Corporate 5v5 Spring 2011 Awards

By BRoachMVP– Brett Koons of G Got Game

Koons dominated all year long. Sure he missed two games, but he still averaged 22.7 points per game and 14.1 rebounds for the double-double average. He also had nearly 3 blocks a game and 3 assists a game which is a pretty good for a man in the middle who would usually look to score once he received the ball. He should lead G Got Game to victory in the playoffs

Offensive player of the year– Elijah Heckstall of G Got Game

Elijah was one of the players who would fight for his shot every game and would do the dirty work of driving to the basket and when he had an open shot he would take it. There were other candidates like Melvin Domenic of Banner 18 and Marlon Lai-Fook of Banner 18 who could have won this award, but they did not produce enough to be the best offensive player of the entire league.

Defensive player pf the year– Jeff McWilliams of Prestige Worldwide

Jeff was one of those players who would do amazing things on the defensive end that would help his team get back into games. He would get the tougfh boards, steal the ball off a deflection and even block an easy layup. He averaged a little over 2 steals a game and 1.4 blocks a game and helped his team make the playoffs.

First team:

Brett Koons
Marlon Lai-Fook
Elijah Heckstall
Jeff McWilliams
Jakeen Cobb

Second Team:

Greg Rosa
Drew Mavrikos
Dan Sullivan
Mark Heinold
Melvin Domenic

If there are anymore awards you want me to do please reply with your suggestions. I am new at this and would love the help!

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