Good King Adam Kneeland

This weekís guest in the Trap is Serenity Nowís fearless leader ìThe Good Kingî Adam Kneeland. Adam 1st emerged at CRFC as a role player on the Greaserís A1 Tempest Bledsoe Project. But like so many others before him, he soon decided to lead his own band in the B2 league. In his first B2 season, his squad lost a heartbreaking overtime final to arch rival The Mullets and has been looking for revenge ever since. And now he is either playing or working in just about every league at CRFC. Letís take some time to get to know the man we have all come to know and love as the Good King.

Wolverine: Thanks for being on this weekís Trap, Good King.

The Good King: Iíve been looking forward to this ever since the end of last season when I found out I was going to be ìtrapped.î 

Wolverine: I am sorry that you didnít have a better summer. You know the drill, first tell the CRFC Nation where you grew up, what college you went to, what sports you played, when you won your first water pick, etc.

The Good King: Iíve been a MA person my entire life. I grew up in Sudbury where in high school I was surprisingly an All-League goalie in soccer (70 lbs ago) and arguably the worst baseball player on the worst team in the state. I then I went to Northeastern and proceeded to be the greatest broomball player in the history of the sport. 

Wolverine: Is it true you used to do color commentary for the hoop games at Lincoln Sudbury high school?

The Good King: After playing JV ball for 2 seasons, I decided to do the play-by-play for the local access cable station rather than possibly be the 12th man or face the shame of being cut. My boys Paul K. & Bigshot Tom were on a team that highlighted future BC guard Jermaine Watson. I recently found out that I called a game where they played against ìMr. Fantasy Statî Fred Bermont. Although I do not remember any technical fouls for outbursts at the referees, so it wasnít against the ìrealî Fred. 

Wolverine: And I thought people mellowed as they got older. How upset were you that Pluto was removed from our solar system this summer?

The Good King: I was fairly indifferent towards it. It is way out there at the end and was the last planet, so I used to never give it much thought. Like a 2nd cousin that you met once when you were 11 years old. 

Wolverine: I hear a lot of southern marriages start that way.

The Good King: Also, I now realize this was the perfect set-up for a joke ending with the punch line of Uranus. 

Wolverine: Neptune may have something to say about that. Since you have been pretty consistent with playing pick-up lately and have greatly improved your game, I have a scouting report on you. Donít give him the fee throw jumper, give him the baseline jumper, and do not forget about him on the offensive glass. Howís that?

The Good King: That is a pretty good report. But you forgot to mention I set as many picks as anyone and am possibly the worst perimeter defender. It doesnít matter who I am covering it seems that my man always gets the isolation play called for him. 

Wolverine: Why do you think I anointed you the Good King?

The Good King: I have been asked this by most of my friends that have made their way over to the CRFC website and I have a few thoughts. It might have to do with my general disposition as well as the look of the silly headband I wear especially when my hair was longer. Also my generosity with Gatoradeís and superior bloodlines might have contributed. 

Wolverine: You have all the qualities that I think would make a good king if our country was ruled by the divine right instead of the Christian right – golden brown hair, benevolence, fairness, and readiness to exterminate your enemies without hesitation, even if they were your kin. Of course, this was before you started growing the Pete North mustache.

The Good King: That is true. My Serenity Now teammates (who are like family) would all agree that I do rule our squad with an iron fist and constant yelling and are in slight fear of me during games occasionally. 

Wolverine: And now in what could be viewed as a demotion from kingship, you are now officially a fellow minion of the CRFC basketball. What will your exact role be this upcoming season and why did you want to join such prestigious company?

The Good King: I will be covering and writing up most of the 5 v. 5 games this season as well as the early Monday B2 games. Once I see more of the teams play, I hope to start blogging and pickup where Tibbs left off and put together the always controversial 5 v. 5 power rankings and occasionally write something I find amusing. 

Wolverine: So, in other words, you have no life.

The Good King: How could someone possibly pass up the opportunity to join the ranks of yourself, OíCal, Dmac, Serge and, unfortunately, Tibbs? 

Wolverine: Serenity Now has a lot of changes this season ñ no BK or Ropeman, Bigshot is unfortunately out for the season with an injury, the additions of Sergery and pre-season MVP candidate and newly nicknamed the ìPK Broilerî Paul Krezanoski. How do you see all this playing out for your team?

The Good King: Before Bigshotís injury, I thought the dish was ours to lose. But without him, I think we have a chance, but it will be tough. B2 East is loaded this go around without a definite W anywhere on the schedule. The Mullets hate losing and BALCO was impressive in the West last season, plus Ripcord Redux with Tosti is formidable. Not too mention the fact that Cha-Ching and Millenium seem to have our number. 

Wolverine: Exactly how many Biggins boys are there in the state of Massachusetts and do they all play basketball?

The Good King: I think I know 100+ Biggins in MA – no lie. The ones that play basketball I expect to be member of SERENITY NOW at some point. 

Wolverine: There should really be an exclamation point at the end of your team name.

The Good King: During our 1st season, we were SERENITY NOW! but in passing seasons my laziness with entry forms and/or clerical error made us SERENITY NOW and now just Serenity Now. Which makes it seem we are mellowing, while in actuality the opposite is the case. 

Wolverine: Are you still eating bagged spinach?

The Good King: I try to avoid vegetables at every chance. But if I did eat spinach before hand, I would not be scared off by it now. Thatís just how I roll. 

Wolverine: Well, I am. It was actually the only vegetable I ate, which makes me think that somebody in heaven needs me up there really soon, maybe to do an interview or something. I am now forced to eat romaine lettuce ñ spinach saladís ugly cousin. What does CTU stand for and what are their chances in the A1 this season?

The Good King: CTU is for Counter Terrorist Unit from the show 24, which I am obsessed with. I think there are only a few things that stand the way of us holding the brick at the end of the season – my play and the other 9 teams. 

Wolverine: Do you have any other obsessions that you care to share with the CRFC Nation?

The Good King: Everything CRFC, obviously, as well as NU athletics. I’ve been going to them since I was little and am hooked. I saw Reggie Lewis, my favorite player still, back in the 80’s as well as more losses in the Beanpot to BU than I care to remember. I also have a fondness for painting and poetry and especially for women that believe the validity of the previous statement. 

Wolverine: Speaking of women, if MTV decided to cast a mid-late twenties version of the O.C. titled ìThe L.S.î after your hometown of Lincoln Sudbury, who would you want to play your love interest?

The Good King: I have to vote for Kiera Knightly, Anne Hathaway or Elisha Cuthbert, although Iíd be happy for just about anyone these days. I am in the midst of a Ripken-esque streak of futility with the ladies these days. 

Wolverine: Joining the CRFC staff is a huge step in the right direction. Will you be at the CRFC League Night Out and special 6th Anniversary Party Friday, October 13th at Tonic?

The Good King: Without question. I hope to see more B2 players there this time, as last time it was just The Mullets & myself. 

Wolverine: I agree ñ the more people there that want to kill me, the better. Thanks for being on this weekís Trap, Good King.

The Good King: To quote one of my favorite movies (Office Space) ìAbsolutely, the pleasure is all on this side of the table, trust me.î