Fall 2006 B2 West Preview

1. EVEN MORE COWBELL ñ The addition of Charles Wong to an already solid squad puts this team at the #1 seed. With Joey Breton getting a very solid scoring helper in Wong and Hanson, and Matt Coox handling the boards, Godfrey Chua has positioned himself once again for another title. Not sure how many titles and awards Godfrey has now in his trophy room, but it has to be approaching double digits.

2. B SQUAD ñ I almost put this team as the pre-season #1 again, but after last season I just couldnít put that much pressure on them. But I do think they have a great shot at winning it all of Horton can come up with the right game plan at the right time to propel these guys to a title. Amad is always very solid in the post, Salamas is a perennial All-Star in this league, and Pressgrove is a proven scorer and rebounder. And then you have Walling and Pope as the ultimate role players ñ to me itís just a matter of putting it all together for this team.

3. GENZYME ñ A move to the West may be just what this team needs to win their 1st ever CRFC title. My man Deep has to assemble just the right mix of his roster every week, and that will be a tough task considering they have about 25 guys on it. Yet some weeks they have trouble getting enough for the game ñ go figure. But with the talent on this team, they have to be considered serious contenders for the West title.

4. ALS-TDF ñ Matt Bell is back to pair up with Shaq down low to bring back the twin towers era of this squad. All-Star snub point guard Myron will be handling the distribution and some of the scoring while David Williams may be the best player in this league if he can show up consistently. Attendance will be the issue with ALS as always, especially in the playoffs, but if they can get a consistent flow to this team, they will be a force.

5. A TRIBE CALLED MONKEYñ This team is an instant upgrade from last seasonís Expos team with the addition of ERod. Broadway Joe Andrade emerged last season as one of our best players, and the rest of the Expos had BALCO on the ropes in last seasonís West title match, but let it slip away down the stretch. With All-Star Brian Gowdy in the middle, this tribe will contend for the title this season as the league is wide open for the taking. Do they want it?

6. LADIES FIRST ñ Yes, this team is all ladies. And yes, like that commercial for the WNBA, they are all probably better than you. Just because Michele Wie canít make the cut in the menís tourney, she could still smoke you blindfolded. And if you donít know who Terra Curtis is, then I suggest you figure it out quick before she drops 30 on you and makes you look like a fool. And good players usually travel with other good players, so teams in this league should not fall asleep on them.

7. EXPOS ñ A nicely assembled league squad as B2 perennials Mike Louca, Nate Gould, BFell, Gerry Young, Jason Sawyer and Jeff Kush band together as one. Sounds like a We Are The World lyric, but itís true. If they can play together as a unit, they have a shot in this league because they certainly have all the tools.

8. WHEELERS ñ Pierre is back with the Wheelers after some serious attendance problems last season. Jad Jennings is a star now and Sean Rahim is a beast on the boards. What will Rob Oí have to offer after his injury? This teamís key to success will be the play of the newcomers to this team ñ I hope one of them is a big man!

9. FRED ROBERTS ñ The Cooz has decided to take control of his own destiny and assemble a nice squad with the Matts Elliot and Sweet. As with the Wheelers, the unknowns will be the key to this teamsí success. But if I know the Cooz, I am sure he has assembled a very nice squad for himself and maybe I will be eating this #9 ranking by the end of the season.