Fantasy Football Live Draft

Yea,we all know each other off the court

Sure it’s not about Basketball, but how often are Gerrity’s contribution’s easily classified? Or when does he ever write about CAC? Maybe he does and I just can’t decipher it. Either way, you at least know what you’re about to get into.

Sadly, JZuk, in case you haven’t heard, is moving to North Carolina (GO HEELS!!) and won’t be partaking in this draft.  Of the Fall 2010 CAC Basketball Season. Sad Face.

He was our comic relief. Hell, he could have written this blog much, much better than I could have, but nooooooo.  He puts his ‘priorities’ in ‘order’ like ‘having a life’ and ‘getting a job’, what a dick.  That rain last week? God crying that he wouldn’t be able to rip me on a weekly basis in the Co-Ed 5v5 writuepus. Team ‘Shirt B4 Da Shirt” and I now have to settle for BFab’s punchless attacks.

Let me set the stage for you.  The MVRoY got the #1 pick,followed by The King O Spain (Bush – aka my roomate, aka Tiny Calves), The Good King, The Troll, The 4x MVP (Gripp), Carrott Hop, I-225, Jumpman, THE BEST CAC COMMISH EVER, And Spill J (no relation to CJ Spiller)

If you don’t know any of those players, you’re missing out, mostly on me.

Not asked to participate in this league:

Matty Bells (one too many midgets),
BFab (french spy),
Mike D (too high of a roller),
Gerrity (suicide)

You get the point, only the best of the best.

You know, the Fantasy Draft is the best part of any fantasy football season.  EVERYONE thinks their team has a shot to win it all.  Kind of like the A1 (and hopefully B Draft) league pre-seasons! If you win, you might as well retire

Yet another aside: Serge, after back-to-back A1 championships, has offically retired. And I don’t blame him, NO A1 captain, since Father Time (02-03) or The Wolverine in (01-02) has won back to back titles.

Hell, he’s the first “Modern Era’ Captain to go B2B.

Go Out On Top! Only helps the HoF case!

So there we were, draft order determined, PPR settled on (0.5 as a compromise – I HATE PPR) and a very, very inappropriate conversation broke out.  As expected, The Ladies couldn’t stay on topic.  They immediately broke out into a 15 minute conversation about Gripp’s nail color.  Yea, I’m not kidding.  In thattime, Frank Gore fell to me at #9, the Burner fell in the second round (to me agian) and yea I’m not paying attention to anyone else’s draft.

Now, you’re all like “oh Tibbs doesn’t think females can play Fantasy Football with the boys!” Well you’re wrong. I know that Gripp has finished top 3 (despite usually drafting Brady at my request) in her other fantasy football leagues in the last 3 years.  She’s going to be just fine as long as she doesn’t rely on my championship experience (3v3 Spring 10 champ – wooot!!) to get the win.

Anyway, Bush is now speaking jibberish in the 5th round, trying desperately not to take a tight end (what she said), Kap is taking his 2nd qb (already) while Jumpmman has 5 Rbs (yes in 4 picks – who cares if i’m not making sense). That’s like asking me to finish a lay-up (which I DID on Saturday Am Run, don’t think I didn’t notice DeMeezey and Mazzone laughing AT me, not WITH Me).

Anyway, somewhere around the 8th round, I’m taking Bernard Berrinan (I’m easy money), we’re ALL asking about Gripp’s nailpolish and my balls have been gobbled.

Very iimportant side note, I made meatballs.

Aside: for the 5v5 leagues, you officially play 22 minute halves, longer than the 10 minute quarters played in FIBA!  You don’t really want a trapazoid do you? Aside (another) This Dude gave Team USA problems? his Wiki page doesn’t even have a picture!

At this point, who cares how the rest of the draft played out? You certainly don’t. There is nothing that pisses someone off more than hearing about someone ELSE talking/b!tch about their fantasy team.  I know I can’t stand the

“Oh man, I totally thought I had a steal in the ninth round (Mike WIlliiams) cuz he wasn’t even ON the draft board, but his coach won’t play him!”

That’s bullsh!t. Stop trying to outsmart yourself.


Man this have been a long off–season!  CAC Action is just 2 weeks away, I can’t wait to get back in the Habit….