Fall 07 B1 North Preview

Like the A2, Only Appreciated

Welcome to the inaugural season of the B1 North.  With the red headed step-child (A2) taking a season off, the Commish has decided to shake things up.  A couple A2 caliber clubs, paired with some of the top teams in the B1 East and West means that essentially we have an A2 league, just without the name.  (Ed. Note: The Big Nice would roll through this league undefeated)  Expect this season to be uber-competitive, with one clear cut favorite, and everyone else scrambling for postseason position behind them.



Yes this is the same roster that lost in the playoffs last season, but with Billet on board from start to finish; this is the most dangerous team in the League.  After learning my lesson with Billet, I decided to Google any new names I came across on the roster.  Wouldnít you know it, but Brian Darcy, happens to be a backup center for Harvard (yea all 6í8î of him).  After sending out a panicked email to BFab, I learn that he recently pulled out of playing this season, saving the rest of the league from being blown away by 30 points per game.  In related news, Genzyme has recently started to require all male potential employees to list their basketball playing history.  Since this policy went into practice, the average height has risen by five and a half inches across the board.


Black Fist

The Black Fist is the one team from the red headed step-child league that has decided to stay on Wednesday nights and try their hand in the new formed B1 North.  I fully expect these guys, led by Preston Raymond, to challenge for the title.  Most of their season will hinge of the guard play of Carl Clary and Hayden Fredrick-Clarke.  With some consistent outside shooting and quality ball control, these guys will be able to take a run at Genzyme and the Title.


Vance Refrigeration

PK has decided to skip playing with Vance this season, but as usual, the Rattling AK has a backup plan.  Enter Tim Deihl, who has been itching to get back onto a Wednesday night squad.  Deihl immediately opens thinks up on the perimeter for Big Shot Biggins.  With Collin and Andrew on the block, Vance will be able to pick and choose the mismatches they want to exploit.  This team may surprise a lot of people, but not those that have come to expect ëchips out of AK.


Count It

After seeing a couple of these guys play in pickup, I knew theyíd be an aggressive, attack the basket squad.  I saw that emphasized in their Sunday night victory over perennial B1 power, Silky Johnson.  With Nick and Aziz slashing to the basket, and the Greenberg/Fritz combo crashing the boards, these guys are going to be tough to take down all season long.  Weíll see how they adjust to the Sunday night reffing of the course of the season, as some tension was felt at the end of their first game.  Not that Iím condoning the calls any of our refs make, youíve just got to adapt and roll with it accordingly.


Legend Killers

The Sweeney family (plus one Vig) made a good run a couple of seasons ago through the B1 East.  To step their game up (at least during the regular season) theyíve add some extra Junk that was just lying around anyway.  With a short rotation, these guys are going to have to slow the game down and be very effective in their half court offense to win some tough games.


Silky Johnson

They seem to be a guard away at this point, as Cheese has had to step in and fill the shoes of both Stein and Haven.  Theyíre set on the block, with the scoring touch of the Alias, the wingspan of the Helicopter and the fire of Hoekwater.  With an MVP candidate in Adam O’Connor, these guys are going to have their moments, but it will take an incredible effort to make a run at the Stick this season.



Mike Dinh and Thuy Nguyen (both 20 point scorers in the West) lead a number of their associates into battle in the North.  Iím not going to lie, I didnít do any research on these guys, and thatís why their ranked here. Itís nothing against them, Iím just not sure how theyíre going to fit into this league.  But they players that I do know have them headed in the right direction.


Bubbles Depot

Urquhart has his work cut out for him again this season.  Heís tweaked the roster and welcomed the increased competition with open arms.  After squeaking into the East playoffs last season, itís going to take a big run to make it this time around.  If Hendrixx (the Real XXX) and Fairchild can pick up where they left off at the end of last season, theyíll be on their way.  Husband could use a return to early season form when he was lighting dudes up in his Pink Shorts.  The key will be the play of their new comer and if he adds any much needed size to this squad.


Gym Shoes & Jersey

With 10 players on this roster, Gym Shoes & Jersey should be able to run everyone off the court.  A number of B2 East players have decided to step up into the North and theyíve added a number of extra parts. Hopefully they will provide some muscle and increased scoring, as thatís what this league is all about.  If you canít score in this league, youíre going to be in trouble.