, SHOTS has found themselves in the #1 spot!  Sure, partly due to the other top squads falling but this team is legit!  Mo Collins and Kevin Jacobs form arguably the best inside/outside tandem in all of co-ed, but this team is quality all-around.  Unfortunately for the rest of the top teams, SHOTS is all but guaranteed to go into the Co-Ed Madness tourney undefeated and probably the #1 overall seed.  Let the hating begin.

2. Wheels

D-Will:  So Wheels went and beat a short handed Sexy squad, all but ensuring the #1 overall seed, they would just need to win out.  Then they ran into a hot Pumped Up Kicks squad who stopped them dead in their tracks.  Despite that loss, this team is still incredibly good and deep.  Every single player on their team is capable of scoring 30 on any given night, they rebound well, move the ball, have great matchups defensively.  They will be tough for anyone else to beat if they are playing well.

3. Sexy

Grubb:  Even though Sexy has just one loss in over 1.5 seasons, they have had a bumpy road the last several weeks.  The last 3 weeks has seen Sexy win a game by 2, a game by 1 (managing to only put up 39 points), and take their first ever loss at the hands of Wheels.  They’re finding ways to eek out these close, lower scoring games, but this team is better than they’ve shown the last 3 weeks.


D-Will:  An unexpected loss to Western U. in Week 5 hurt this squads chances at grabbing a #1 seed.  However, they are still rolling through the West with their toughest test coming in week 8 agains the #5 ranked Thunder Buddies squad.  This team has size from both genders, shooting from both genders, great overall defense and the ability to push the floor well and get easy buckets in transition.  They will be a handful for any of these top teams deep in the playoffs.

5. Thunder Buddies

D-Will:  After losing the opener to BOOM this squad has dominated.  5 straight wins with a point differential of +16.  Bouvier and Henderson have emerged as MVP candidates and they have a deep bench with complementary players who can shoot, handle the ball, play great D, and contribute in many ways.  They’ll be anxiously awaiting their 2nd chance to knock off BOOM and secure the top spot in the West.

6. Sun Dance

D-Will: This team has struggled more this season than over the past couple seasons but they are still really good.  Their biggest issue has been attendance but when everyone is their they are near impossible to keep off the glass and can score with the best of them.  Adding Yasu and Kimi is big because they both do many things well, Yasu finishing around the rim with the best of them and playing great D and Kimi spreads the floor with her ability to shoot and is a great ball handler and passer allowing Kearney to play off the ball a little more.

7. PUK

Grubb:  Just when it looked like PUK was falling off the list of legitamate contenders they go and knock off then #1 seeded Wheels of Steel.  When X and Christina have their shots falling this team has the ability to space the floor and score easy points.  When the shots aren’t falling they become middle of the road, but still have the size and D to stay in every game.  I expect PUK to start clicking more consistently and become serious contenders heading into the tourney.

8. Western U

D-Will:  Corbett has continued to be a game changer for this squad, plus they have great additional options with L-Mac, Sharkey, and Kolbe all contributing well scoring the basketball.  There’s not many teams in this league that have a big time perimeter defender to throw at Corbett and still enough depth to guard everyone else.  They have serious upset potential against the teams above them on the list, if they are hitting their 3 pointers they can score 80+ with ease.

9. Monstars

D-Will:  This team can beat anyone.  Swecker is one of the best all around players in Coed and Tommy and Rip have been playing really well.  Where they might run into a challenge against some of the better teams is on the female side, Henny is good and the other girls hold their own, but the female talent in this league is at such a high level that they will have to find a way to bridge the gap.

10. JLAI

D-Will:  At the beginning of the year I thought this was a top 5 squad, well I think they’re still good but there are so many really good teams around now that they get bumped all the way down here.  They can still score, Kelsey is probably the best female in this league, and they can get hot from deep.  Their biggest asset is they move the ball really well, getting a lot of open looks for their shooters.  The have a tendency to live and die by the 3, which could be a recipe for disaster if the shots aren’t falling.

11. Team Heroes

Grubb:  Heroes took a big slip when they lost to SHOTS in a game that saw their opponent stay in control for the majority of the second half.  This squad has the players and the balance, but just hasn’t been able to hang with Co-Ed’s (now) #1 ranked team.  If the tourney started today, Heroes would be my pick out of all of the teams not receiving a bye as the most likely to make a run.

12. WOMS

Grubb:  I’m starting to think the WOMS are taking the same approach the Celtics took to this season, why really bring your A game until it matters?  After starting 0-3, WOMS has run off 3 wins in a row and look to finally have hit their stride.  Mike Gore’s regular attendance has not only cemented his name in the MVP discussion, but has given WOMS a go-to scorer.  Much like Heather Marino’s Heroes squad, this team is poised to make some noise as a middle-seed.

13. Team Fun

Grubb:  This team has the talent, they have just struggled to show it.  If Forlizzi can start getting his shots to fall inside the King School I expect Team Fun to finish up the season with another win or two.  This team moves the ball well, plays good D, and does everything to consider them a good team.  For some reason the record just isn’t showing it.

14. This is How we Do It

D-Will:  This team is a bit of an enigma.  They have plenty of talent but are still only 2-4.  I understand that the East is a loaded division, but I expected this team would be over .500.  Maybe that’s where they’ll end up, but they haven’t played extremely well just yet.  As this season goes on and they get used to playing with each other they could be a scary team to draw in the tournament.  Slim Jim, Canon, and Nibs are all very capable scorers and they match up well with most teams on the defensive end.

15. Gunz

Grubb:  I don’t have the effort to look this stat up, but I’m going to guess Gunz may have attempted the most 3’s in all of co-ed.  You know what they say, live by the 3 and die by the 3… just ask the 2002 Celtics.  When Ramon Garcia has his shot falling he can single-handedly shoot them to a win, but if his shot isn’t falling he’ll continue to jack them up.  Gunz actually has a lot of balance and more importantly size.  Holbert, Dadekian, Hines and Lehr are beasts on the boards with an ability to score.  Unfortunately they have struggled to remain .500 in a weak South Division, so their ability to compete with teams from a stronger division doesn’t look good.

16. CACniss

Grubb:  All of CACniss Everdeen’s victories has come at the hands of sub .500 competitors, while getting blown out each time they’ve played Heroes or SHOTS.  A win for Everdeen vs. Heroes in their next game would go a long way to keep themselves from slipping into the bottom 5!

17. CP

D-Will:  Bryan Moore is out for the season, which means they’re running with only 3 guys the rest of the way.  Doesn’t bode well for them even though those 3 guys are pretty solid.  Their girls are good but now they don’t have the same scoring/size with Reddick gone as well. Unless Moores somehow recovers and comes back I don’t see them moving up this list at all.

18.Sam Adams

Grubb: The good news: This team has risen two spots since our first round of Power Rankings.  The bad news, they’re still in the bottom 4.  This team has definitely shown an improvement from week to week, and if they are able to pull off a win vs. Gunz in their next game it’d go a long way to at least making me consider moving them above my CP squad. (Get real, I would not willingly do that).  Kaitlyn Hennigan has stepped up as a go-to scorer, and enforcer, on this team.  Get in her way and she’ll pound you.  Just don’t come after me for this ranking!

19. ToonSquad

D-Will:  Kervens is nowhere to be found and Gael is leaving the country and won’t be around for the rest of the season.  This doesn’t bode well for the good guys from Space Jam.  Although they do have one of the best 1-2 lady scoring punches in Christina and Kaitlin who are both efficient with the ball.  But it won’t be enough to gain any ground in a loaded West division.

20. ATRJ

D-Will:  Poor Rim Jobbers, a team with some talent that can’t catch a break.  They’ve been around for awhile, have some sweet team t-shirts, but just don’t have enough to keep up with the squads in front of them.  If CBoll is playing well and Boozer is hitting his 3’s this team could steal a win, but the smart money says their only real chance at a victory is against a depleted ToonSquad in week 8.

21. Pita

Grubb:  Poor Pita.  Even amongst the winless they lose out.  This team has definitely taken baby steps since adding Steve Kolenda and Mike Stima, but unfortunately the hole they find themselves in is so deep that I don’t see a way for them to dig out.  I admire their positive attitude and relentless effort regardless of the score, but the unfortunate fact is this team is going to finish 0-9.

A few more weeks and we’ll be putting out the final rankings for the Coed Madness tournament.  You’ve all got at least 2 more games to impress the committee and secure yourself a higher seed(which really mostly only gets you bragging rights).