Corp. 5v5 West League PREVIEW

Good Evening Everyone!

Welcome to the Corp. 5v5 League. Lauren McNamara here and I will be doing the stat keeping for this season. Sadly, I don’t know all of you so I can’t write long descriptions about each team and predict a winner — but honestly, I wish I could because there is no better way I can imagine to spend my Friday night. Anyway, the way understand it to work is that each week, there will be two games. During these two games, there will be two basketball squadrons who are supposed to basketball against each other as hard as they can for two halves. Whichever squadron basketballs the hardest wins the match…please let me know if I have any of this wrong, including the terminology.

Anyway, I’m excited to watch these games and will do my best to get the stats and write ups in as soon as possible.

Just a few housekeeping items before I sign off:
-If you guys haven’t submitted waivers, make sure to bring them the first week.
-Throughout the season there will be league nights out! I hear they’re fun so everyone should go!
-As many of you know I’m sure, there are message boards that are fun to read so be sure to check those out – here’s the link:

See you all Monday (the 23rd)!