I’m [At] Rob Vigneau’s Wedding

More CAC Marriage Bells in the Air

CAC has been the inspiration for many a great love story.  First it was the Wolverine and his furry companion Delila (may she rest in peaceful kitty heaven), then came O’Cal and puberty.

In terms of boys meeting real live girls, first it was Taitlin getting together (I prefer Jalin, thanks), then it was JAbby who found the CAC Magic.  In fact, they officially popped out the first CAC baby a month or so ago, if you ever see them floating around the C.A.C. halls again, say hi and congrats! Anyway, this story is about the latest in what is becoming a long line of CAC Marriages (I hear there are some fledgling love stories in the Co-Ed leagues as well, which really, was the point all along).

Two weekends past, I was honored to be a guest at the latest C.A.C. Basketball inspired wedding between Rob Vigneau and Amanda Davidson.  Now, most of you don’t know the story of Orange Slices and Daisy Dukes, and that’s too bad. I’m here to rectify that oversight.

Our story begins in the Fall 2006 season, just my second as a fledgling stat keeper, the Irate Ambassadors signed up to play in the B1 4v4 league. As usual, Vig was in the background of the story, only getting a nod for his drinking abilities, that at his bachelor party, he mostly lived up to. I’d give him a B+ for his efforts at best.  Somehow, despite winning only 3 games combined in those first 2 seasons, they kept coming back for more punishment.

After a nasty team break-up, involving Taylor Swift like break-up songs and guitars, Sweens forms WCW (nee Ambassadors), bringing in a pasty red-head to ‘contribute’ and the our story has hit a pivotal turning point.  Who knew that CAC would play so big a role in the upcoming 4 years of Vigs life?  Not only did I become a member of the Sweeney entourage, along with Vig, in the Fall 2007 season, but that’s also when Amanada broke into the CAC with the famed Women’s 4v4 team, Icebox.

It’s no coincidence that Vig starts to see more pub as a result of our new status as teammates. After nights pounding beers at the 99 (our unofficial first sponsor), late night pitch games, a couple league nights out and numerous hours wasted on gchat that he starts showing up in a mailbag or two. It was around that time that he started thinking he should get more PT (and he still does).  CAC started taking over other aspects of his life, as it does to us all, and his co-worker had NO IDEA why Vig would put a regular season CAC game before 3rd row celtics tickets (i mean, i can, look at that roster http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006%E2%80%9307_Boston_Celtics_season [hint, Ray Allen being on the team is a typo, this was the 06-07 team before the trade]).

2008 was the season of Icebox’s first CAC Championship. They’d become the first team to win the Women’s 4v4 and 5v5 championship in the same season and are still the only ones to hold that distinction.  It was also the year of a fateful League Night Out (yes those still happen! July 16th – TDs in Kendall Sq – be there!).  Back then, Gripp and I still went to those things. It was there that Amanda and Rob met for the first time and the spark was there immediately.  Sure it was Amanda that used the pick-up line, but why get into the nittygritty details?

Oh wait, because that’s the whole point of this! I believe I’ve been told the line was, “I noticed your eyes from across the bar.” Yes she said that, and yes it worked.  As my suspicions confirmed, and as the movie Hall Pass has recently taught me, it is much easier for women to use cheesey pick-up lines and have them work. Because honestly, what guy has ever been so blatently hit on and turned someone down? Great work Amanda!

Majic, Sweens and I were determined to embarass the poor girl that we thought Vig must have suckered into making out with him. We had no idea the roles were reversed.  We were yelling “ORANGE SLICES” at the top of our lungs. Hey someone has to be the guy on the team that brings halftime treats.  It doesn’t get factored in the Player Rater, but is a very important part of the team chemistry.  Alas it didn’t work, as neither oblivious drunk realized we were making fun of Rob.

Who knew that this first photo of the newly-mets would end up being able to be shown in public 3 years later? (Hi Bush! We see you in the background. Or should I say bye? He’s moving out this weekend, Gripp and I are excited about that too.)

Anyone, those of us that took it thought it’d be fun to look back and laugh on what silly fools are teammates were.  We didn’t expect it to be the first of many ‘couple shots’ that litter facebook.  Everytime someone asks Vig how he met Amanda, he gets a little more drunk that we think he actually was, but let’s be real, he and Sweens came from a Celitcs playoff game, and Sweens looked like this not an hour and a half after the other photo was taken.

After a little re-enforcement from Gripp (along the lines of, ‘he’s a really nice guy’) and my general nosiness over gchat (Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?) their drunken hook-up started to turn into something more (awwwww).  Gripp and I were also there the night they became ‘official’ after the ladies nearly beat the boys at beer pong. Special memories always involve booze, don’t they?

Just like any good CAC relationship, the women hold almost every the measurable edge.  Amanda nudges out Vig in career Player Rater (not adjusted for leagues!) 23.94 to 22.81[1] but Vig holds the career free throw percentage well in hand (79.64% to 48.24%[2]).  Amanda has NEVER taken a 3 point shot in her CAC career, and that clearly makes her the better, and wiser, shooter.  Unsurprisingly, for those who have paid attention, the score of the title race is 3-1 in favor of Amanda.  It’s only fitting that she had a hand in helping carry him (and I) to that Co-ed 5v5 Title back in the Fall 2010 season. You guys hear those sweatshirts are in? You’ll be glad to know that’s your wedding present!

I thought my biggest dilemma will be which side to sit on for the ceremony, but as it turns out, Gripp made that wise decision for me and we backed Amanda. Vig had too many family anyway.  As they were saying their vows, I couldn’t help but get a little misty at the fact that Gripp and I (and CAC) have been there from the beginning.  After a beautiful ceremony, and rocking reception including Jersey Shore-esque strobe lights, they’re been reintroduced into the world these past 10 days as Mr. and Mrs. Vigneau.

I wish you guys all the best that a CAC relationship has to offer[3]; constant competitiveness[4], a sense of a challenge and indefinate questioning to your decision making.  If you’re ever coming out a relationship timeout, make sure you’re on the same page! Unlike Ross and Rachel. Wait did I really just use Friends as a reference for something? My baller really has me locked up then, and I couldn’t be happier. I know Vig feels the same way. Congrats guys!

[1] Yes I did the math out and can provide the numbers for you Vig, if you don’t believe me.

[2]Yes Amanda, I can also present you with the breakdown if you don’t believe me!

[3] For those wondering one more time, I beat Caitlin in the all important Player Rater 44.04 to 43.48, and we can just ignore her 4-3 edge in total championships, I’m definitely gaining on her!

[4] Once more, I can back up any of these numbers if you want proof, and I can do the same for your couple. Want to know who has the best overall player rater? Just let me know, I can work it out for you!