Day 1 Jitters

Day 1 Recap – Away We Go

I hope you all realize that the jitters I’m talking about aren’t related to the games at C.A.C. Basketball. Having played in the league for 6 years now, I know what to expect. An above average to dominant regular season from my squad, no thanks to me, followed by a playoff flameout unless Terry Henderson or Jay Sartori are on the roster.  Since that’s not the case this season, I no longer feel the weight of expectations, I know how things are going to go. I like to know what to expect ahead of time, which is why Day 1 always gets me, something always goes wrong.

No, the Day 1 Jitters always have to do with the leagues getting off the ground the first night of the season. Yes, I am aware that we have a Sunday Morning League (and now leagues on Sunday evenings) but those don’t involve the production and hassle that the leagues on Monday night (and beyond) involve.

Between getting all the staffers organized and ready for their shifts, not to mention alleviating the concerns of and about the new staffers, my head is spinning before I even start to deal with the basketball players. You know, the thing I get paid for. So the head-spinning, the nausea, the ‘I forgot something’ feeling (I always do) and the headache I get from Josh nagging me does not help me focus very well.

Thankfully most of the stat-keepers are on point! They know where they’re going, what they’re doing and how to do it.  They’re also the ones delivering you the write-ups and posting your stats after watching all the games at night.  Once they get into a groove the season flows so smoothly that I’m essentially a figurehead. I kind of like that.

This might very well be the first season we didn’t have any one call me up saying ‘the school is closed, what the hell do I do?!” at 5:59 PM.  I hate those phone calls, and not just because I hate all phone calls. That’s usually the ‘ah ha! I DID forget something! Wait, shit…” moment. They’re the worst, especially because everyone seems to easily panic week 1. Relax people, we’ve done this before, and will sort itself out (assuming the ref shows of course!)

See I can tell other people to relax, even if it’s just in my head, but can’t actually do so myself.  I didn’t get any of those phone calls last night and that made me happy. Most importantly, we didn’t have any forfeits! I never really stop worrying until about 7:30 on the first night of the season, but thankfully I had a game to take my mind off that at 6 PM last night.  Don’t worry Josh, I was constantly checking my phone from the bench (where I belong) in case something popped up.

Oh and Balls & Dolls (formerly the JShore Franchise) got absolutely RUN in our week 1 Co-Ed game.  You know how painful it is to watch the Celtics be old and slow (until last night), yea, that’s how we looked on the floor.  Hopefully we ‘play our way’ into shape, but I don’t know, the leagues are getting younger and better.  That’s a bad sign for someone with as much mileage as I’ve put on my odometer. That’s an accept excuse right?

Anyway, after how smoothly Monday night went, I had a much easier time today getting everything ready (7 locations on Tuesdays!) with staff and players. I’m so over confident today that I’m guaranteed to have something go wrong tonight, but you know what, I don’t care, it went SO WELL last night that nothing could possibly break my confidence. You guys have been absolutely great this season, paying by deadlines and not dropping out of leagues, so keep it up in future seasons and maybe I won’t continue to get the Day 1 jitters next season!