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Another slow day at the office

-Sadly the NCAA hoops season came to an end last night.  The game was horrible to watch regardless of your rooting affiliation, and I hate UConn, but thank God CBS ditched the Jennifer Hudson One Shining Moment rendition and went back to Luther Vandross.  If it ain’t broke…

-I know this is a basketball league we play in, but after the college hoops season, which I love, there are three things higher than the NBA playoffs on my sporting priority over the next month or two…The Stanley Cup Playoffs, The Masters and Baseball season.  If there is a work stoppage in the NBA next season, I won’t lose any sleep

-Back To The Grill by MC Search feat. Chubb Rock, Red Hot Lover Tone and an 18 year old Nas is easily one of the most underrated and underappreciated rap songs of all time.

-Now I didn’t hear the entire conversation, but I’m typing this at work (very busy as you can see) and saw a girl turn beat red after our socially retarded managing attorney just asked her (and again, I didn’t hear the beginning of this conversation), “whose motto is that?  No muff is too tough?  Isn’t there a muffler company with that or something?”  Can somebody have a sexual harassment law suit filed against them for being a dumbass?

-Of course this is the season that Albert Pujols starts 2 for 16.  It’s the first time I’ve had him on my fantasy team since 2002

-While I was getting ready for work today I had an old Boy Meets World Episode on TV.  For you fans out there, it was the episode where Eric was on MTV’s Singled Out, co-hosted originally by Jenny McCarthy and then Carmen Electra.  Am I the only one that wouldn’t love to see them bring back that and Sandblast and get rid of this 16 and pregnant garbage?

-Does anybody still collect baseball cards?  I used to collect them avidly when I was a kid.  I remember there were two versions of the 1990 Topps Frank Thomas rookie card.  One was worth like $3 and the other was worth hundreds…EVERYBODY had the regular one.  I’m not convinced that the valuable one actually exists

-Stop calling WEEI and saying that the Red Sox need to fire Terry Francona.  You’re an idiot.

-The optimist in me thinks this Bruins team has a real chance to make a run for the Cup this Spring.  The realist in me knows they won’t get out of round 2.

-Make fun all you want but my favorite Pandora station is my SWV station…no homo.

-In case you haven’t figured it out, I hate my day job.  Thank God for Gchat.  Did you ever think 10 years ago that you would see the day when AIM became obsolete?

-For a long time people have bitched and moaned about the T shutting down so early when bars are open after the last train runs.  Why hasn’t this changed?  The only losers in this situation would be Boston cab drivers…do they have some kind of pull that is stopping us from making the logical decision to keep the T running for an extra hour?

-Hey Geno Auriemma…suck it

…That’s all I got for now.  Keep fighting the good fight.  Catch you next time.